17 Watercolor Wedding Cake Ideas for a Pop of Color

These works of art are almost too pretty to eat!

Cake cutting

Photo by Julia Kaptelova

When we think of the quintessential wedding dessert, we picture an all-white wedding cake with elegant piping and multiple tiers. Although we love the sleek and chic look of a classic cake, this simple style may not cut it for modern couples looking to shake up tradition and serve something new.  

All it takes to modernize your dessert display is a splash of color, and a watercolor gradient does it best. If you want a statement-making sweet that will elevate your entire reception, transform your white cake into a masterpiece with hand-painted brushstroke designs.

A watercolor palette provides the perfect opportunity to think outside of the box and make a lasting impression on guests. To really create that “wow” factor, you can play around with styles and designs that reflect your personality, love story, and wedding theme. Whether it be a marble, floral, or ombré design, the options are endless. These edible works of art will do the trick no matter what time of the year you’re hosting your wedding and regardless of the venue site.

Looking to begin your next chapter with a fresh coat of paint? These 17 watercolor wedding cake ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to celebrate your new life in color

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Embrace Edible Flowers

wedding cake

Photo by Jen Huang

With a lilac wash of color and four tiers, this watercolor wedding cake is perfect for romantic affairs. A cascading design of small edible flowers and real blooms adds the most delicate detailing to the frosting. For an even more dreamy display, serve this confection on a drapery runner surrounded by taper candles

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Add Flecks of Gold


Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Elevate a simple wedding cake with a touch of glam. The first three layers of this sweet treat are coated in white fondant, while the bottom layer packs a punch with a light ombré and gold-leaf detailing. Adorn your layers with hellebore flowers or any type of bloom that complements your bouquet and centerpieces

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Feature Fruity Accents

<p>Drip Wedding Cake with Hand-Painted Watercolor Flower</p>

Photo by Alba Rose Photography; Cake by The Butterfly Cake Factory

For spring and summer weddings, there’s no better way to embrace the warm weather than with fresh fruit. Top your indulgence with an abundance of figs, pears, and pomegranates for a refreshing treat that’s equally as beautiful to look at. To really go all out, paint a watercolor floral design using palette-knife artistry on the side of your cake. 

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Wrap It in Ruffles

Ruffled cake

Photo by Julia Kaptelova

Who says ruffles are just for your wedding dress? This fashion-forward cake matches the same ruffle details as those on the bride’s gown. For a cohesive look, let your wedding attire or décor guide the vision for your dessert display. Painted across a backdrop of light and airy blue, these breathtaking ruffles are reminiscent of a fairytale. 

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Focus on Bright Hues

Pink cake

Photo by JoPhoto; Cake by Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique

Calling all preppy brides! For a fun way to brighten up your reception and grab everyone’s attention, settle on this vibrant shade of pink for your cake. This cheerful hue is ideal for a warm-weather wedding, beach bash, or Southern soirée. Decorate your cake with baby’s breath and roses for a super sweet presentation.

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Mismatch Your Tiers

Metallic ombre cake

Photo by Kristyn Harder Photography; Cake by Pretty Sweet YYC; Planning and Design by Evelyn Clark Weddings

If you can’t settle on just one design, why not have two! Play around with multiple styles by building mismatched tiers. Use white frosting to craft an intricate design on the first tier, and settle for an ombré wash of blue, black, and gold on the second. To really keep guests on their toes, have each tier feature a different cake flavor.

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Opt for a Tropical Design

Tropical cake

Photo by Alexandria Monette; Cake by Elise Cakes

Whether you’re saying “I do” at a destination wedding or you’re looking to channel island vibes on your wedding day, this tropical cake is the perfect addition to your special day. The coral watercolor frosting combined with the palm and monastera leaf accents just scream the tropics. For an ounce of glitz, outline the greenery with gold-leaf embellishments.

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Make It Minimal

One-tier cake

Photo by Connie Balluff; florals by Himila Adams

For couples hosting a minimalist affair, a single-tier cake with blue-edged watercolor is a worthwhile choice. Designed with just a hint of color and topped with one white rose, this confection is understated yet chic. The smaller size also makes it an ideal option for elopements or micro weddings with downsized guest lists.

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Coat It in Charcoal

Charcoal cake

Photo by Matthew Land

Garnish a simple white cake with charcoal and gray watercolor designs. The moody shades are a good option for winter nuptials or modern events with a black-and-white color scheme. The greenery decorations add an unexpected contrast to the otherwise industrial look.

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Stack Square Layers

Watercolor square cake

 Courtesy of Zoe Clark Cakes

Replace traditional round tiers with something more contemporary: Square tiers. The angular edges will give your delectable dessert a clean and sophisticated look. With pops of orange, pink, and lilac in addition to delicate orchids and roses, your modern confection will feel playful and whimsical

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Create a Work of Art

Watercolor cake

Photo by Chris Isham

Turn your cake into a masterpiece by crafting a geode using brushstrokes and edible glitter. This unexpected and showstopping design is perfect for any type of wedding, from a boho backyard fête to a glamorous ballroom function. It’s also an excellent way to play around with color, and the pink blooms atop pull the confection all together. 

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Grow Your Own Garden


Photo by Alissa Noelle Photography; Cake by Whisk and Whittle

Flowers are one of the most important wedding décor details, and they aren’t just reserved for the centerpiece. Top your cake with fuchsia, peach, and white blooms for an eye-catching display. We love how the subdued pink buttercream frosting balances out the dramatic buds on top. To really drive your theme home, plant your final course in a handpicked garden, made with greenery and more flowers.

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Select a Light Wash of Color

watercolor cake

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

For those who are hesitant to completely throw tradition out the window, a classic white cake with a hint of baby blue is for you. The faint trace of color reminds us of the ocean, making it a noteworthy option for nautical or tropical celebrations. Pair it with strands of greenery and blossoms to embrace an organic look.

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Choose a Pastel Palette

Pastel cake

Photo by Tayler Enerle Photography

Soft pastels are our favorite springtime shades, and can provide a unique way to experiment with color through your wedding cake’s blank canvas. This two-tier delicacy with a light lavender base doesn’t disappoint for spring nuptials. Up the ante with scattered gold leaf and lush roses.

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Incorporate a Subtle Ombré


Photo by Judy Pak

If you’re looking for a simple cake that still makes a statement, consider a pale ombré wash. Covering your cake in white fondant with a sprinkling of blue creates a rippling effect that will make a splash at your reception. Trim your edges with gold glitter if you want to incorporate an element of opulence. 

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Capture Your Love

Arrow cake

Courtesy of Hansel & Gretel Cakes

Are you so head over heels in love with your partner that you feel like you were shot with Cupid’s arrow? Customize a cake that honors your love story by piercing it with your own gold arrow. The pink watercolor gradient and gold-leaf finishing will make you fall in love all over again—this time with your cake!

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Drizzle Your Icing

<p>Watercolor Drip Wedding Cake</p>

Photo by Rachel Joy Baransi

Drip wedding cakes are such a fun way to dress up your dessert. Drizzle your tiers with rich icing, melted chocolate, gooey caramel, sweet syrup, or a sugary glaze for a one-of-a-kind style. The white drip icing on this cake contrasts nicely with the multicolored coating, and the glass-like topper is a pleasant surprise.

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