Ring Concierge's Latest Line Allows Home Try-On for Engagement Rings

Customize a ring from your couch? Yes, please!

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Courtesy of Ring Concierge 

Let’s face it, engagement ring shopping is daunting, with an endless amount of cuts, settings and metals to consider—not to mention the steep price tags on some of the most envious baubles! Yet, fine jeweler Ring Concierge is seemingly solving all our problems with its latest launch: a direct-to-consumer ring line boasting a unique at-home try-on service and rocks under $10,000.

Called VOW by RC, the new venture features everything we know and love about Ring Concierge, from gorgeous diamonds to timeless styles, at a more affordable price point. With thirteen ring styles, nine diamond shapes, and three metal colors to choose from, the line makes it easy for couples to design their dream ring without breaking the bank.

"After going through the engagement ring process myself, I realized there was a void for a luxury, concierge experience that didn't have an insane mark-up. Ring Concierge's goal is to give customers that amazing experience while keeping mark-ups low,” founder Nicole Wegman tells Brides.

Per Wegman, the average engagement ring costs about $5,000 in the U.S., but the brand’s highly sought after Bespoke collection starts with designs twice that. So Ring Concierge turned to their 300K Instagram followers (and counting!) to learn what real couples are willing to spend on a custom-made bauble—and the current Bespoke offerings were too costly for more than 50% of them.

 Courtesy of Ring Concierge 

“Knowing the Bespoke price is prohibitive for more than 50% of our followers, I was inspired to create an engagement ring line within their budget so they too could have an RC engagement ring,” she says.

The real attraction, however? VOW's new at-home try-on service that makes jewels more accessible and ring shopping more convenient. The concept is simple: Shoppers are sent cubic zirconia replica rings straight to their doorsteps where they can try on styles from home and live chat with diamond experts to create the perfect accessory.

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Courtesy of Ring Concierge 

Along with the duplicate engagement rings, each kit also comes with replica wedding bands (so brides can experiment with the perfect ring stack!) as well as a bottle of Essie nail polish. "Think Warby Parker for engagement rings," Wegman says of the experience.

While Ring Concierge is no stranger to long-distance clients, more of their current clients have chosen to design their rings. She explains, "A lot of couples have more free time now and have taken advantage of that by designing their dream ring together. For VOW, the home-try on program helps couples experience their ah-ha moment by trying on rings from the safety of their home!"

And since ring shopping from home isn't the most traditional route, Wegman offers a few tips in the search for "the one." The first, she says, is shop in the afternoon, citing your hands tend to be more swollen in the morning. The second? "Go with your gut! Your instinct is probably right when it comes to your dream ring. Don't let trends or celebrity engagement rings sway what style you love."

To shop VOW by RC and at test out the at-home service for yourself, click here. And P.S. one of the new designs was inspired by Wegman's very own bauble!

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