Here's Where Everyone Will Be Honeymooning In 2020, According to Virtuoso

We think Sophie Turner is to blame.

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Attention 2020 brides and grooms, it's time to start thinking about your honeymoon plans and luckily, you've come to the right place. We have the inside scoop on exactly where and how luxury travelers will be globetrotting in the upcoming year and we're sharing all of the secrets with you!

Virtuoso, the leading global network of luxury travel agencies, released its latest Luxe Report outlining the top travel trends for 2020, and by the looks of it, upcoming honeymooners have a lot to look forward to! According to the report, turn-of-the-decade travel is all about vacationers' desire to "carpe diem," a.k.a., "seize the day." Globetrotters want to experience as many destinations and cultures as possible and this new travel attitude revealed six key trends 2020 travelers should keep in mind.

Going Beyond Basic

Upcoming travelers are sick of tourists and crowds (who can blame them, anyway) so that's why unexpected destinations are the name of the game. Remote, unspoiled locations are attractive because of their unique cultures and vast nature and Virtuoso has even seen a rise in travel requests to Borneo, Greenland and Oman for those very reasons. Our pick? Comporta, Portugal because of it's idyllic beaches, delicious food and yet-to-be noticed charm.

Two For One

Another trend travelers are starting to pick up on is country coupling, meaning why visit one location when you can make stops at a few nearby as well? "Travelers may pair a ski adventure with a beach finale, or a city stay with a jungle adventure," reads the report. So if you think a safari is more your style but your partner wants a winter destination, compromise and do both in one trip!

A Foodie's Heaven

Don't try to deny that one of the best parts of traveling is the food. While "foodie honeymoons" have been popular for a few years year, culinary travel is starting to take on a whole new form. Virtuosa's reports some couples are even requesting restaurant reservations when they book their flights, and sometimes even before! Some of our top foodie spots include Lima, Peru and Fogo Island, New Foundland, but you can find Michelin-star restaurants, funky cooking classes and cool farm-to-table excursions anywhere in the world!

All About Buddymoons

This next trend proves your wedding reception doesn't have to end when the clock strikes midnight. Enter the buddymoon. It's like a honeymoon but instead of just you and your partner jet-setting across the world, you invite a bunch of friends along for the journey! 2020 travelers "want to connect with like-minded people," says Virtuoso and your wedding is the perfect excuse for you and your friends to vacation together!

No More Comfort Zone

Virtuoso also claims "today’s traveler is seeking more profound experiences leading to increased emotional intelligence." What does that mean exactly? Travelers are seeking out more opportunities to interact with locals, giving them a different perspective on the destination and a pretty unique experience. So, when it comes to accommodations, we say seek out those charm-filled, family-owned inns or neighborhood hotels.

The Journey Is Half The Fun

In the upcoming year, globetrotters are really taking the popular saying, "It's about the journey, not the destination" to heart! So much so that luxury travelers are booking exclusive services like meet-and-greets planeside or private airport suites. And while expensive services like these might not be in everyone's honeymoon fund, there are other ways to make the journey enjoyable. We even know a few ways to seize free honeymoon upgrades!

The report also revealed top travel destinations and based on the results, we have Sophie Turner to thank. Is it a coincidence that she was in Game of Thrones and Croatia is the top emerging destination for the year? Or that she and Joe Jonas honeymooned in the Maldives in July and now French Polynesia is the top honeymoon destination? We think not!

OK, well, maybe—but, we already knew Turner was a trendsetter so if these destinations are good enough for the actress, they're good enough for us! She even took a second honeymoon to Italy, the country that 64% of respondents chose as the top global destination. Either way, 2020 has a lot in store for travelers (adventure seekers better be prepared to check Antarctica off their bucket lists!). Below, the top five destinations (in descending order) for a variety of categories. Where will you be jetting off to next year?

Top Emerging Destinations

  • Croatia
  • Antarctica
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Portugal

Top Honeymoon Destinations

  • French Polynesia
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Bali
  • Maldives

Top Global Destinations

  •  Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Japan
  • Croatia

Top Adventure Destinations

Top Destinations for Millenial Travelers

  • Greece
  • Bali
  • Croatia
  • Iceland
  • Cambodia

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