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    12 Ideas for a Virtual Bridal Shower

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    News flash: Bridal showers don't have to be thrown in-person. In fact, hosting a virtual event—that is group video calling via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or another platform—can be just as fun! Have friends who live in different states? Or others who can't find childcare for their kids? Virtual showers solve all of these problems and allow your crew to get together no matter where they live or who they're with.

    And no, virtual events aren't just your closest friends hopping on a video call to chat for hours (although, we wouldn't be opposed to that)—they're an opportunity to do your favorite activities together, albeit remotely. For foodies, see who can get the most creative in their kitchens with a cook-off. For yogis, organize a virtual zen session. For board-game lovers, host a game night with downloadable apps. The options are endless and definitely not hindered by a computer or phone screen!

    Ready to celebrate your bridal shower or bachelorette party virtually? Get inspired by these 12 ideas.

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    Order Brunch To-Go

    Just because you aren't in the same place doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same food! If all of your guests live in the same geographical location, call upon your favorite local breakfast spot for delivery. Each of your guests can choose something off the menu and have it dropped off at their doorsteps.

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    Open Gifts From Afar

    When it comes to gift-giving, you have two options via video call. First, have guests wrap their presents and take turns opening them on your behalf. Or second, ask guests to send their gifts in the mail so you can open on the call.

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    Talk a Walk Down Memory Lane

    Consider this the bridal version of Show and Tell. Prior to the party, tell each of your guests to find an object that reminds them of a special memory with you. Then, have everyone take turns sharing their picks. You'll enjoy reminiscing with your best friends all while you make new memories at the same time!

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    Host a Movie Night

    Thanks to Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension, you can now watch Netflix remotely with your friends. The extension synchronizes video playback and offers group messaging so you and your gang can have a movie night even if you are miles apart. Don't let anyone forget their popcorn!

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    Create an At-Home Spa

    We all deserve some relaxation time, but you don't necessarily need to go to a spa to find it. Prior to your party, send your guests a care package of spa goodies (face masks, nail polish, a robe, etc.) or ask them to gather some of their own spa supplies. When it comes time to video call, have everyone dress in their coziest attire and start their at-home treatments together.

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    Participate in a Group Sweat Session

    You can still break a sweat with your bridesmaids no matter where you are. Whether you're a fan of HIIT, cross-fit, barre, or pilates, invite your guests to a virtual workout session. We recommend contacting your local gym or favorite studio to see if any instructors would like to host a private class virtually.

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    Opt for Game Night

    Love some friendly-competition? Don't let a screen stop your game night! There are plenty of games you can play virtually that require zero supplies (our personal favorite is a classic round of charades!), but there are also several apps that make game night easy. If all of your guests are close friends, have everyone download "Psych" on their smartphone, a spin on trivia.

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    Do Your Own Sip and Paint

    Show off your creative side with a DIY virtual Sip and Paint. Send painting supplies and a small canvas to each of your guests and have them pour their drink of choice. When everyone joins the video call, share an image that you would like everyone to try to recreate on their canvas. After guests are done painting (and sipping!) have everyone vote on their favorite masterpiece!

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    Hold a Flower Arranging Class

    Although your guests will be logging into the party from their various homes, you can still use your bridal shower or bachelorette party as an opportunity to support local businesses! Contact a flower shop near you and ask them to deliver various stems and materials to each of your guests' homes. Once everyone has their flowers, host a virtual flower arranging class. Besides, everyone could use a beautiful bouquet every once and a while.

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    Find Your Zen With Yoga

    Let's be real: Wedding planning is stressful. So why not take some time to de-stress with your crew over a calming yoga practice? Ask a local yoga instructor to host a private session for you or find a pre-recorded practice online to send to your guests.

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    Conduct a Kitchen Cook-Off

    We're putting a virtual spin on the popular cooking show Chopped. Ask your guests to set up their video call in their kitchen then give them a menu category (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert). Each of them has 20 minutes to cook a surprise meal using whatever ingredients they have in their home. After the time is up, each guest will present their concoctions and the most creative dish wins! Bon appetit!

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    Host a Couple's Cocktail Hour

    While it is fun to party with just your girlfriends, sometimes we prefer to do activities with our partners, too! Invite your guests' S.O. to a virtual cocktail hour. Everyone logs on with their cocktail attire on and favorite drink in hand. Companies like Sourced Craft Cocktails will even deliver cocktail kits to each of your guests before the party!


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