How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

remote bachelorette party

Margot Cavin

Bachelorettes are a time for celebration and quality time spent with close friends. But if you're unable to celebrate in person, you may think all hope for an amazing bachelorette is lost. Thankfully, you've got options.

Practicing social distancing doesn't mean you can't throw a bachelorette party you'll never forget. Thanks to apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more, you can gather all your gals in one (digital) place without having to physically make a trip. Sure, you can reschedule the official bachelorette—and you should, if possible—but the bride-to-be is sure to feel a bit gloomy on the would-have-been weekend. Hosting a virtual bachelorette is the perfect way to show the bride-to-be that she can still be celebrated, in person or not.

Here are a few tips to how to throw the ultimate virtual bachelorette.

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Invite Each Bachelorette Member Personally

While you can always just send a calendar invite, add a personal touch by calling or emailing each person individually. At a glance, a video call isn't much of an investment, but you can treat this as seriously as you would a real bachelorette. Reaching out personally will help establish this level of importance while also making each member feel inclusive. PS: Make sure each member can dedicate at least a few hours to the virtual bachelorette to make it feel less like a happy hour and more like a real event. Be specific about a start and end time so that each guest can plan accordingly.

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Ask the Bride to Choose a Theme

You can theme the whole party, as long as everyone has access to the necessary items or garments. A more reasonable approach is to ask the bride to choose a few signature drinks or a meal that everyone can plan to enjoy together. For my friend's recent virtual bachelorette, we all organized to order or make pizza, since pizza is her favorite food—it was a small gesture from each of us that made my friend feel special. Another idea is to wear the same color or do your makeup a specific way. Throwing a theme into the mix can be a great conversation starter if needed and help make everyone feel like they're a part of the event.

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Get All Dressed Up (Even Though You've Got Nowhere to Go)

For so many of us, attending a bachelorette party means looking your absolute best. Don't skimp on the getting ready process, even if you're only walking to the living room. The extra effort could help you switch gears from sweatpants mode to party mode. Plus, the bride-to-be will be flattered that everyone put in the effort.

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Have a Handful of Games Ready, Including an Ice Breaker

If everyone in the bachelorette party knows each other well, feel free to skip the ice breaker, but it can still be fun without veering into cheesy territory. A more general idea is to start with the bride calling on each person who will then introduce themselves, explain how they know the bride, and share a funny or embarrassing memory with the bride.

As far as games to play, think about activities that don't require cards or other materials that would make it difficult for everyone to participate. Games that include one central host or hinge on people participating one at a time are a simple choice. As long as you play it safely, "Drink If..." or "Never Have I Ever" games also work well, because the action is solely on the participant. You can play the classic "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" game—the bride asks the questions, participants write down their answers, and then the bride shares her responses with the team via email or text, and laughter/conversation ensues.

If you're worried about games not working out come the day of the virtual bachelorette, test them out beforehand with a few people to ensure they make sense.

If the groom is joining the call at any point, you can play a question-based game and focus it on queries like "Who cooks more?" and "Who is more stubborn?" The bride and groom can either speak at the same time or write "Bride" and "Groom" on sheets of paper and hold it up to answer. Since the game only requires one person to ask the questions and the bride and groom to answer, it's an easy-to-follow game for the rest of the party.

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Schedule a "Special Guest Appearance"

If you're going to be on a video call with a bunch of people for hours at a time, you'll need some variety in activities. Schedule a guest appearance for the groom-to-be or mother of the bride (or both!) an hour or two after the virtual bachelorette starts. The appearance will freshen up the party and help members stay engaged.

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Schedule Breaks to Refill Drinks or to Just...Take a Break!

If you're planning to commit an entire night to a virtual bachelorette, you'll need a break every now and then. To avoid any oncoming FOMO (you don't want to miss the re-telling of your favorite story about the bride-to-be, but you really have to use the restroom and refill your drink!), schedule a five-minute break every half-hour or hour. Everyone will appreciate it—trust us on this one.

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End the Night With Mini Speeches

As a cute last touch that will warm the bride-to-be's heart, end the night with a quick speech about how excited you are for your loved one to get married and how grateful you are to have this person in your life. Celebrating without being physically together can be difficult when you had something totally different planned, so reminding the bride of how important and loved she is will help lift her spirits.

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Above All, Have Fun

The circumstances may not be ideal, but it's your job as part of the bachelorette crew to make lemonade out of lemons. All that matters is that everyone in the bride's party is present, excited to celebrate her, and ready to have fun. Don't forget to cheers!

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