5 Viral Wedding Stories That Brought Us Joy This Year

2021 was officially the year of the wedding.

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Ah, 2021: the year of the wedding. After the rescheduling and replanning stress of 2020, many brides and grooms were finally able to tie the knot in front of their friends and family (with safety precautions in place, of course). Weddings were officially back and better than ever this year, even if they looked a little less traditional than before.

Throughout 2021, we were inspired by so many couples who switched things up with new, unconventional ideas. And with the power of TikTok, these special and touching moments garnered the attention of millions. To celebrate the year coming to a close, we've gathered all the feel-good wedding news from 2021 that will bring you some joy just in time for the holidays. Here’s to more good news like this in 2022!

Read on to be touched and inspired by these uplifting stories.

The "Flower Bros" Ryan Roach and Jake Harper

Enter: the flower man, a trend that's grown in popularity this year following one particularly viral trip down the aisle by the "Flower Bros," Ryan Roach and Jake Harper. At a wedding this summer, the two friends of the bride and groom strapped on petal-filled fanny packs before dancing towards to the altar to the beat of Tiësto's “The Business,” sprinkling flowers the whole way down. After posting the video to TikTok, the duo garnered over 23 million views on the hilarious moment.

Nicole Kopsidas

While the bridal march is always a highlight of the wedding ceremony, this 26-year-old's walk down the aisle was particularly meaningful. At her July 2021 wedding, Nicole's younger brother filled in for their quadriplegic father, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 20 years ago, to escort her down the aisle. Her father waited for her at the end of the aisle, so he could finish escorting her to the groom. The tear-jerking moment soon went viral on TikTok, racking up 10 million views. "There wasn't a dry eye in the house," Nicole told Insider. "It was really special, and my dad was really happy that we did it that way because he got to see everyone in the room."

Morgan and Brian Altier

On the day of her wedding, 25-year-old bride Morgan wanted to share the spotlight with her twin sister Macey. "I wanted her to have her special moment as a bride like her twin sister," wrote Morgan of her sister, who has special needs. So her groom, Brian, carried his sister-in-law in a wedding dress down the aisle at their October wedding. The touching moment was captured in a TikTok that has since garnered over 70 million views and counting. “I just kind of told her I was like, ‘Mace, look, all of these people are here to see you,’" Brian explained to local Ohio station 11 Alive. "And then that’s when you see her sit up and she just kind of like taking it all in."

Laiven and Catrin

While some may think it's taboo to propose at someone else's wedding, this Australian couple actually helped their best friends get engaged during their Feb. 2021 reception. When it came time for the bouquet toss, Catrin surprised her friend by handing her the bouquet and spinning her around to find her boyfriend down on one knee. The moment sparked a debate in the comments of the now viral TikTok, but Laiven said the moment was "magical."

Kendall Chase and Katie Shea

For their October 2021 beachside wedding, Kendall and Katie had one goal: "We wanted to throw one hell of a party," the couple told Brides. “Having elements of surprise and wow factors throughout the day was a necessity. But, we also wanted to balance the humor and madness, with beauty and romance.” Since the pair originally met on the dance floor, they decided that a surprise wedding dance number was just the “wow factor” their ceremony needed. After the couple said “I do,” their bridal party quickly changed into nun outfits and joined the newlyweds in a choreographed dance to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” The epic moment was later shared on TikTok, and racked up over five million views.

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