This Adorable Cottagecore Proposal Is Going Viral

Living for this strawberry ring box!

Ryan Bergara and Marielle Scott engagement

Ryan Bergara/Instagram

This is the sweetest (literally!) proposal ever! TV director and social media personality Ryan Bergara proposed to his girlfriend, actress Marielle Scott over the weekend while strawberry picking with friends and family. A very fitting engagement story because if you know anything about the A Teacher actress, it's that she loves strawberries—her Instagram bio literally says, "strawberries are my love language." And get this: the ring box was an adorable fake strawberry that Bergara made with his father.

The two celebrated the special moment by sharing it on Instagram.

"I can’t believe I am going to marry my favorite person in the whole world 💗 ," Scott wrote. " I love you!" The Buzzfeed Unsolved host also posted a video of the moment on his Instagram page. As they're picking strawberries, Bergara walks over to Scott with the fake strawberry ring box and says, "Look at this one," before getting down on one knee.

"Mar, I couldn't wait to do this," he says as he rips off his mask. "I'm so, so nervous. But I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" To which Scott responds through tears, "Yes, of course, I'll marry you!"

"Here’s how it went down at the ol’ berry farm," wrote Bergara. "Made the fake strawberry ring case with my dad so that she wouldn’t be able to tell it was a ring until the last possible moment! WHAT A DAY. To the future!"

We absolutely love this "berry" sweet engagement. Wishing this couple all the best. Strawberry fields forever!

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