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Veronika is a freelance writer and editor with a background in news reporting. She has a bachelor's degree from New York University, where she double-majored in Journalism and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She specializes in editing articles on marriage and relationships, women and gender, and queer issues for She has published work in outlets such as PAPER Magazine and the New York Daily News.



Veronika Jelenik is a freelance editor and writer with a background in news reporting. While studying at New York University, she published a feature in PAPER Magazine on performance artist Karen Finley and her book Grabbing Pussy. She also did extensive research on the history of polyamory and its representation in mass media, culminating in a 25-page paper for the Social and Cultural Analysis Department at New York University. Upon graduating, she worked as a local news reporter in Connecticut for Voices News before becoming a producer for She began freelance writing, publishing an op-ed in the New York Daily News and a personal essay in the Hartford Courant in 2020, as well as editing work for freelance writers and international high school students applying to Ivy League and top-tier U.S. colleges. She currently edits articles for and blogs about wine for The Natural Wine Company.


Veronika Jelenik graduated cum laude from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She double-majored in Journalism and Social and Cultural Analysis, focusing on Gender and Sexuality Studies. In college, she was an editorial intern at PAPER Magazine in Manhattan, a writing intern for La Pietra Dialogues Blog in Florence, Italy, and a news reporting intern for Voices News in Connecticut. She published a feature story in PAPER as well as a front-page story for Voices while in college. She also wrote a 25-page research paper on polyamory and its representation in the media for her Gender Studies thesis and a 3,000-word feature story on harm reduction in the treatment of addiction for her Journalism thesis.

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