20 Wedding Drink Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of—Yet

The drink options at your reception should be as unique as the two of you.

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As far as wedding-day drinks are concerned, most couples focus on the cocktails. While we're big fans of signature sips, a great selection of craft beer, and delicious wine pairings, a wedding's drink selection shouldn't be limited to alcohol alone. For an exceptional event that your guests will remember, putting thought into every drink—boozy or otherwise—that will be served throughout the day is key.

If you're in need of unique wedding drink ideas that will surprise and delight your guests, you've come to the right place. Whether you’re hoping to serve clever alcoholic sips, flavorful booze-free options, dessert-inspired drinks, or something in between, we have all the inspiration you need.

Here, find 20 unique wedding drink ideas that are as special as you and your partner.

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Beer Flights

Trio of Beers Served with Tasting Notes at Wedding

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While there's nothing wrong with serving your favorite beer in cans, bottles, or on draft at your wedding, there is a more interactive option option we love: beer flights. Choose three to five different beers and have your bartender pour them into small tasting glasses. Your guests will love sitting and enjoying as they discover each beer!

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Smoked Cocktails

Beautiful Glassware Being Smoked for Signature Cocktails at Wedding

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Cocktails are reception must-haves, but there are things you can do to make yours a bit more unique and elevated. Ask your bartender about smoking the glasses before your signature drink is added, which will add woody notes to your sips. This is an especially tasty idea for cocktails made with a whiskey or rye base.

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Big-Batch Cocktails

self-serve cocktail station at wedding

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Keeping things low-key for your wedding? Make and serve big-batch cocktails. You can mix them up ahead of time or prepare the base and let guests add their own preferred alcohol. Whatever you do, be sure to display the drinks in dispensers that make it easy for your family and friends to serve themselves.

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Spiked Lemonade

spiked yellow and pink lemonade with custom napkins at wedding

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On a hot day, there's nothing more refreshing than a glass of lemonade. While homemade versions are delicious on their own, you can also kick the drink up a notch by offering spiked versions, made with either vodka or gin.

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Hard Cider

wedding escort wall of hard cider

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Hard cider has become extremely popular in recent years, and the beverage's sweet, mild flavor profile makes it an appealing option for guests. What's more, this easy-drinking bubbly beverage can stand in as an affordable swap for sparkling wine or Champagne during toasts.

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Boozy Slushies

frozen rose slushies

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Slushies are a fun drink option for warm-weather weddings. Work with your caterer or bartender to dream up creative iterations made with rosé, Champagne, beer, vodka, gin, or another favorite alcohol. Festive decorations, like edible flowers or gold leaf, make them even more enticing for guests.

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wedding espresso and gelato card

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Creative drink options shouldn't stop and end with alcohol. During dessert, we love the idea of bringing in a gelato cart and an espresso bar. Your guests will love combining the two to create a custom affogato.

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wedding table with sake

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Sake is made by fermenting rice, and the drink holds significant meaning in Japanese culture. One couple incorporated the tradition of Kagami Biraki into their reception, and the couple's families broke a barrel of sake for guests to enjoy together to symbolize the start of something new.

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Mini Wine Bottles

mini wine bottles as escort cards

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Instead of stocking your bar exclusively with standard wine bottles, try individually-sized bottles instead. They're fun for guests to find at their tables, but you can also use them as escort cards or have them passed out by servers during cocktail hours.

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Coconut Water

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If you're getting married in a tropical locale or planning a summer wedding, keeping guests hydrated should be a priority. Fresh coconuts, with straws to access the sweet water inside, are memorable and refreshing drinks that your family and friends will love.

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Sparkling Juices

San Pellegrino wedding escort cards

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Think sparkling water or bubbly juices, such as San Pellegrino, won't be exciting enough to please your loved ones? Think again. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, and you'd be surprised how many guests will be delighted to find a flavorful nonalcoholic drink option at your party.

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Mulled Wine

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Mulled wine is the ideal cocktail for a late fall or winter wedding. Made with red wine and mulling spices, such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and star anise, it's warm, flavorful, and super comforting on a chilly day.

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Monogrammed Cocktails

wedding cocktail with glitter logo

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We're going to let you in on a little secret: A classic cocktail can be made entirely unique with creative updates. Ask your bartender to add your new monogram or custom logo to the top of each cocktail for a truly bespoke experience.

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Grab-and-Go Ranch Water

topo chico wedding cocktail

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Topo Chico has been around since 1895. It's sparkling mineral water imported from Mexico, and the bottles are so eye-catching and fun. While you can serve plain mineral water, we love the idea of transforming the bottles into a grab-and-go cocktail. Ranch Water, a tequila-based cocktail most often made with Topo Chico, is a great option.

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Natural Wine Tasting

wedding wine bar

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If you and your soon-to-be spouse are fans of natural wine, teach your guests about the category by offering a tasting during cocktail hour or the reception. Natural wines are made with organically farmed grapes and are typically made using a lower-intervention method, meaning they're free of additives. Not only will your family and friends get to enjoy a variety of different wines, but they'll also learn a bit more about you two and your drink preferences along the way.

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Kombucha-Based Drinks

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Whether you like to enjoy kombucha, an effervescent fermented tea, as is or use it as the base for an even more flavorful cocktail, serving it at your wedding is a great idea. Ask your bartender to mix up a creative concoction with kombucha as the star or pair the healthy, flavorful sip with vodka and gin.

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Floral-Topped Drinks

floral wedding drinks

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Flowers certainly enhance the look of a cocktail, but did you know that they can also be incorporated into the actual drink? Edible blooms, like organically-grown pansies, nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and more, help a drink look and taste incredible. You can even have petals infused into your spirit of choice if you love a floral flavor profile.

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Spicy Sips

spicy wedding cocktails

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Spicy cocktails are often skipped because they don't seem like crowd-pleasers, but you might be surprised just how many guests reach for one of these unexpected sips. A talented bartender knows how to make a well-balanced spicy cocktail, and we love the idea of serving a paloma with chili peppers with a Paloma or a margarita with a spiced rim.

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Milk and Cookies

wedding milk and cookies

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Looking for a drink that can stand in for dessert? You just can't beat cookies and milk. Set up a milk and cookies bar where guests can mix and match their favorite pairings. You can even offer chocolate and strawberry milk for even more customization.

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Espresso-Based Drinks

lattes with custom wedding napkins

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It's not uncommon to offer coffee after dinner, especially during the cake-cutting ceremony and dessert. If you want to elevate the approach, swap plain drip coffee for espresso-based drinks. Made-to-order coffee beverages, like cappuccinos or lattes, are surefire ways to keep the party going.

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