17 Unique Accessory Ideas for Grooms

These add-ons will elevate your wedding outfit.

Bride and groom holding hands in front of a semicircular floral arch

Photo by Matoli Keely Photography

When brides piece together their wedding wardrobes, they put a lot of thought into their accessories. As the groom, adorning your outfit should also be a priority since it's your big day too. According to stylist Courtney Mays, dressing up a classic suit or tuxedo with add-ons is the best way to incorporate some personality into your attire and breathe life into your getup. "Tuxedos are timeless and classic, but adding an heirloom pink signet ring or a vintage-inspired broach personalizes your look in a thoughtful and interesting way,” shares Mays. “It also adds to the story of your big day.” 

Whether it’s cufflinks engraved with your wedding date or a floral tie that hints at your garden venue, your accessories will help show off your personal style, capture your relationship, and coordinate with your aesthetic. You can even don a family heirloom, so as to have a piece of history close to you when saying “I do.” 

To choose a perfectly unique accessory for your look, designer Angel Ramos suggests embracing one standout element rather than overshadowing your ensemble with multiple pieces. “Less is more,” he notes. “Depending on personalities and comfort levels, start simple.” Mays also recommends steering clear of flashy adornments and styling your add-ons in a more subtle way. “Not every accessory has to be on display,” she shares. “Sometimes, the best accessories are the ones that maybe only you and your partner are aware of or are revealed when a jacket comes off.”

From chic sunglasses to playful socks, here are some of the most unique accessory ideas for grooms that will enhance your attire.

Meet the Expert

  • Angel A. Ramos is a menswear fashion designer and the creative director of ANGEL RAMOS, a New York City-based brand. He has 12 years of experience in the fashion industry.
  • Courtney Dion Mays is a wardrobe consultant and menswear stylist based in Los Angeles. She’s been working in the fashion space for 18 years.
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Customized Cufflinks

Jared's cream floral tuxedo for the ceremony

Photo by Elizabeth Austin Photography 

Cufflinks have forever been a wedding fashion staple, but instead of gravitating toward a standard set, consider adding some customization to your pieces. For the perfect finishing touch that holds personal significance, have your initials or wedding date engraved on them. You can even add a hint of glitter to really make a statement, especially when paired with a cream floral jacket and a gold watch.

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Textured Watches

Yellow gold watch with alligator strap

Photo by Bonnie Sen

Whether it’s a wedding gift, an heirloom accessory, or a curated piece of jewelry, a watch will instantly jazz up your wedding outfit. This yellow gold design, with a leather alligator strap, adds a stylish edge to a classic black tuxedo. While the square frame modernizes the getup, the textured band brings depth and dimension to a timeless ensemble. “I’m a huge fan of leather band styles for a more black-tie or special event look,” Mays says. 

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Floral Ties

Groom's dark suit with a green floral tie

Photo by Sean Thomas Photography

If you’re tying the knot in the spring or summer, flowers are the best way to channel the season. Floral patterned ties are show-stopping accessories that will pop against a crisp white shirt and navy blue suit. To really drive the theme home, coordinate with a floral boutonniere. 

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Bold Pocket Squares

Jordan's forest green suit and matching bow tie with a polka dot pocket square

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

For grooms going with a monochromatic look—whether it’s a hunter green suit or an all-black tuxedo–choosing a bold pocket square, in a contrasting color and pattern, will introduce more visual intrigue.

Mays suggests customizing the piece of fabric with your monogram, wedding date, a special phrase, or a deceased loved one’s name. “An added bonus, being that the square is in your chest pocket, this secret personalization is close to your heart,” she says.

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Layered Necklaces and Bracelets

Hunter's gold watch, bracelet, and cufflinks

Photo by Megan Robinson

Who says jewelry is just for the bride? Grooms can also get in on the fun by layering bracelets and necklaces on their big day. A simple gold chain will enhance and animate your attire, especially if it’s an heirloom jewel or a gift from your soon-to-be partner. Accessorize with a watch and cufflinks in the same metallic hue for a cohesive look.

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Personalized Lapel Pins

Groom's black tuxedo with a silver bee lapel pin

Photo by Kristen Marie Parker

Not only does a lapel pin add a decorative touch to your ensemble, but it’s also a unique way to reflect your relationship. On his special day, this groom wore a silver bee on his tux to symbolize the couple’s first date and engagement spot—a San Francisco bar called The Beehive.

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Sleek Sunglasses

Groom's sunglasses and black tuxedo

Photo by Haley Ringo Photography

Yes, sunglasses are a functional accessory, but there’s no question that they make quite the fashion statement. If you’re trading vows outside on a sunny day, whether it’s a backyard soirée or a beachside bash, a pair of shades will shield your eyes from the strong rays. Not to mention, sleek frames will add an air of cool to your overall look. Have your groomsmen don a pair as well to capture snazzy photos.

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Contrasting Pieces

groom in colorful tuxedo

Photo by Katelyn James

If you’re planning on sporting an eye-catching hue for your nuptials, accessorize in contrasting colors. Combining light and dark shades is the best way to style any outfit. A black polka dot bow tie balances out this rose pink tuxedo jacket, while perfectly matching his black dress pants. 

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Illustrative Socks

Chad putting on black dress shoes and socks with cats

Photo by Laura Memory Photography & Videography

Since your socks won’t be visible to the public eye, why not go bold with your selection? Slip on a pair with funky colors or quirky patterns that nods to your favorite hobby, hometown sports team, or beloved pet. Even if you and your partner are the only ones who know about the tribute, the noteworthy addition will make your wedding feel more “you.”

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All Black Watches

Groom's white tuxedo jacket with black lapels, a black bow tie, and black watch

Photo by Emily Gude

Your wedding day is the best time to invest in a swanky watch. An all-black design feels especially modern and stylish for a black-tie or glamorous wedding. We love how this groom combined the accessory with a black bow tie, which matched his silk lapels. The wristband will make even more of a statement next to a white tuxedo jacket.

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Show-Stopping Bow Ties

Chase Mattson puts on bow tie

Photo by Madison Emily Hare Photography

When a standard black bow tie just won’t cut it, opt for one with a show-stopping design. A leather bow tie with gold detailing evokes a chic and contemporary look. Beyond personal style, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your outfit if your wedding color palette embraces metallic accents. To go all out, accessorize with a gold pocket square and cufflinks with gold flakes.

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Satin Laces

JP putting on brown loafers in a button-up shirt, silk tie, and black pants

Photo by Shining Light Photography

No outfit is complete without a pair of sophisticated shoes. Although you might overlook the laces on your footwear, they’re definitely a detail that deserves some thought. If you’re wearing tuxedo shoes for your wedding, Mays encourages grooms to purchase wide satin laces. “This adds a thoughtful layer to a traditional style and looks more formal,” she notes.

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Memorial Pins

Groom's silver linen tuxedo jacket and lapel pin with the father of the bride's photo

Photo by Matoli Keely Photography

Your accessories are also a sweet way to remember deceased loved ones, so they can be with you in spirit as you tie the knot. To honor the father of the bride who had passed away, this groom rounded off his silver linen tuxedo with a pin that featured a photo of his wife's dad. Another alternative is having the family member’s initials or birthday engraved on your pin. 

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Engraved Tie Bars

Plaid suit, navy tie, and custom tie bar

Photo by Paula B Photography

Of course, a tie bar has a practical use since it holds your necktie in place, but you can also use the item to showcase key details from your wedding. When this groom swapped vows in a Yosemite forest, he nodded to the venue by having evergreen trees sketched on the accessory. With a plaid suit and navy tie, a subtle silver design will do the trick, but make sure it matches the metal polish on your jacket buttons, cufflinks, and belt buckle.

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Elaborate Boutonnieres

Black tuxedo with a floral boutonniere

Photo by Beyond Jade

Floral boutonnieres are customary, but an elaborate piece that serves as a pocket square will set all the trends. Instead of a single bloom, pin an entire arrangement to your suit or tuxedo. If you’re wearing a black or white getup, embrace striking shades that complement your color palette. For a sweet moment, choose the same buds as those in the bridal bouquet.

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Metallic Watches

Max's watch

Photo by Du Soleil Photography

A solid black or brown watch is timeless, but a band infused with gold and silver will kick it up a notch. For those getting married at a fancy venue with a black-tie dress code, a metal finish will fit the theme and show off your style. Not to mention, metallic accents are versatile and make for great heirloom pieces.

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Polka Dot Ties

groom in blue suit

Photo by Brandi Crockett

As previously mentioned, accessories that feature unconventional colors and patterns will show a glimpse into your personality. So, you can never go wrong with polka dots, especially for a retro wedding. When paired with a crisp white shirt, a printed necktie will serve as the main focus, drawing everyone’s gaze to your one-of-a-kind look. 

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