20 Unique Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding

Play with size, color, and texture!

swan flower arrangement

Photo by Tailor James

No matter the season or venue, florals can truly change the look and feel of your wedding. Depending on the colors and textures selected, flowers are sure to take your chosen aesthetic or theme to a whole new level.

From short arrangements to tall pillars and everything in between, there are so many options for choosing beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding. But what if you want something a bit out of the ordinary? If you’re on the hunt for something unique, look no further. From interesting vessels to surprising combos, we’ve got you covered with inspiration from real weddings.

Read on for 20 unique flower arrangement ideas to make your wedding entirely your own.

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Pair Fresh and Dried Blooms

textured wedding centerpiece

Photo by Rachel Havel

Ditching the traditional fresh arrangement and bringing in another component will immediately make your centerpieces that much more interesting. We love the combination of dried elements and fresh blooms used to create a beautiful blend of texture and color in this setup.

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Turn to Terrariums

terrarium centerpiece

Photo by Kate Headley

Hoping for something elegant yet entirely whimsical? Terrariums are the perfect fit. Consider dainty arrangements enclosed in a pretty glass container for a sweet and simple way to elevate the look of your reception tables.

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Feature a Two-Toned Design

two toned wedding centerpiece

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Hoping for something bold? Many floral arrangements incorporate plenty of different hues. Why not choose just two for a unique pop of color? This display provided plenty of contrast with great texture to make it that much more interesting.

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Opt for Anthurium

anthurium wedding centerpieces


Sometimes, creating a unique flower arrangement just comes down to the type of bloom you choose in the first place. While traditional flowers such as roses or carnations are stunning on their own, you can also opt to pair them with an unexpected choice. Anthuriums add a pop of bold color and an alluring shape to this display.

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Pair Pampas Grass and Roses

pampas grass centerpiece

Photo by Roberta Facchini Photography

If you really want your décor to scream over the top, think about large arrangements. Not only was this arrangement put together on an ornate gold stand, but the mixture of elements definitely stands out. Who knew roses and pampas grass could look so beautiful together?

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Combine Fruit, Veggies, and Florals

centerpiece with fruit

Photo by Jacqui Cole

Make a splash with a display of tropical centerpieces. Pair a traditionally shaped centerpiece with two smaller pots, and then fill in the gaps with plenty of tropical fruits. This setup is simply bursting with color and texture.

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Keep It Simple

textured bud vase centerpieces

Photo by Clarkie Photography

Choosing a floral arrangement doesn't always mean large, intricate designs. We love the idea of creating a sleek line of bud vases, all with different fresh blooms, dried elements, and sprigs of greenery throughout.

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Make a Bold Statement

floral runner centerpiece

Photo by Erich Mcvey

Say goodbye to large vases and hello to blooming tables! If you want to make a statement, a floral runner down the length of your reception table is sure to add a pop of bold color to any space.

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Go Neutral

textured wedding centerpieces

Photo by By Julieta

If you're hosting a desert wedding, natural elements are sure to fit your aesthetic. Why not ditch the idea of bold, colorful arrangements and opt for neutral tones? We love the way this modern arrangement blends in with the table décor while making a small statement thanks to the inclusion of textured, dried palms.

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Pair Candles and Flowers

floral centerpiece with candles

Photo by Joel Serrato

It's not uncommon to include floral arrangements and taper candles on reception tables. But what's different about this arrangement is that they're all displayed together in the same pretty vessel. We love the way the detailed candles work harmoniously with pastel blooms for an elegant look.

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Choose Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom centerpiece


Floral arrangements don't always have to be made up of traditional stems. To add a unique splash of color and texture to each reception table, consider displaying large vases of fragrant cherry blossoms.

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Incorporate Tropical Fruit

tropical fruit centerpiece

Photo by O'malley photographers

A tropical wedding certainly calls for palm leaves and pretty blooms. Another great element to add into the mix to make your arrangements stand out? Have a bit of fun by displaying tropical fruits such as pineapples and mangos as well.

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Make It Mini

small floral centerpieces

Photo by Jodee Debes Photography

Skip the single, large arrangements on each reception table and opt for something different. Even a simple swap such as using bud vases to create mini arrangements will make your tables more unique.

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Add Plenty of Texture

tall wedding centerpieces

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

Tall floral arrangements are becoming more and more common, but typically they're not quite as bold as this look. Consider displaying large and in charge arrangements with plenty of texture and pair them with a runner of dainty blooms as well.

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Feature Feathers

feather and flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY Pen Carlson

If you're planning a fall wedding, you may be looking at moody color palettes. Deep hues with pops of greenery are stunning in an arrangement. Another way to make it your own? Include a few feathers for added interest.

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Paint It Pink

pink wedding centerpieces

photo by Megan Robinson

Nothing is more unique than choosing a bold color scheme and simply running wild with it. This wedding featured pink hues throughout, and the couple certainly didn't skimp on the centerpieces! This combination of succulents, white baby's breath, and painted baby's breath is entirely chic.

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Choose a Statement Vessel

swam floral centerpiece

Photo by Tailor James

Displaying a floral arrangement in a traditional vase is sure to be gorgeous. But if you're looking to make your wedding truly unique, this is a great opportunity to switch things up! Choose a shaped vessel, such as a beautiful swan, to make a statement.

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Wow With Whimsical Design

whimsical centerpiece

Photo by Richard Skins Photography

For a truly whimsical design, it's all about utilizing a variety of blooms at different lengths. This arrangement takes a traditional approach by incorporating stunning blooms, but it's put together with a twist. Single long stems coming out of an arrangement will always make for a more intriguing and lively display.

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Line the Table With Tropical Leaves

tropical table runner

Photo by Ryan Ray

A floral runner is sure to bring the wow factor to a reception. To make it your own for a tropical wedding add plenty of large textured leaves into the mix.

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Create an Experience

French wedding table setting

Photo by Catherine Guidry

Floral arrangements don't always need to stand out on their own. And they certainly don't need to overwhelm everything else on the table. We love the way this display created a full experience by pairing smaller arrangements with additional table elements for a beautiful European vibe.

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