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Over the past few weeks, the world has witnessed the injustices happening in the country of Ukraine. But even among the turmoil, we've also noticed the bravery and pride that the Ukrainian people embody. It's important now, more than ever, to celebrate the Ukrainian people, highlight their resiliency, and support those working in local industries—in this case, the Ukrainian designers within the bridal fashion space.

Thus, read on to learn about the incredibly talented Ukrainian bridal designers, who create a range of looks fit for every bridal style. Many of them have already made a significant mark on the wedding fashion industry, while others are emerging brands you should definitely have on your radar.

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WONÁ Concept

wedding dress

Courtesy of Wona Concept

The Designer:

CEO and art director of WONÁ Concept, Ilona Shramko, was born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine. Her brand began as a small family atelier and has since grown into an internationally known name in the bridal and luxury world. Family is at the heart of WONÁ Concept, which is clearly shown through their effort to produce high-quality pieces, all while ensuring that their clients receive the best care and most authentic pieces. 

The WONÁ Concept Bride:

The WONÁ bride epitomizes unique beauty. According to the brand’s website, “WONÁ is continuously capturing the hearts of brides with their extraordinary designs, helping women highlight their unique style and personality on their special day."

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Eva Lendel

eva lendel wedding dress

Courtesy of Eva Lendel

The Designer:

Eva Lendel is a sister brand to WONÁ Concept and is fairly new to the bridal scene—having only been founded in 2015. Their main goal is to create wedding gowns with the latest trends in bridal design in mind. Eva Lendel has a team of designers that are also overseen by CEO and art director, Ilona Shramko.

The Eva Lendel Bride:

Eva Lendel designs for those who "follow the latest fashion trends, likes experiments, and can make original and innovative decisions by using the latest fashion trends, in combination with interesting and feminine styles [to] create an exclusive dress about which every bride dreams,” as noted on the brand’s website. 

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Milla Nova

Milla Nova wedding dresses

Courtesy of Milla Nova

The Designer:

Founded in 2014, the Ukrainian brand, Milla Nova, has been a force in the bridal industry universally. They are centered around the motto, “the dress is not only about the production, but more about the solemn atmosphere while wearing it.” Recently, Milla Nova launched an additional bridal line, White and Lace

The Milla Nova Bride:

Milla Nova’s brides are chic, stylish, and effortlessly glam. Everyone from celebrities to high-fashion brides has fallen for Milla Nova’s runway-ready designs. 

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Elena Morar

Elena Morar wedding dress

Courtesy of Elena Morar

The Designer:

Elena Morar is a Ukrainian wholesale bridal company that produces wedding gowns in addition to eveningwear and children's dresses. The brand also carries a wide variety of wedding accessories. 

The Elena Morar Bride:

Elena Morar’s designs are classic with a modern twist. From ballgowns to mermaid-style dresses, every bride-to-be will be able to find a wedding dress that fits their unique style. 

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Iryna Kotapska

Iryna Kotapska wedding dress

Courtesy of Iryna Kotapska

The Designer:

Founded in 2002, Iryna Kotapska has invested itself in designing bridal gowns that are tailored to perfection. In addition, the brand also designs custom dresses for brides looking for something truly one-of-a-kind. The mission of Iryna Kotapska is to create gowns with high-quality fabrics while continuing to incorporate the newest trends and techniques into their designs. 

The Iryna Kotapska Bride:

The Iryna Kotaspka bride is daring and looking for a dress that is unconventional but timeless. In the brand’s most recent collection, brides will find everything from two-piece sets to classic silhouettes with on-trend accents, such as puff-sleeves and bridal caps

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LuceSposa wedding dress

Courtesy of LuceSposa

The Designer:

LuceSposa is a second-generation family business that has set out to create unique bridalwear. The brand's chief designer, Elena Vasylkova, focuses on designing gowns that highlight current trends and emphasize a bride’s beauty. Elena and her team are constantly searching for new ideas and innovations to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion, as explained on their website. 

The LuceSposa Bride:

There is no singular word that can describe the designs from LuceSposa. Their emphasis on innovation and creativity has led them to create a selection of high-fashion wedding gowns. The brand writes, “From conservative dresses with a minimalistic design to bold combinations of materials, cut and decor – among this variety, every bride-to-be will find something special.”

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Viva Deluxe

wedding dress

Courtesy of Viva Deluxe

The Designer:

With 20 years of experience in the business, Viva Deluxe has made a name for itself not only in the Ukrainian wedding industry but also abroad. Functioning as a wholesale retailer, the brand produces timeless, quality dresses in bulk to sell to brides at a reasonable price point. 

The Viva Deluxe Bride:

Viva Deluxe is for the classic bride searching for a romantic and feminine gown. The brand’s designs are marked by intricate beading and hints of sparkle, making these gowns look like something out of a fairytale. 

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Armonia wedding dress

Courtesy of Armonia

The Designer:

Yevheniy Vasylyev, CEO, and Kayuk Irina, creative director, are the mastermind’s behind this Ukrainian bridal brand. Armonia’s website explains that “The name of the brand reflects the essence of each collection, every single item. [Their] wedding dresses are the harmony of fabric and decoration, conventional canons and authors’ ideas, harmony of dream and reality, quality and value.”

The Armonia Bride:

Armonia’s designs are for the elegant and glamorous bride. Their most recent collection, titled ‘Ravello’, features structured, architectural designs that are bold and eye-catching. 

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Innocentia wedding dress

Courtesy of Innocentia

The Designer:

Innocentia originated in 2013, the year that the brand's creators unleashed their imagination and let themselves dream big, as stated on their website. And their dreams clearly came true. Today, Innocentia is sold by clients all over the world, and their close-knit team works to create gowns with meticulous attention to detail so no aspect of the dress is overlooked. 

The Innocentia Bride:

The Innocentia bride looks for innovation and creativity in her gown, but still values staying true to classic silhouettes and styles that have proven to be timeless. If you are looking for an imaginative, unique design for your wedding day look, Innocentia is a great place to begin your journey.

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NDS The Label

nds the label wedding dress

Courtesy of NDS The Label

The Designer:

In 2019 Ukrainian designer Nadia Bundziak launched her brand, NDS The Label. Her collections follow a made-to-order business model with the goal of shifting the fashion industry to high-quality, slow fashion garments. Each item from NDS The Label is handmade and created with precision and artistry. 

The NDS The Label Bride:

NDS The Label’s ‘Bridal Soireé’ collection is geared toward the bride looking for effortlessly chic and unconventional wedding day attire. The NDS The Label bride isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and combines gender-neutral elements of fashion together as one. 

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