16 Inspiring Tulip Wedding Bouquets for Any Season

tulip wedding boquet

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer; Floral Design by Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd

Eternally loved for timelessness, tulips are one of our favorite flowers for wedding bouquets. The natural elegance a tulip exudes, whether pastel, vibrant, or crisp white, lends itself to any wedding style. “When done right, you'll never look back on a bouquet featuring beautiful delicate tulips and regret that decision,” says Kelly Lenárd of Intertwine.

Meet the Expert

Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd is a destination floral design studio led by florist, designer, and creative director Kelly Lenárd, who travels worldwide for weddings big and small.

“Their graceful stems and flowing petals can add dimension, movement, whimsy, elegance, drama, and old-world charm to bouquets,” shares Lenárd. From standard tulips like the Big Smile and Menton varieties to exciting Parrot Tulips, you can find them in just about any color. “Many varieties even have a painterly quality to their petals, making them blend easily with a wide array of colors.”   

Tulips are extremely versatile, with most varieties available for purchase year-round, while the more unique varieties will only be available in the spring. “Their sleek form is also a lovely juxtaposition to more intricately petaled flowers and fillers," says Lenárd.

Each variety differs in price; work with your florist to determine what’s appropriate for your budget to get the most bang for your buck.

Add a dose of stylish fun to your bridal bouquet, and let your bridesmaids in on it too! Here are 16 tulip bouquets we absolutely love.

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Incorporate Blush

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Karlisch Studio; Floral Design by Idyll Studio 

Choose a pastel color palette in blush hues perfectly accented by the softness of tulips of any variety, from Parrot Tulips to Fox Trot Tulips. We love the combination of a blush garden rose with white tulips for a bouquet layered with beauty, right down to the petals.

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Make It Modern

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by E&M Photography; Floral Design by Wedecor


“While they certainly work well with elegant and romantic weddings, with so many colors and varieties to choose from, they could easily enhance modern, artistic, dramatic, moody, minimal, and eccentric wedding styles,” says Lenárd. 

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Embrace Muted Tones

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by May Carlson Fine Art Photography; Floral Design by Ashley Mauricio Flores


Neutral pastels never go out of style. Keep things muted but still striking with a subtle color palette comprised of creams, grays, and light pinks, perfect for a spring wedding with a bit of a romantic flair.

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Make It Full

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Emily Dawn Photography; Floral Design by Flower Divas 

“Some tulips are even large enough to play the role of the focal flower,” says Lenàrd. A great option for a traditional wedding is a round bouquet. Opt for tulips that have not fully opened in order to create a more classic, symmetric shape.

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Make It Monochromatic

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by The Ganeys; Floral Design by Gather Design Company


While white is an easy choice for an all-tulip bouquet, change things up with a monochromatic masterpiece in an unexpected shade of pink. Keep things small in size, with a posy perhaps, for an effortlessly chic look that will stand the test of time.

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Keep It Soft

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Luna de Mare; Floral Design by Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd

Tulips have an effortless way of adding layer upon layer of texture with very little effort. Opt for a bouquet of complimentary soft blooms, like ranunculus or garden roses, alongside tulips for a design that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser for a romantic affair.

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Go Bright

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona; Floral Design by Denise Fasanello 

In a shockingly beautiful display of vibrancy, capitalize on the opportunity to create a bold color palette. This garden wedding was full of lush florals in brilliant hues of pink, orange, and coral right down to the bride’s bouquet.

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Champion an Autumn Color Palette

tulip wedding flowers

Photo by Kyle John; Floral Design by Intertwine Flowers by Kelly Lenard 

While typically known for their spring color palette, tulips are totally capable of being the star of the show in the fall too. We love the warm tones of autumn, so embrace dusty pinks, orange, and deep yellow blooms for a refreshing take on your bridal bouquet.

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Combine Textures

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Greer Gattuso; Floral Design by Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd

“I typically like a lot of texture in my bouquets, so having some smooth shapes in the mix helps to balance out the busier elements,” shares Lenárd. Incorporate accent blooms that feed into the playful sensibilities that tulips naturally exude for a bouquet that’s unexpected. “In this case, some of my favorite spring accent blooms are hellebore, butterfly ranunculus, lilac, fritillaria, and narcissus.”

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Keep It Simple

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Meg Smith Photography; Floral Design by Josefina Hernandez 

Sometimes, in order to make an impact, you have to do more with less. Just a stem or two of tulips can transform the shape and style of a bouquet completely. Lengthen a bouquet to a cascade or opt for asymmetry to ensure you’re carrying a unique design down the aisle.

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Mix Varieties

tulip wedding bouquets

Photo by Kurt Boomer; Floral Design by Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd 

Consider combining not just colors but also varieties when it comes to tulips. The blending of a simple standard tulip with its more textured, double-layered counterpart might be just the thing you need to give your bouquet that extra something special.

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Opt for a Lush Design

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings; Floral Design by Branch Design Studio 

We’re definitely crushing on bold bouquets. Go for a lush design inspired by the colors of the tropics to keep things interesting. 

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Choose Purple

tulip wedding bouquet


Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography; Event Planning by Annena & Co. & Perfect Endings


A bouquet in shades of deep purple is perfect for a moody, fall wedding. No matter the shape or size, darker tones will create a lovely contrast against the white of your wedding dress for a stand out walk down the aisle.

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Appreciate the Details

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Kelsey Combe Photography; Floral Design by Rachel Cho Floral Design 

The center stamen of a tulip can come in a wide array of colors depending on the variety. Play up the color palette you’ve selected for your big day by selecting a tulip that, when opened either partially or all the way, coordinates well with the overall colors of the design for a subtle but surefire way to tie things all together.

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Create a Cascade

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Laura Gordon; Floral Design by Intertwine by Kelly Lenárd 

Good news: You can create a stunning, cascading bouquet with tulips and tulips only! That natural shape of a handful of tulips will create a bouquet style that's effortless.

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Include Lily of the Valley

tulip wedding bouquet

Photo by Trent Bailey Studio; Floral Design by Katydid Signature Floral & Event Design 

Searching for the perfect bouquet for the quintessential classic wedding? Look no further than our new favorite combination: tulips and lily of the valley. The varying degrees of size between the two (lily of the valley’s tiny blooms to tulips larger ones) will create a timeless look both luxurious and understated.

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