20 Tree Centerpieces to Bring Your Reception to Life

tree centerpieces

Photo by Clay Austin

Planning your wedding ceremony comes with plenty of decisions regarding location, altar ideas, and seating options. But planning your reception décor comes with a whole other set of possibilities from the catering and the bar to the table settings. And for some couples, they truly want to make a bold statement.

Sometimes, a traditional floral centerpiece just won’t do. Whether flowers simply aren’t your thing, or you’re looking for something rustic or a more interesting, textured look, there are other great options to command attention. Enter: tree centerpieces.

Think this look is the perfect fit for your aesthetic? We love it, too! Read on for 20 interesting tree centerpiece ideas to bring life to your party.

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Celebrate With Citrus

citrus tree centerpiece


Hoping for a tree centerpiece without adding too much of a rustic touch? Incorporate citrus trees such as mini kumquat trees or small orange trees as a beautiful way to add greenery and a pop of color to your table.

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Bring Nature Indoors

white and green branch centerpiece


If you're going to bring the outdoors in, you might as well go all out. One real wedding couple chose to display short floral arrangements paired with tall, incredibly textured statement pieces as the ultimate way to command attention.

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Create a Fairytale Setting

white blossom tree centerpiece

Photo by Rachael Kazmier Photography

This tablescape is truly a dream for the couple hoping to create the most romantic wedding. Tall, white cherry blossom trees paired with neutral gray taper candles and lush arrangements of pastel blooms made for an enchantingly elegant design.

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Make It Modern

modern tree reception decor

Photo by Ashleigh Haase Photography; Styling and Tableware by Event Merchant Co; Floral design by Friends of Dorothy Floristry; Tablecloth by Tableart Event Hire; Venue Bramleigh Estate

While tree centerpieces are usually paired with rustic-inspired designs or woodland weddings, we love this modern take. A sprawling branch in the middle of the table adds the perfect balance of texture to this gorgeous design.

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Go Pretty in Pink

pink blossom tree centerpiece

Photo by Victoria Amrose Photography; Design by Chillie Breeze

Perhaps one of the most popular flowering trees to incorporate into ceremony and reception décor is cherry blossom trees. From bouquets to cakes and altar designs, they can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

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Keep It Timeless

green tree centerpieces

Photo by Clay Austin

While this tablescape seems simple, it absolutely still makes a statement. A green and white color palette is timeless, and this aesthetic proves that perfectly. The white tablecloths paired with touches of greenery in multiple ways and a hint of gold make for such a lovely set-up.

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Look to Lemons

lemon tree centerpiece

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography

A lemon tree in the middle of your reception table? Why not! There's something so romantic about the look of a lush lemon tree, and it's the perfect way to add a splash of sunny yellow to a space.

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Include Lush Greenery

centerpiece with green branches

Photo by Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

This tree-inspired centerpiece is absolutely awe-inspiring. A tall glass vase was used as a tree trunk, while a lush bunch of greenery was utilized to create the top of the tree for the most intriguing design.

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Keep It Small

mini topiary centerpieces

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle

Bring trees into the mix in a charming way. Incorporating whimsical mini topiaries is the perfect option for adding a simple touch of greenery to your tablescape without making the display too over the top or overly rustic.

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Fall for Autumn Leaves

fall tree centerpieces

Photo by Mango studios

If there's one season to really embrace a tree centerpiece, it's certainly fall! The bright, fiery pop of color these autumn branches add to this tablescape is nothing short of stunning for autumn nuptials.

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Incorporate Blooms and Branches

tree branch centerpiece

Photo by McNeile Photography

Embrace the concept of a tree centerpiece with a custom design. We love the way branches were utilized to create a tree trunk for this look, with moody red blooms to finish it off.

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Wow With Wisteria

wisteria tree

Courtesy of Chillie Breeze

Wisteria trees are one of the most magnificent flowering trees as the blooms trail down its branches in such a magical way. Wisteria trees can be found with pink, purple, blue, and white blooms, but we love the look of incorporating wisteria in white for a romantic touch.

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Choose Cherry Blossom Branches

cherry blossom branch centerpiece


Sweet and simple is the name of the game with this lovely set-up. While this centerpiece doesn't feature an actual tree, it certainly comes close with plenty of charming cherry blossom branches to mimic the look.

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Embrace a Mediterranean Vibe

natural tree centerpiece

Photo by Justin & Simone Photography 

We love the natural, organic look of this centerpiece display. A topiary was paired with another small potted plant and a few blooms to create a contrast of height, making the perfect fit for a Mediterranean-inspired wedding.

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Opt for Organic Branches

branch centerpiece

Photo by Stephanie Pool; Planning and Design by Amy Nichols Special Events

We love the way this design just screams romantic-meets-organic. A few rustic branches in a tall vase captures light in the most beautiful way, while floral arrangements with soft hues add a sweet touch.

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Pair White Blooms and Greenery

white tree centerpiece

Photo by Victoria Amrose Photography; Design by Chillie Breeze

While this stunning white blossom tree makes a statement, it's the rest of the set-up that drives this look home. Plenty of moss and small wood stumps paired with gold candle holders create a beautiful balance between rustic and elegant.

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Play With Color

colorful tree centerpieces

Photo by sylvie gil; Planning and design by amy nichols special events

If you can't find an actual tree to serve as a centerpiece, opt for plenty of overflowing branches instead. Plus, then you can customize the design to make it your own! Make a bold splash with branches of lush greenery and a few bright-colored blooms to bring the design together.

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Feature Palm Fronds

palm tree centerpieces


Planning a tropical-inspired reception? Bring the beauty of the beach inside and make a statement with neutral wooden chairs and big, bold vases of palm fronds to mimic a palm tree.

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Pair Tall and Short

tree centerpiece with flowers

Photo by Jordan Mobley Photography; Design by Crooked Roots Design

If you're hoping for plenty of lush greenery but you don't want to ditch the beautiful color and texture that fresh florals add, this is the perfect solution. Work with your florist to bring a tree with plenty of green leaves in the mix and pair it with a beautiful shorter floral arrangement for the ultimate centerpiece.

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Channel a Woodland Vibe

tree and floral centerpiece

Photo by The Kruks Photography; Planning by All About Events; Floral Design by Fabufloras Design

Want to embrace the beauty of walking through lush, green woods? This enchanting design features a mossy base with beautiful, lush flowers for the perfect balance of texture and color.

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