10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Trash Your Wedding Dress

trash the dress photo

Jo Cole Photography 

One of the most common questions brides ask is what she should do with their dresses after the wedding. It’s a tricky one to answer considering it’s probably the most expensive dress you'll ever buy (yet will only wear once). Those who can’t bear to part with it prefer to preserve it for sentimental value or to pass on to their daughters while others take a more practical approach and either donate or sell it. But there’s a third option: trashing the wedding dress.

What Are "Trash the Dress" Photos?

"Trash the dress" photos are pictures taken after the wedding in which the bride essentially ruins her dress. It's a great way to have one final creative photoshoot while wearing your gown.

Whether you’re frolicking in the waves or tossing colorful smoke bombs, trashing the dress is a fun experience captured in a unique way. While many may gasp in horror at soiling a four-figure dress that carries sentimental value, there’s no denying that a trash the dress photoshoot makes for stunning (and equally memorable) photos.

Not convinced? Let the trash the dress photos ahead do the talking.

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Soak it All In

trash the dress water

 Van Middleton Wedding Photography

A grey-blue sea and rocky outcrop bring a tone of edgy romance to this coastal trash the dress session, rich in elegance and love. We also adore the wide shot the photographer took, which really captures the expanse of the water as the bride's gown soak's up the ocean.

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Embrace a Cloud of Color

Green And Blue


Another smoke bomb moment that your dress likely won't recover from. But who cares when this cloud of turquoise creates such an amazing background for this kiss?

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Run Along the Shore

Running in the water

 Gina & Ryan Photography

If you’re not sold on completely trashing your dress, running along the shoreline is the perfect compromise. It playfully captures everyone’s favorite romantic date activity along with the pink hues of the setting sun, while only dirtying your hemline. All you'll need is a good dry cleaner to get rid of any potential water damage or dirt if you change your mind about trashing your dress afterward.

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Dive Underwater

Under the sea

Jason & Anna Photography

Capture the romance down below. The underwater photo is a classic, carrying out a laidback, relaxed vibe. A white wedding dress undoubtedly pops against the vast teal blue.

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Light it Up

Smoke Bombs

 Janet Moscarello

Shower each other in color with vivid powder smoke bombs. Bursts of vibrant orange add life and whimsy to this joyful couple.

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Find a Private Cove

Private Cove

 Beautiful Day Photography

There’s something private and secluded about a lagoon that offers a feeling of intimacy. This one is hidden in a cove and ideal for a dreamy photoshoot as well as for some romantic alone time with your partner (and, well, your photographer, too).

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Have Some Neon Fun

Neon Spray Cans

Jo Cole Photography 

Getting messy has never looked so enjoyable. Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and treat your partner like they’re your canvas. The result is wild and colorful.

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Lay on the Beach

Lay on The Beach

Photo Souvenir 

A trash the dress shoot at the ocean doesn’t mean you need to get in the water. Laying on the sand as the waves crash around you is sexy and sultry.

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Kiss Under the Waterfall

Chasing Waterfalls

Van Middleton Wedding Photography 

This black and white still looks like it’s straight from an old Hollywood movie. Kissing under a hidden waterfall—what’s more passionate than that?

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Find High Tide

High Tide


If you're going to trash the dress anyway, you might as well make the shot worth it and wade in the water further than just the shoreline. This fun and romantic shot was taken during golden hour which truly lives up to its name.

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