5 Groom Suit Trends for 2023 Weddings

From classic tuxedos to statement accessories, here are the best styles to consider for your special day.

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Over the past few years, there's been a huge shift in the menswear industry when it comes to ready-to-wear and formalwear. Particularly for grooms, as they increasingly lean into their personal styles and play more of an active role during the planning stages, we've seen a surge in wedding day attire that is bold, trendy, and worthy to be remembered. 

According to celebrity and menswear stylist, Courtney Mays, the increased desire to "ditch tradition" can be attributed to well-dressed celebrities who continuously set the bar when it comes to fashion-forward dressing. “Dan Levy, Leslie Odom, and Jeff Goldblum are a few men who are top of mind when it comes to interesting style sensibilities,” notes Mays. “All of these men are able to play with suiting color so beautifully and create very personalized and cool looks.”

And while colorful garments will continue to remain a popular trend when it comes to groom's fashion, for the year ahead, we also expect to see a sophisticated evolution of other popular styles such as classic tuxedos, modern suits, patterned pieces, statements accessories, and textured fabrics. So, following Mays advice, in addition to expertise from Jason Jackson, president of Generation Tux, we've highlighted the top five groom suit and style trends for 2023 weddings. Read on to learn more.

Meet the Expert

  • Jason Jackson is the president of Generation Tux, an online rental company that offers an extensive catalog of quality suits and tuxes, in an array of sizes, styles, colors, and aesthetics.
  • Courtney Mays is a celebrity and menswear stylist whose clients include Kevin Love, Chris Paul, and Deandre Jordan.
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Classic Tuxedos

A classic black tuxedo has forever been the gold standard of sartorial style, and both Jackson and Mays agree that it's a look we will continue to see throughout the year. "In 2023, grooms are gravitating back towards the timeless elegance of classic tuxedos, with black notch tuxedos as the most popular choice for weddings this year," shares Jackson. "Peak and shawl lapel tuxedos have also seen a surge in popularity. Each unique style showcases sophistication, creating a polished, refined look for the groom on their special day.”

Mays also points out that this style will always be a timeless choice given its place in history. “Vintage photos of the Rat Pack from the 1940s and early 1950s are always on my mood board,” she shares. “That was an era when men wore a tuxedo to go for cocktails, or out for an evening of live music. To me, those suits will always be the epitome of iconic menswear.” 

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Modern Suits

If you don't want to wear a tuxedo, but still want a formal look, opting for a modern suit is a great way to go. "Modern suits continue to keep up with wedding trends as they offer versatility in dress code. The three-piece suit can satisfy the formal wedding dress code, while choosing a bold color—like a bright blue or a patterned suit—is perfect for your outdoor nuptials," says Jackson.

What's more, the fit of a modern suit has the ability to elevate a wedding, particularly tailored and slim-fit designs, which are styles that are increasingly being worn by grooms this year. "Whether opting for a tailored fit that provides a little more room throughout or a slim fit that fits closer to the body, it is important for grooms to choose the fit that makes them feel most confident on their wedding day," Jackson adds.

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Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics and materials are truly making a statement in menswear, with velvet, linen, tweed, and seersucker at the forefront of the trend. In particular, for those getting married in cooler temperatures, velvet and tweed are wonderful options for cold, winter weddings. Planning a summer celebration? Consider shopping for a linen or seersucker look that'll keep you cool as you say "I do."

However, no matter the textured fabric you select, you should always keep your dress code in mind before finalizing any purchases. Certain materials tend to lean more casual, like linen and tweed, so be sure to choose a style that won't clash with the aesthetic you already have in place.

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Bold Colors and Patterns

As already mentioned, color is an ongoing trend we will continue to see for years to come, since it has the ability to add personality and character to any type of outfit. In the same vein, grooms today are also opting for patterned suits and tuxes, like subtle plaid prints and floral designs, to enhance their day-of looks.

Before leaning into this trend, though, be sure to consult with your partner on a look that collectively works best for the two of you. While showing off your personality is great, and even highly encouraged, you shouldn't do it at the expense of clashing with your wedding color palette and overall theme. The key is finding a way to embrace color without being too over the top.

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Statement Accessories

Statement accessories are on the rise as grooms seek to inject some personal flair into their wedding looks, using unique cufflinks, bold ties, and colorful pocket squares to make a memorable impression," shares Jackson. "We also expect to see a bit of increased flash on the lapel as grooms stand out with some modern takes on a boutonnière."

In addition to the smaller pieces, shoes are another accessory that grooms can use to showcase their personal style. From patent leather blue tuxedo shoes to sandy-hued loafers, these pieces have the ability to make a statement, no matter how bold or subtle they might be.

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