5 Essential Groom Style Trends for 2022

From Old-Hollywood styles to curated accessories.

photographed by Danilo & Sharon

Photo by Danilo & Sharon

Over the past few years, there's been a huge shift in the menswear industry when it comes to ready-to-wear and formalwear. Particularly for grooms, the return of large-scale weddings has prompted many to ditch traditional wedding rules, and instead, opt for day-of looks that truly showcase their personal style.

“We have many grooms coming in with detailed vision boards on their phones,” reveals Dean Handspiker, vice-president of retail for Indochino. And according to celebrity and menswear stylist, Courtney Mays, the increased desire to "ditch tradition" can be attributed to well-dressed celebrities who continuously set the bar when it comes to fashion-forward dressing. “Dan Levy, Leslie Odom, and Jeff Goldblum are a few men who are top of mind when it comes to interesting style sensibilities,” notes Mays. “All of these men are able to play with suiting color so beautifully and create very personalized and cool looks.”

Meet the Expert

  • Dean Handspiker is the vice-president of retail for Indochino. He oversees the brand's 58 showrooms and 30 Nordstrom locations across North America.
  • Courtney Mays is a celebrity and menswear stylist whose clients include Kevin Love, Chris Paul, and Deandre Jordan.

Color has continued to remain a popular trend when it comes to grooms fashion, and for the year ahead, Mays reports that there will be a sophisticated evolution when it comes to colorful suiting. The ever-popular blue and gray tones are still on point, but we may now see a variety of these colorways in duskier, less saturated tones. There is also a move towards earthy shades like sand, tan, khaki, and olive green.

In addition to colorful suiting, and to help grooms navigate the year ahead, read on to see Mays and Handspiker's breakdown of the top five essential groom style trends for 2022.

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Old Hollywood-Inspired Tuxedos

groom wearing a tuxedo in front of a vintage car


A black tux has long been the gold standard of sartorial style and Mays reveals that it's her top choice for grooms this year. “Vintage photos of the Rat Pack from the 1940s and early 1950s are always on my mood board,” she shares. “That was an era when men wore a tuxedo to go for cocktails, or out for an evening of live music. To me, those suits will always be the epitome of iconic menswear.” 

The stylist assures that a black tuxedo will forever be a classic and timeless choice for a wedding. Plus, you'll always have a go-to piece in your wardrobe to wear for future black-tie events.

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Three-Piece Suiting

groom wearing a three-piece suit and sunglasses


If you don't want to wear a tuxedo, but still want a very elevated look, opting for a three-piece suit is the way to go. “We have seen a steady increase in grooms wanting a three-piece suit and it’s a trend we forecast will continue to grow,” says Handspiker. “We always recommend a vest to grooms because it completes the look. Also, at some point during the evening the jacket will come off, and when you have a vest, you still look polished on the dance floor.”

You can choose a monochromatic look for all three pieces to keep the look streamlined or choose a patterned, colorful, or textured (like velvet) vest to add a personal touch.

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Luxe and Fine Fabrics

groom wearing a blue tuxedo jacket


Luxe and fine fabrics are truly making a statement in menswear for 2022, and according to Handspiker, seersucker and wool linens have become a bestseller for warm-weather weddings. For those getting married in cooler temperatures, velvet is a popular option and is also a great choice for tuxedos.

“The dinner jacket is another a piece to consider, as those are back in a big way and [offer] a fun way to play with color and texture with your wedding day look,” says Handspiker. “Top choices are deep midnight navy blue or burgundy jackets, made from luxe cashmere wool and silk-blend fabrics.”

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Precision Tailoring

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Every style expert will tell you that fit is everything when it comes to your clothing, and that is particularly true when it comes to wedding day fashion. “On your wedding day, this is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to your fashion,” shares Mays. “You must micromanage all the details to make sure everything is perfect. We’re talking sleeve length, hem and width of pants, and length of the jacket. Adjusting to create a more tailored garment will go a long way to creating a polished look.”

Mays highly recommends getting a made-to-measure suit or tuxedo, as it not only guarantees the best fit but is also a cost-effective option by eliminating the expense of extra alterations. “Your suit [will be] designed expressly to fit you,” says the stylist. “You will likely need a few tweaks to the finished product, but that’s all part of the custom process.” 

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Curated Accessories

bride and groom

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

Handspiker reports that we are in the "age of less is more" when it comes to styling grooms and their accessories. We are moving away from bold statement pieces (goodbye striped socks and novelty cufflinks!), and are focusing more on items that complement one's suiting. “Micro pattern ties, polished cufflinks, and smart lace-up shoes are choices for a formal wedding,” he says. “For a more casual wedding, you may forego the tie, keep a pocket square for a finished look, and chose sleek loafers for your footwear. Socks are optional.”

May also agrees that classic footwear is the way to go and suggests wearing patent leather for a fashion-forward look. And for those who don't want to part ways with their sneakers, consider a wardrobe change during the reception. “This is the perfect time to add a little street style to your look and have your groomsmen switch up into sneakers for some fun photo ops. They will totally thank you for bringing a level of comfort to the day.”

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