The Top 10 Most Popular States for Weddings in 2022

These locations are seeing the most weddings this year.

Couple walking in NYC

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There’s no question that the wedding industry is back and better than ever. Two years after the coronavirus pandemic first placed restrictions on couples’ nuptials, we're now experiencing a wedding boom, and our collective calendars are officially packed with weekends of events. According to Rare Carat, an online ring marketplace, Americans will spend $68.7 billion by the end of 2022 on wedding rings, venues, dinner, music, flowers, photography, and more, Yahoo reports. To put that number in perspective, Americans spent $25.7 billion on the above details in 2020, so the total amount has substantially increased. 

But all of those wedding-related dollars aren't being distributed evenly across the country. According to the study, there are 10 states that have seen far more celebrations than the rest of the U.S. As part of the study, Rare Carat also analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on occupations in the wedding industry. It examined annual pay and employment across wedding planners, jewelers, florists, photographers, and bakers to compile the final list. 

Ahead are the 10 most popular states where couples are tying the knot in 2022, from least to most popular.

New Jersey

At number 10 on the list, New Jersey has already seen a great deal of weddings in 2022, and more are still to come this fall. This is good news for pros in the industry: The study found that bakers in the Garden State make an average of $37,950 every year.


Coming in at number nine is Vermont. According to the study, the Green Mountain State employs bakers at a rate of 261.7 per 100,000 jobs.


The eighth hottest spot for weddings in 2022 is Colorado, and that's good news for event pros looking to make a move to the Centennial State. The report revealed that about 129 people per 100,000 jobs in Colorado are related to wedding planning, conventions, or "other milestones."


It's easy to see why California is home to a flurry of nuptials each year: The beautiful backdrop and consistently warm, sunny weather makes it an appealing place to say "I do." Unfortunately, inflation has greatly affected the state, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that San Diego and Carlsbad are two cities that have been hit the hardest, so weddings in the Golden State might be pricier than ever.


If a New England wedding is more your speed, consider tying the knot in Connecticut, which came in at number six on the list for weddings in 2022. Here, florists make an average of $41,540 per year, the study noted. It’s also a successful spot for photographers, whose income is an average of $66,580 each year.


Couples are also seeking out the tropical islands of Hawaii for their 2022 nuptials. The Aloha State employs 41.9 photographers per 100,000 jobs, the Rare Carat report found. Hawaii also has competitive pay and high employment rates for florists and bakers. 


Another New England state on the list is Massachusetts, which is ranked at number four for weddings. Home to bustling cities and serene nature, Massachusetts pays wedding industry experts a hefty sum: $54,330 per year across the board.  

Rhode Island

Although it may be small in size, Rhode Island ranks in the top 10 of four out of the five wedding industry jobs (except florists), and it has a high employment rate. The report also found that the state employs the most jewelers at 120 per 100,000 jobs.


The runner-up for the most sought-out location in the United States for a 2022 wedding is Washington, known for its national parks and overcast weather. The northwestern state is in the top five for event planners, jewelers, photographers, and bakers.

New York

The most popular place couples are saying "I do" in 2022? The winner is none other than New York. Out of every state, New York pays event planners the highest average salary: $78,490. From Manhattan to Albany, the state has high employment rates for jewelers and photographers. The Rare Carat study also revealed that there are 134 bakers per 100,000 jobs in the state.

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