11 Power Couples Competing at the Tokyo Olympics Together

The definition of couple goals.

Tara Davis and Hunter Woodhall

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Let's talk about the ultimate couple goals: pairs that go to the Olympics together... stay together. Several Olympians are going for gold simultaneously in Tokyo and competing on the global stage. I mean, it makes perfect sense: these pairs have similar aspirations, they're ambitious, and they probably have some shared interests. Plus, for some of these superstar couples, sports is what brought them together.

So in honor of all the power couples kicking butt in Tokyo this year, we've rounded up the cutest Olympic couples taking on the Olympic games together.

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird

The ultimate power couple, former U.S. Women's Soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe and the three-time WNBA champion Sue Bird, actually met at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and hit it off. The two recently became engaged in October 2020.

Tara Davis and Hunter Woodhall

These two adorable track stars met back in 2017 during a real-life (track) meet-cute in Utah. Fast forward a few years—and many sweet couple Instagram posts later—the pair is still going strong, and both qualified to compete in Tokyo. Davis will compete in the Women's long jump and Woodhall in the Tokyo Paralympics in both the 400-meter and 100-meter dashes.

Laura and Jason Kenny

The Cyclists for Great Britain, who tied the knot in September 2016, have a combined total of 10 (!!) gold Olympic medals together, putting them both in the running to become Great Britain's most decorated Olympic athlete. And if that wasn't cute enough, their son Albie will be cheering on his parents from home.

Megan Jones and Celia Quansah

The Great Britain Women's Rugby teammates have been together since about 2019, per BuzzFeed, and often share adorable couple pictures on their Instagram pages. During an interview with BBC, the pair opened up about being members of the LGBTQ+ community in the sports world.

"We never spoke out about [our relationship] initially, but when we did, the response was incredible," said Quansah. "Everyone was like, 'this is amazing, you're helping so many people by doing this.' We didn't even think about it before. If we can help one person feel like they can be themselves, it just makes you want to do it more."

Sandi Morris and Tyrone Smith

They ran to the altar like the track stars they are. After meeting in Rio at the 2016 Olympics, the two tied the knot in 2019. Now, the athletes are competing in the Tokyo Olympics—Morris for the U.S.A. women's track and field team, and Smith for the Bermuda Men's long jump.

Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud 

 Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud

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The equestrians from the Netherlands have been together for over a decade and competed together, and came in fourth at the Rio Olympics in 2016. But they've also each medaled individually: Minderhoud took home the silver at the 2008 games in Beijing, and Gal won the bronze medal in London in 2012.

Charlotte Caslick and Lewis Holland 

These two rugby stars from Australia competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where Caslick even took home the gold for the women's team. Now they're back in Tokyo to compete with their respective teams. The next thing on their agenda? Getting married. The two are currently engaged but had to postpone their wedding, like many other couples this past year.

Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester

The engaged softball players actually competed against each other in Tokyo, as Urtez played for Mexico's Women's team while Chidester is playing for the U.S.A. Women's team. The U.S.A. defeated Mexico, who played against Canada for the bronze medal but ultimately lost and came in fourth place. The U.S.A. took home the silver medal after losing to Japan.

Gerek Meinhardt and Lee Kiefer

This husband and wife duo of fencers on team U.S.A. is basically the definition of a power couple. They're both competing for the U.S.A. men's and women's fencing teams at the Tokyo games — Kiefer actually already made history as the first woman from the U.S. to medal in fencing in an individual foil when she took home the gold on Sunday. Oh, and they're both medical students at the University of Kentucky on the side. (Casual.)

Sarah Wilson and Leah Wilkinson

These fiancées and teammates are representing the Great Britain women's field hockey team in Tokyo this year. According to BuzzFeed, they've been public with their relationship for about eight years. And they're super supportive of each other.

Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari

The pro archers tied the knot just a little over a year ago and took their newly wedded bliss to Tokyo this year to compete for the gold as a part of the Indian men's and women's archery teams.

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