26 Beautiful Toi et Moi Rings to Symbolize Your Love

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We want our jewelry to tell a story. The pieces we wear can represent significant emotions or moments in time and no item quite competes with bridal jewelry. If you're searching for an engagement ring that feels particularly romantic, the Toi et Moi style should be on your radar.

What Is a Toi et Moi Ring?

A Toi et Moi ring is a bypass ring—a ring that coils around the finger—with two complementary gemstones. In French, "toi et moi" means "you and me."

"It is a sentimental classic," Greg Kwiat says of Toi et Moi rings. "The symbolism of two different gems coming together in harmony to create one beautiful ring is one of the most romantic expressions of love through jewelry design."

Meet the Expert

Greg Kwiat is the CEO of jewelry brands Kwiat and Fred Leighton.

The style's romantic symbolism was "cemented" by Napoleon and Josephine, Kwiat reveals. "Their marriage in 1796 created much buzz throughout Paris. She was the widow of an aristocrat and six years senior to him, an ambitious and decidedly un-aristocrat army officer," he says. Josephine's engagement ring featured two offsetting pear shapes of sapphire and diamond—the original Toi et Moi ring!

If a ring that’s steeped in history and romance sounds of interest, continue ahead for 26 gorgeous examples of the Toi et Moi engagement ring style.

Ring Concierge Toi et Moi Personalized Gemstone Ring

Ring Concierge Toi et Moi Gemstone Ring

Courtesy of Ring Concierge

This stunner from Ring Concierge is an excellent pick to get the exact Toi and Moi ring of your choosing. With 12 different gemstones available for both the pear and emerald cut stones, this customizable design allows you to create the coloring pairing of your dreams.

Lark & Berry Diamond Open Petal Veto Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Lark & Berry

The fluttering diamonds and pear-cut diamond come together on this ring for a harmonious mix. Plus, for each purchase, Lark & Barry plants trees and ensures shipping is 100% carbon neutral. Good for your finger, good for the environment!

The Kwiat Vintage Collection Double Rose Cut Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Kwiat

A stunning take on the Toi et Moi style, this double rose-cut ring features 18K white gold and a uniquely elegant design. Additionally, $900 will be donated to Pencils of Promise when this ring is purchased.

Graziela Ruby & Diamond Affinity Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Graziela

A stunning ruby gemstone and diamond come together encircled by a halo of sparkle. If you want a pop of color for your engagement ring without sacrificing the diamond look, consider this option.

Effy D'Oro 14K Yellow Gold Two-of-Us Diamond Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Effy

A minimalist take on the Toi et Moi style, these matching round diamonds set in a 14K yellow gold band are perfect for the bride who wants something slightly unexpected.

Bondeye Luna White Topaz Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Bondeye Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s budget-friendly or simply want something that’s low-key, this lovely white topaz Toi et Moi ring is a perfect pick.

Nouvel Heritage Dinner Date Mood Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Nouvel Heritage

If you love a chunky gold situation, this ring featuring matching white diamonds is a top-notch pick. It’s modern, it’s minimalist, it’s chic—what’s not to love?

Marisa Perry by Douglas Elliott Round Emerald and Asscher-Cut Diamond Split Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Marisa Perry

We’re not sure what we love most about this breathtaking ring—the Asscher-cut diamond, the bezel setting, or the beautiful emerald. It evokes the perfect amount of nostalgia while still feeling modern. 

Renna Kissing Leaves Toi et Moi Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Renna

Skip the diamond center stones and opt for a Toi et Moi ring featuring coiled emeralds. We love the unexpected pop of color here.

Sanjay Kasliwal Dipti Double Opal Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Sanjay Kasliwal

If opal is one of your favorite gemstones, consider making it part of your engagement ring. This option feels whimsical and free-spirited in all the right ways.

Aaryah Aster Toi et Moi Diamond Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Aaryah Aster

If this Toi et Moi ring featuring a marquise and radiant-cut diamond doesn’t take your breath away, we’re not sure what will! Perfection in every sense of the term.

Kassandra Nicholson Friendship Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Kassandra Nicholson

This bold ring features an antique old mine-cut diamond with a colorful demantoid garnet, coming together for a jewelry piece that feels truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re the fashionable type, this pick ought to pique your interest.

Edward Avedis Carla Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Edward Avedis

Talk about packing a punch, this ring features two cushion diamonds ringing in at just over 2 carats. Also, don’t miss the round diamonds encrusted along the band.

Nicole Rose Emerald and Diamond Snake Wrap Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Nicole Rose

This snake motif ring featuring a matching emerald and diamond is for the lover of all things sparkle. Unsurprisingly, it’s one-of-a-kind.

KatKim Duét Asscher Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of KatKim

You already know we love the gorgeous Asscher diamond cut, which is why we couldn’t resist suggesting this double-Asscher Toi et Moi moment. 

Anita Ko Two Stone Diamond Claw Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Anita Ko

Pear and pavé diamonds come together in this claw ring for an ultra glistening effect. The rose gold gives it a romantic finish.

Carbon & Hyde Reign Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Carbon & Hyde

You’ll want to wrap this around your finger! This Toi et Moi ring features two half-carat diamonds (pear shape and princess cut) in a floating style 14K gold setting. 

Grace Lee Twin Pear Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Grace Lee

For a unique option, go for this double pear engagement ring on a 14K gold 1.3mm tube band. It’ll catch the light beautifully.

Ashley Zhang Margaret Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Another top-notch Asscher pick, we love the symmetry on this modern Toi et Moi ring. Also worth noting, you can custom design in gold or rose gold if that better suits your style.

Bea Bongiasca Double Heart Tendril Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Bea Bongiasca

If you’re all about ditching tradition and love jewelry that’s bright and bold, consider Bea Bongiasca’s ultra-popular tendril rings as your pick. They’re not only cheerful and optimistic, but they also look great with just about any nail color.

Kinn Studio Double Dare to Love Dome Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Kin Studio

While this ring from Kinn Studio features no stones, the matching bands emulate the spirit of toi et moi. If you only want to wear a band, this option is an elevated pick.

Ceremony Yasmin Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Ceremony

Twin stones alongside a sleek 18K yellow gold band make this Ceremony ring ideal for a wide range of style aesthetics. You can never go wrong with a classic!

J. Hannah Duo Face Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of J. Hannah

If you’re on the hunt for a ring featuring a unique stone, like aquamarine, why not consider a Toi et Moi silhouette while you’re at it? As seen on this J. Hannah design, it’s exquisite!

Vintage Old European Cut Diamond and South Sea Pearl Toi et Moi Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

For a ring that evokes the spirit of romance, this vintage ring featuring an old European-cut diamond and a south sea pearl ought to do the trick.

The Clear Cut Irene Toi et Moi Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of The Clear Cut

A sweet, simple ring that really shines, this jewelry piece from The Clear Cut is elegant and timeless. Dainty rings never fail, either.

1stDibs Antique Victorian Old European Diamond and Tsavorite Toi et Moi Ring

toi et moi ring

Courtesy of 1stdibs

You can always count on 1stDibs for a gorgeous vintage engagement ring. This Toi et Moi option featuring an old European diamond and tsavorite offers sparkle, romance, and a unique backstory.

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