10 TikTok Hacks That Will Make Wedding Planning So Much Easier

They’ll save you money, time, and effort.

Wedding Planning

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There is no shortage of genius hacks on TikTok that can help make our lives easier. It seems like the app can provide a creative solution for any dilemma—and this definitely applies to wedding planning too!

From a genius fake wedding exit strategy to a money-saving bachelorette party trick, we’ve seen a ton of helpful ideas for every stage of planning. Keep reading for 10 of our favorite TikTok hacks that can take some of the stress out of your big day.

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The DIY Jewelry Cleaner

Calling all DIY brides! This hack is perfect for anyone looking to effectively clean their wedding jewelry without paying for a professional polish. And, chances are, you already have these ingredients at home, so you won't have to spend a cent.

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The Wedding Heels Tip

So, you bought a pair of shoes that are gorgeous with a capital G, but they're super uncomfortable, which is obviously a bit of a bummer. Luckily, this wedding photographer has a tip for incorporating heels into your wedding photos without actually suffering in them all night.

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The Bridal Bathroom Trick You Didn't Know You Needed

Trying to use the bathroom in a wedding dress can seem like an impossible feat. You could bring in a bridesmaid for damage control or take off your dress altogether, but thanks to TikTok, we found an even easier solution. One photographer shared a genius bridal bathroom hack that involves using an IKEA bag to protect the bottom of the gown. Proof IKEA truly does have everything.

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The Modern Wedding Invitation Idea

Instead of sending out paper invitations to all your potential guests, try modernizing your invites with a QR code. By doing this, you're saving yourself and your guests the time and effort it takes to mail the RSVP back and forth. Perfect for the tech-savvy, non-traditional couple.

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The Bachelorette Party Plan That Will Help You Drink for Free

Yes, you read that correctly. This TikToker had the genius idea to create cards for all of her bridesmaids to wear on the night of her bachelorette party. The cards said "Buy the bride a drink!" and included a QR code to the bride's Venmo username. Genius.

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The "Invisible" Wedding Invite Tracker

What do you do when you get an RSVP back with no name? This TikToker used an invisible ink pen to number her wedding invites so that she can troubleshoot this common issue if it occurs. And seriously, how fun is that invisible ink pen?

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The Perfect "Fake Wedding Exit"

Why do you need a fake wedding exit, you ask? As one TikTok explains, it allows for amazing pictures without the stress of ushering guests out of the extravagant party you and your S.O. just threw. Check out her tips for more details on this genius idea.

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The Cheaper Alternative to Expensive Stationary

Instead of hiring someone to make all of the place cards, invitations, and menus for your wedding, you can create them yourself with a user-friendly and free service like Canva. This TikTok shows how incredibly helpful Canva can be for wedding essentials since it offers tons of designs, fonts, and templates to choose from, even if you don't pay for the premium subscription.

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The Open Bar Tip That Will Help You Budget

If you're set on having an open bar wedding, but you're a little nervous about the cost, try this DIY hack. Every week leading up to your wedding, have both you and your S.O. buy a bottle of alcohol each so that when the big day rolls around, you'll have a stash prepared for the open bar. It will help you budget the cost, and it'll give you a fun task to look forward to each week.

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The Wedding Cake Hack That Will Save You Money

Instead of having one large cake on your big day, why not make a couple of perfect mini ones to put on each table? You can save money by buying a bunch of small, inexpensive cakes and dressing them up with affordable extras, and you'll have a beautiful centerpiece to place on every table.

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