This "Zero-Gravity" Proposal Took Over $14K to Pull Off, but the Photos Are Priceless

Xavier Andrews and Shanté Cosme got engaged while floating after five years of dating.

Xavier and Shanté proposal

 Steve Boxall

One couple took their love to new heights with a proposal that was out of this world. No seriously—Xavier Andrews popped the question to his girlfriend Shanté Cosme while on ZERO-G’s space simulation flight. Needless to say, the couple is on cloud nine.

ZERO-G is the only commercial way to experience weightlessness without going to space through the use of a modified Boeing 727-200. “When we see astronauts float in space it’s actually not because gravity is gone, as gravitational pull keeps the earth and other planets orbiting the sun,” NASA engineer and ZERO-G co-founder Ray Cronise explains. “Rather, it’s because gravity’s normal effects are being reduced through free fall. We fly the plane in such a way to achieve this same effect.”

At $6,700 (+ 5% tax) per passenger, this is a pretty boujee proposal, but Andrews knew he needed something special to pop the question. “We're an adventurous couple,” Andrews told Brides. “We’ve been to 12 countries together and have done everything from exploring the caves of Railay Beach, Thailand to snowmobiling the Vatnajökull glaciers of Iceland—so it felt right.”

Xavier with ring
Steve Boxall 

As for Cosme, she had her suspicions from the start. “When we got to the Blade lounge in NYC and I realized we’d be taking a helicopter to the airport, I thought, ‘This would be a really cool way to propose,’” she says. “People kept pulling him aside and he assured me he was just handling the bill, but I knew something was up.”

So Andrews decided to throw her off by telling her they were going ring shopping after, and it worked. She let the idea go, just ready to enjoy the experience. On the sixth rotation of going weightless, Andrews pulled out the ring—fastened to a string to keep it from floating away. 

“I saw he was holding a ring and I immediately burst into tears,” says Cosme. “After that, all I remember is spinning in circles with him while hugging and crying. He hadn’t actually asked me to marry him or put the ring on my finger and I remember saying, ‘You have to ask!’ He asked and of course, I said ‘yes.’” 

"[...] All I remember is spinning in circles with him while hugging and crying."

This detailed proposal took some help, of course. Andrews had notified the ZERO-G crew of his plan, so they were prepared to help him pull this off. “I kept Shanté occupied while Xavier got the ring out and waited for the next weightless period to begin,” says Cronise. “We discretely cleared the area around them and what unfolded was an emotional and magical moment we’ll all remember. We’re so happy for them and to be a part of this new chapter in their life.”

Xavier and Shanté
Steve Boxall

This isn’t the first proposal to take place on a ZERO-G flight. In fact, you can actually get hitched in one of their “Weightless Weddings.” For $185,000 (+ 5% tax) you receive a “traditional” wedding ceremony with 24 guests, a photographer, a videographer, personal floral arrangements, and an astronaut to officiate if you choose. After the flight, ZERO-G throws a “Regravitation Celebration” with cake and champagne.

“There are a couple of key components to a great weightless proposal,” ZERO-G’s sales director Krysta Cossitt told Brides. “The first is to make sure the engagement ring is in a secure spot so it doesn't float off unintentionally. The next is timing. The aircraft performs 15 maneuvers (parabolas) that create about 30 seconds of reduced gravity each. We advise that the proposal come somewhere around parabola six so that the initial feeling of weightlessness can be experienced and worked out in the passenger's mind and body. The next component is positioning. A ZERO-G coach will assist in positioning the flyers so that they are facing each other and the camera. Lastly, we have our photographer positioned to capture the priceless moment.”

Andrews and Cosme both describe their engagement on ZERO-G as just about perfect, but there was one set back: motion sickness. “About ten minutes after he [Andrews] proposed, he got really sick and threw up, so it’s good he proposed when he did!” says Cosme. “Looking back, the proposal really reflected our journey together so far—very adventurous, a little wild, and always full of surprises. I couldn’t be happier!”

Congratulations to the happy couple. We hope they’re over the moon!

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