This Bachelor Contestant Will Definitely Be in JoJo Fletcher's Wedding

We’re sharing all the details of the former Bachelorette’s upcoming wedding to Jordan Rogers.


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Even though The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have yet to set a date for their impending nuptials, one thing is certain for the reality television star: best friend and former Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley will definitely be part of her bride gang!

"Becca Tilley will be in the wedding," Fletcher recently told Brides. "I haven’t told her that yet so maybe she’ll find out now!" The pair have been best friends ever since they met on season 20 of The Bachelor and although Fletcher is still in the early stages of wedding planning, having Tilley by her side when she says "I do" is a must.

Fletcher also opened up to Brides about her visions for her big day. The couple plan to wed in California, her fiancé’s home state, but are still searching for the perfect venue to tie the knot.

“We know that we are going to get married in California, so we kind of have that area locked down," said Fletcher. "We don’t know exactly where, but I really just envision this day being outdoors, feeling very beautiful, whimsical, a little bit of rustic." When it comes to decor, Fletcher pictures lots of greenery and florals. "I think florals will be a really big, important part of our wedding,” she said. 

Another detail Fletcher is certain about? She'll definitely wear two wedding dresses—even though she has yet to try on any gowns! “That is one thing that I know about this wedding. I will have more than one dress!"

While the reality star has gone dress shopping with her sister and other engaged friends in the past, she is waiting to schedule her own formal bridal appointment. “It will be a big moment,” she shared. As for who will join her when she searches for the perfect dresses? The more the merrier explained Fletcher. “It’s such a fun moment and the more opinions the better. Even though a lot of brides don’t agree with that, I like the opinions!” She also plans on inviting her future mother-in-law as well.

Fletcher also made a comment that all brides can relate to: Comfort is key on her wedding day. “I should be able to dance all night. I don’t want to have to tap out early at my own wedding!” 

She also seems to be quite a laid-back bride since the biggest piece of advice she has received from family and friends is to not let anything stress her out on the big day, which she is taking to heart. “On my wedding day, I’m just gonna be super happy, stress-free and just know that it’ll work itself out,” she said with confidence. “You never want to rock yourself of the joy you should feel on that day with stress.”

Although she has a very positive mantra for her nuptials, when it comes to wedding planning, she admits stress is definitely present but for her it is a “good stress.” For so many brides and grooms-to-be, life is busy and hectic, and Fletcher’s life was no exception. But she recently realized wedding planning is all about finding a balance. “You make time for things that are important,” she explained. “Your wedding day is obviously one of the most important days of your life so just trying to find that balance, always setting aside a certain amount of your day to work towards figuring out plans or finding a wedding planner or just actually thinking and communicating about that day with your partner is so important.”

But despite her and Rodgers's busy schedules, a long engagement was deliberate and vital for the couple (stay patient, Bach fans!). “Jordan and I obviously met in a very unique way,” she said. “We got together in this sort of fantasy, romantic sort of situation but real life is a lot different. We didn’t really get to date. For us, taking this time was so crucial to the success of our relationship.”

But now after spending the past three years really getting to know everything about each other, Fletcher just can’t wait to “call him my husband.” She said, “I’m just excited to jump into that next phase of life with Jordan.”

As they continue to build their life together, a wedding isn’t the only thing in mind for the pair either. They are not only focused on being soulmates, but money mates as well and recently sat down with a financial advisor from Northwestern Mutual to set them up for a successful future together. According to Fletcher, thinking about her long-term life with Rodgers was critical. After all, the couple is in the midst of building their first home, starting a new business together and planning a wedding, but wants to ensure they plan for a lifetime of traveling and children down the road.

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“I just feel like we have really just taken one step ahead and we feel a lot better now going into marriage kind of being prepared for what’s to come.” She advises the newly-engaged to “be proactive about thinking about finances as a couple and your financial future together. I think it will relieve a lot of stress. You’ll feel so empowered as a couple once you have this conversation.”

These financial discussions also play a huge part when it comes to wedding planning. It’s no secret that weddings can quickly become expensive but Fletcher and Rodgers have been able to stay on budget by spending on their non-negotiables and then saving in other ways. For couples struggling to stay on track when it comes to wedding spending, Fletcher claimed doing so could help couples “put a really good plan in place so that [they] know [they’re] doing something that’s comfortable to [their] lifestyle.”

Bachelorette fans will have to wait a little longer to see Fletcher walk down the aisle but with her best friend by her side at the altar, a definite outfit change, and an outdoor “I do,” the nuptials are already gearing up to be unforgettable.

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