The Perfect Minimoon Guide

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For years, traditional honeymoons were the norm for newlyweds, but that trend has changed in recent times. From “solomoons” to “minimoons,” couples are increasingly going the non-traditional route and exploring honeymoon options that work for them.

Whether you’re saving for a longer trip, or you want to make your wedding celebration last as long as possible, a minimoon can be a great alternative. Offering many of the same highlights as a traditional honeymoon, it can help you keep costs—and Paid Time Off (PTO) requests—to a minimum.

The key to planning a fabulous minimoon is to maximize your time. Below, we share some tips on how to make your minimoon the best it can be. 

Look for A Nearby Destination That Still Feels Worlds Away 

Are you looking for a beach escape or a romantic winter getaway? Determining what type of minimoon you want helps you plan the perfect one. Since minimoons are generally much shorter than honeymoons, typically lasting between three to five days, finding destinations that don’t require long-haul travel can make the experience more enjoyable.

We recommend sticking to destinations within a four-hour flight from home. Spending less time traveling allows more time for enjoying yourselves. But just because a destination is close by, doesn’t mean it can’t be incredible. Locations like Palm Springs, Calif., Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Miami, Fla. are each unique in their own ways, and they have a lot to offer. 

Plan at Least One Memorable Activity

Once you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to start thinking about the places you want to visit and the activities you want to try out. If you’re an outdoorsy couple who loves to hike, exploring a national park or nature preserve is a wonderful way to get to know your destination. 

If you prefer cozy dinners and craft cocktails, finding a few go-to restaurants immerses you into the local culinary scene. To make your trip truly unforgettable, plan at least one outing or activity that feels completely in line with the things you’re most passionate about. Chances are this memory sticks with you long after you return home.

Keep It Exciting and Affordable 

Although a minimoon is often seen as a precursor to a “real” honeymoon, it’s just as exciting and adventurous as a traditional one. And since it’s generally shorter and closer to home, it can be easier to stick to a narrower budget.

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A minimoon is an exciting way to try out your dream honeymoon without committing to high costs and ample time away. With the right planning, your minimoon can be just as magical as you hoped, while allowing you to stick to a more modest budget.

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