The Perfect Honeymoon Destinations for Every Couple

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Honeymoon Couple sitting on dock near Luxury Honeymoon Hotel

Your honeymoon should be the most beautiful and magical vacation you ever take, but what if you could start the moment you get on the plane? Let Qatar Airways whisk you off to your dream destination in style and pamper you throughout the entire journey. Flying with this luxurious airline allows you not only to enjoy true Arabian hospitality, it is like a vacation in itself. Then, instead of just transiting through Doha, think about a stopover mini-moon en route to your final destination.

MALDIVES: Perfect for the Traditional Island-Getaway Honeymoon

Maldives boardwalk

The Maldives are among the world’s most romantic islands. Even before you land, looking down at the myriad of atolls and beaches, you cannot help but feel a million miles away from your daily life. After transferring to your island by boat or seaplane, drop your bags off and walk barefoot on the pristine white sands or dive into the crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful fish. The Maldives are the paradigm of paradise in every way.

SRI LANKA: Perfect for Couples Seeking Adventure & Mystery


The Island of Gems is perfect for a honeymoon and offers a great mix of relaxation and culture, with eight UNESCO world heritage sites on it alone. Climb the mountain of Sigiriya, watch the unique stilt-fishermen, explore the walled city of Galle, and observe as gem artisans make beautiful pieces of jewelry. Add stunning beach resorts and you have a varied honeymoon destination to tick all boxes, offering you both relaxation and discovery.

HANOI, VIETNAM: Perfect for Couples Who Like to Keep Busy


Vietnam is a perfect mix of natural beauty, culture, history, welcoming people and superb food. Walk the ancient streets of Hanoi, and around the Lake of the returned Sword with its magical Turtle Tower standing on an island. Or, pop across to island-strewn Halong Bay, one of the prettiest natural archipelagos in the world, for a mini-cruise. Try the street food, learn about the history, and relax at the end of the day in the spa of your five-star hotel.

LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA: Perfect for Couples Looking for R&R


The white beaches of this island hem a lush forest filled with cheeky monkeys. Secluded resorts make you feel as if it is just the two of you for miles around. If you want some adventure, take a boat trip to one of the other 99 islands that dot the horizon. Or, just relax in your luxury accommodation, allow yourself to be spoilt in the spa and enjoy the local cuisine. On Langkawi, you can do as little or as much as you like.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE: Perfect for Foodie & Shopping Couples


Singapore offers the best of both worlds: a bustling city escape with some of the world’s best shopping, and beach resorts waiting to pamper you. Add superb food and a luxurious life, à la Crazy Rich Asians, and you have a fun-filled honeymoon destination, where you might need to bring an extra suitcase to fill with goodies.

KRABI, THAILAND: Perfect for Film-Buff Couples


Even if you have to guess where exactly Krabi Island lies on the map, you will recognize photos of this iconic honeymoon destination. Think The Beach with Leonardo de Caprio, think James Bond; The Man with the Golden Gun: steep mountains, white sand, clear water, and the odd colorful fishing boat. Add a plush resort, and voilà: honeymoon perfection.

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND: Perfect for a Honeymoon Filled with Culture & Traditions


If you are a couple more interested in learning about the traditions and cultures of your destination, try Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. You can visit the beautiful countryside, volunteer at an elephant sanctuary, and learn about the rich heritage of Thailand. And afterwards, you can pop over to an island resort for a few days. Win-win.

DAVAO, PHILIPPINES: Perfect for Explorer Couples


The Philippines are a still relatively undiscovered destination, with its myriad of isles. There are more than 7500 islands with the vast majority still uninhabited, and others developed as private luxury resorts. Davao offers beaches, mountains, lush forests, and a bustling city where you can shop and try out the fantastic local cuisine, should you even want to leave your secluded resort.

BALI, INDONESIA: Perfect for an Ethereal Honeymoon


Who doesn’t love Bali? The gentle people, the varied countryside, the flower and rice offerings left daily along the pavement, and the fabulous arts and crafts make this a veritable dream destination. Choose from luxurious beach retreats with plenty of watersports, or romantic resorts where private villas come with their own pools surrounded by green rice fields, dotted with small temples. Bali knows how to charm, pamper and spoil you.

GOA, INDIA: Perfect for a Honeymoon that is Culturally Diverse


With endless, palm-fringed beaches stretching along the Arabian Sea, the small state of Goa is an intriguing mix of Indian and Portuguese heritage. You’ll find laid-back fishing villages next to luxury beach resorts, plenty of spirituality and alternative lifestyles, plus oodles of history to explore. Goa is perfect for a honeymoon away from the norm, one where you learn more about the region, and maybe even yourselves.

SEYCHELLES: Perfect for Couples Seeking Luxurious Natural Beauty


When thinking of the Seychelles, pristine beaches bordered by smooth rocks and shapely coco de mer spring to mind. The archipelago offers private islands with secluded luxury resorts quite literally miles away from everyday life. The lush islands are brimming with beautiful birds and ancient turtles, with an underwater world waiting to be explored. The Seychelles quite simply offer honeymoon perfection.

KILIMANJARO, TANZANIA: Perfect for an Adrenaline-Filled Honeymoon


Want something for your honeymoon other than a beach? Head to Kilimanjaro and enjoy an African safari. Spot the Big 5, meet some friendly Maasais, stay in luxury lodges and go glamping in the game reserves. Or maybe climb Africa’s highest mountain? You’ll make indelible memories on this trip.

MOMBASA, KENYA: Perfect for Thrill-Seeking & Beach-Loving Couples


Mombasa is a bustling city lying right between two stretches of beautiful beach-lined coast, Diani Beach in the south, and Malindi in the north. Kenya’s oldest city, Mombasa has plenty of historical sites to explore on days away from the beaches and is also the gateway to game safaris. Here, you would get a honeymoon that at once relaxes and thrills you with its diversity.

ZANZIBAR, TANZANIA: Perfect for Photography-Loving Couples


Is there a more romantic-sounding destination in the world than Zanzibar? It practically melts on the tongue. Visit the lovely city of Stone Town with its historic buildings and bustling markets, watch the sunset with the triangular sails of dhows going past, explore the forested interior with its unique monkeys, and spend time in the luxurious beach resorts with its world-class spas. Pure romance.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Perfect for a Carefree Road-Trip Honeymoon


To experience something different for your honeymoon, opt for a road trip around Cape Town. If you want to enjoy stunning countryside, hiking, history, and penguins - yes, penguins - look no further. Cape Town and the surrounding area are perfect for a leisurely road trip and have so much to offer that you will be spoilt for choice as to what to see and do first. You could not ask for a honeymoon that offers more diverse activities.


Once you have decided on your perfect honeymoon destination, why not go one more step to make it even more special? Just adding a few extra hours or days to your original plan could see you shopping in an Arabian market, exploring the seemingly endless desert and sailing into the sunset on a traditional dhow. And what could be better than a mini-moon on the way to your final destination? Find out how a Doha stopover can be a truly magnificent addition to round off your made-to-measure honeymoon.