Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Tour Is Apparently Interfering With Everyone's Wedding Plans

Some couples with 2023 dates are reportedly even rethinking their dates.

Taylor Swift

Terry Wyatt / Getty Images

After five years, Taylor Swift is finally going on tour and while Swifties everywhere are rejoicing over the news, couples-to-be with 2023 weddings aren't thrilled with her schedule. “I am feeling so sorry for any millennial woman out there who just found out their wedding date is one of those,” user @emdoodlesandstuff posted in a video on TikTok, referring to the dates for Swift’s upcoming “Eras Tour.” 

On November 1, 2022, the pop star released the schedule for her long-awaited tour, which will hit U.S. stadiums in March of 2023 and will run until August of 2023. What might seem like exciting information for fans is sparking a lot of controversy for couples with wedding dates in cities that overlap with Swift’s tour dates. 

Many of them are voicing their grievances on social media, Rolling Stone reports. One bride, Jessica Ingersoll, posted on TikTok about the unfortunate dilemma. “Taylor Swift is finally going on tour,” she said in the video. “But, I live in Seattle, and that’s my wedding day.” Ingersoll pointed to July 22, which is one of the days the “Speak Now” singer will perform. “Come on. What are the chances of that?” Her love for the award-winning artist is so strong that she even contemplated postponing. “Sooo do I cancel my wedding or…?” Ingersoll captioned the post.

While Ingersoll was able to make light of the situation, other couples are nervous that their guests might bail on the wedding to see the musician perform live on stage. “Watching my coworker’s wedding slowly fall apart because she’s getting married in the middle of Taylor Swift’s tour,” @slaygirlcoven posted on Twitter. 

Some women even said they took the “Love Story” singer’s possible tour dates into account when selecting their own wedding dates. “The possibility of Taylor Swift doing a 2023 tour was like 90 percent of the reason why I chose a 2024 wedding,” @MirandaFeaster wrote on Twitter. Others said they would change their wedding date if Swift’s concert fell on the same day. “You don’t understand how stressed we were about having a Taylor Swift concert date on June 3 (our wedding),” @LRoman32 expressed on Twitter. “We were going to elope if there was a concert.”

Couples are also infiltrating private bridal Facebook groups with their thoughts on the whole ordeal. One member of a page called Brides to Be 2023 said Swift will be in town the same day as her wedding, which sparked worries about day-of logistics. “Now, I’m more concerned about parking and hotels for my guests,” she shared with the Facebook group. 

Although the tour release dates are causing a lot of overwhelming feelings for brides, some are choosing to see the glass half full. Danielle Cywka, a health coach from Cincinnati, is tying the knot at a venue that’s four blocks away from the concert stadium, but she’s remaining hopeful. “I’ll probably be able to hear your concert,” Cywka said on TikTok.

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