34 Tall Wedding Centerpieces to Make a Statement

floral bridge centerpiece


The number of options for wedding décor is truly endless. From nailing down how to dress up your altar to decorating your cake table for the occasion, there are plenty of decisions to make. Another major component of your reception’s décor? Centerpieces.

If you’re looking to add a bold pop of texture or color to your reception tables, a tall centerpiece may be the best fit for your big day. Incorporating height is one of the simplest ways to add drama to a space and to really make a statement. And there's certainly an option to fit any wedding aesthetic.

Think tall centerpieces are the perfect addition to your wedding? Read on for 34 of our favorite ideas to add height.

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Add a Botanical Touch

large centerpiece with delphinium


Bring drama to a space with a hint of a botanical vibe. This floral bridge was made up of white orchids, delphinium, baby's breath, amaranthus, and anthurium to add playful texture in the most beautiful way.

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Go for Gold Minimalism

gold centerpiece with flowers

Photo by Endless Exposures; Design by F Dellit Designs

This display proves that you can certainly feature tall centerpieces with a minimalist approach. Opt for a tall, sleek gold stand with a few floral pops to finish the look.

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Combine Candles and Florals

tall candleholders

Photo by Carly Rae Weddings

Candles are extremely romantic on reception tables, but this tall display takes it to a new level. We love the way candle holders are placed on a stand and surrounded with greenery and blooms for a stunning setup.

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Choose Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom centerpiece


Don't be afraid to look to other options than your typical floral centerpieces. By utilizing cherry blossom branches, you can add dramatic height with a pop of white or pink from beautiful, fragrant blossoms.

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Embrace Contrast

white orchid centerpieces

Photo by Heather Kincaid

Celebrate with plenty of contrast. This black and white color scheme is stunning, but it's the tall centerpieces that kick it up a notch. Consider incorporating sprawling manzanita branches paired with white orchids for a magical display.

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Wow With Wisteria

wisteria tree centerpiece

Courtesy of Chillie Breeze

Want exceptionally tall centerpieces? Who says you can't add trees to the mix. Wisteria trees feature white drooping blooms for the perfect romantic touch.

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Turn to Tall Stems

tall stem flower centerpieces


Don't want to go overboard on florals? You don't have to! Look to tall candlesticks paired with long-stemmed blooms for a minimalistic choice.

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Play With Pink and Purple

pink floral centerpiece

Photo by Jainé Kershner Photography

A tall centerpiece makes a statement, but playing with color will bring even more drama to a space. We love the way a mixture of classic white blooms and greenery with bold pops of pink and purple in various hues was used for this eye-catching arrangement.

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Make It Romantic

white floral centerpiece

Photo by Kadri Photo

Stick with a classic, romantic floral centerpiece, but switch it up just a bit. This beautiful towering display incorporates a few wispy sprigs of overflowing greenery for added interest and texture.

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Choose Citrus

citrus tree centerpiece

Photo by Lisa Poggi

A beautiful, natural way to incorporate height? Look to citrus trees. These small potted trees are a great way to add a pop of color to your dinner décor.

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Build a Bridge

large centerpiece

Photo by Madison Rylee

Go big and bold with a floral bridge. This unique structure towered high over a reception table, with plenty of textured blooms and sprigs of greenery for a dramatic look.

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Add a Touch of Whimsy

tall floral centerpiece

Photo by Kate Ann Photography

When it comes to tall floral centerpieces, the structure is just as important as the blooms. Opt for a unique design, such as this whimsical gold stand paired with an overflowing arrangement.

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Extend Olive Branches

centerpiece of branches

Photo by Nathan English Photography

Not only are olive branches a symbol of peace and goodwill, but they also bring a beautiful touch to a reception table. Incorporate tall olive branches in a crystal clear vase for a lovely display.

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Keep It Classic

baby breath centerpiece

Photo by Nicole Jansma Photo

Stick to classic white roses, with a unique touch. These round arrangements made up of baby's breath and white roses elevate timeless blooms in a new, exciting way.

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Choose Bold Candelabras

tall candelabra centerpiece


Add height and interest with your choice of candle holders. A unique candelabra with a hint of a vintage vibe is sure to make a statement.

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Feature Floating Greenery

floating greenery centerpiece

Photo by Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

While long branches of greenery can certainly make a statement, the touch of brown may not fit with your aesthetic. If so, opt for a display of floating greenery, featuring a beautiful arrangement sitting on top of a clear vase.

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Make It Moody

tall flower centerpiece

Photo by Haley George Photography

Ready to bring the drama? A fall celebration calls for a tall gold stand decked out in autumn-hued blooms. We love the moody color palette of this centerpiece as it makes a statement amongst its venue backdrop.

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Drape Simple Greenery

candleholder centerpiece

Photo by Christine Brizendine of Dabble Me This

Who says you can't have a centerpiece with both a tall element and a short arrangement? This display, complete with a tall candle holder draped in greenery and colorful blooms below, is as charming as can be.

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Make It Timeless

pink and white centerpiece

Photo by Marissa moss photography

A mixture of hydrangeas and roses in pink and white is entirely timeless. Add just a touch of height by incorporating a taller vase for a bold romantic look.

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Pair Branches and Blooms

branches and floral centerpiece

Photo by Dana Fernandez Photography

One of the best ways to add height to centerpieces is to incorporate branches. This display boasts beautiful blooms with a mixture of branches for a unique display.

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Play With Pampas Grass

pampas grass centerpiece


Pampas grass can certainly make a statement in any form. But incorporated into a centerpiece with a tall stand? It draws that much more attention to the table.

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Line a Table With Greenery

greenery centerpieces

Photo by Holly Clark Photography

Create a magical display with natural elements. By adding tall centerpieces of textured greenery, you can create a canopy as the perfect complement to an alfresco meal.

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Feature Autumn Hues

fall centerpiece


Planning a fall celebration? Use seasonal blooms and branches to add height! These stunning arrangements complete with lunaria and autumn leaves certainly commanded attention in a large space.

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Take It to the Tropics

tropical centerpiece

Photo by Everence Photography

Bringing an entire palm tree into your reception space may be tricky, but this is the next best thing! These tall vases were filled with overflowing tropical leaves for a beautiful statement.

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Add Sprawling Greenery

tall candlestick centerpieces


Add tall elements to the mix, but use greenery to make the entire design flow. This display utilized tall gold candle holders paired with sprawling greenery for a stunning reception table.

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Turn to Topiaries

tall topiary centerpiece

Photo by Justin & Simone Photography 

Topiaries are the perfect way to bring a Mediterranean vibe into a space. Let these ornamental trees stand on their own, or incorporate a few other potted plants or arrangements to round out your centerpiece design.

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Play With Texture

textured centerpiece


Tall centerpieces don't always have to hover over the entire table. You can opt for tall elements such as tapered candles and branches to pair with other textured accents to create an interesting display featuring multiple heights.

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Embrace Fall Leaves

fall branch centerpieces

Photo by Mango studios

Few things compare to the magical, fiery hues of fall. Capture that beauty by displaying tall branches in simple vases for a bold, colorful addition to any space.

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Add Plenty of Tapered Candles

tall black candle centerpiece

Photo by Niki Marie Photography; Design by Festoons and Flourishes

If you'd prefer to stick with short floral arrangements, you can still make a statement with a bit of height. Incorporate a bold color of tapered candles down the length of the table to command attention.

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Opt for Organic

organic tall centerpiece

Photo by Rachel Havel Photography

Add height, but keep your arrangements minimal. These tall vases were filled with greenery, with pops of white blooms and red berries for a natural touch.

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Embrace Color and Texture

bold floral centerpiece

Photo by Roberta Facchini Photography

If you're going to go with tall centerpieces, the occasion may call for you to go all out on color and texture, too. These show-stopping arrangements were made up of pampas grass and roses for a bold romantic vibe.

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Highlight Hydrangeas

hydrangea centerpiece

Photo by Ross Oscar Knight

Hydrangeas are the perfect bloom to feature in tall centerpieces. They add such a romantic touch of texture while filling out the shape of any arrangement beautifully.

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Pair Tall and Short Greenery

greenery branches centerpiece

Photo by Sarah Falugo

Mix and match your centerpieces, both with height and type. This display features tall vases filled with lush greenery and branches paired with a variety of white blooms for a beautiful garden vibe.

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Bring the Garden Inside

floral centerpiece

PHOTO BY Emily Wren; Floral design by Mimosa Boston

One of the best ways to add outdoor touches to an indoor wedding is with florals. This display of white and pink flowers made up an incredibly lush centerpiece to make guests feel as if they were dining in a springtime garden.

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