20 Sweetest Day Ideas to Shower Your Loved Ones

Sweetest Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day might be all about flaunting your love, but that isn’t the only holiday for showcasing fond feelings. Sweetest Day, which falls on Saturday, October 17 this year, is a more inclusive celebration for all of the loved ones in our life.

What Is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day is a holiday that shines a light on appreciation and platonic love. The holiday typically falls before Halloween on the third Saturday of October.

Dating back to 1922, this sweet holiday was created by a Cleveland candy maker. According to News 5 Cleveland, Sweetest Day first got its start when candy employee Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to do something for those who tend to be forgotten or overlooked. He would often bring small treats to orphanages and elderly homes and the inclusive gesture took off from there.

Over the years, this has evolved into a yearly holiday expanding outside of the midwest as people take the opportunity to shower family and friends with love. Although Sweetest Day hasn’t quite taken off with a Hallmark bang, it’s an unexpected opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you. Whether it’s your lifelong BBF or a sibling-like cousin, Sweetest Day is the chance to honor these important friendships and the kind souls that make your year a bit sweeter.

Here are 20 Sweetest Day ideas to shower your loved ones.

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Say It With a Custom Card

Whether you go with a card inspired by their favorite quarantine binges or current celebrity obsessions, there are countless greetings on Etsy. When this thoughtful gesture arrives at their doorstep, it'll let them know you’re thinking about them and instantly brighten their day.

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Shower Them With Flowers

There’s nothing like fresh blooms that can bring instant cheer. Enlist the help of your wedding florist or opt to go the DIY route, you can never go wrong with a simple flower arrangement for someone you love.

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Spell It Out With Cookies

If their sweet tooth is the way to your loved one’s heart, treat them to some specialty cookies as a show of your appreciation. From custom decorated sugar cookies to a handmade family recipe, there are options for every budget.

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Create Candle Making Memories

Treating someone special in your life to either a candle-making class or inviting them over for some DIY craft time is a win-win. Not only are you gifting them time together but also a relaxing finished product to help them unwind at home.

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Plan a Candy Doorstep Dash

Since candy is a universal love language, nothing beats a surprise bundle of sweet treats. Put together a goodie bag of your loved one’s favorites and either send it their way or leave it on their doorstep to bring them some unexpected joy.

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Try a Workout Class Date

Get their happy endorphins going by booking a new gym class together or by bonding while trying out a new outdoor activity or a dance class.

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Give a Self-Care Package

If there’s one thing we could all use some extra of this year it’s self-care. Remind those who are always doing for others that they deserve to put themselves first too by putting together a personalized self-care package filled with anything from bath bombs and lotion to a soothing face mask.

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Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Bring out their nostalgic side by giving them some unplugged fun from their childhood. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and the final stop can end with anything from a handwritten card to a surprise brunch but the suspense will make them feel like a kid again.

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Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles

For loved ones far away, you can send them a kit and work on them together over Zoom. But if getting together is an option, what could be better than a wine and chocolate truffle night? We’ll wait.

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Do It With Doughnuts

Ah, there’s just something about doughnuts that’s good for the soul. Sweeten their Sweetest Day with either a box of these lovable treats or by going with one stand-out, over-the-top doughnut confection.

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Have S’mores Time Together

One of the sweetest fall activities out there is making s’mores and not just because of the indulgent ingredients. But it’s also because of the time spent together around a fire pit or grill that allows loved ones to catch up and escape the reality of life before it gets too cold out.

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Photobomb Them

Visually bring your loved one down memory lane by either dropping off a framed photo from your favorite memory together or going for a heart-shaped photo collage. These times together are priceless and printing them out shows how much you value them.

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Make a Donation in Their Name

Honor their kind spirit and generosity by giving a gift that gives back. Making a donation in their name to a beloved charity or cause is a powerful gesture.

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Win Them Over With Wine

If inviting them over for a wine night isn’t possible, think about dropping off one of their favorites or treating them to a surprise bottle with a personalized label that expresses your love, has a pop of humor, or incorporates favorite photos.

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Invest in Their Comfort

As more people continue to work from home or destress with Netflix binges, loungewear has never been so appreciated. Upgrade their at-home comfort with a pair of new slippers, warm socks, cozy blanket, soft robe, or cozy pajamas to wrap them in warmth—and love.

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The Great Macarons vs. Macaroons Debate

Everyone has a favorite between the coconut clusters or delicate almond flour confections. But whichever you opt to surprise them with will make for a seasonal hit.

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Give Them a Social Media Shoutout

Never underestimate the power of your words and the impact saying something nice can have on another person. Even a simple social media tribute calling out how much you value someone has the power to completely change their day.

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Arrange a Dinner Delivery

If you aren’t able to drop off a meal, consider giving them the luxury of ordering what they want—whenever they want it. By sending a gift card or meal voucher it will take one of the biggest stressors out of their day: figuring out what to do about dinner.

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Decorate Candy Apples

Not only is this time of year prime for fall outfits and apple picking photo ops but if you can’t hit the orchard together, put your loot to good use by transforming them into sweet treats for your loved ones.

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Surprise Them With a Cameo

Be his or her hero by having their favorite celeb give them a personalized shoutout. From sports icons to reality show stars, Cameo has extensive options for a video from one of their idols that they won’t soon forget.

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