7 Sweat-Proof Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer Weddings

Humidity has nothing on your wedding day beauty look.

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Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings and for good reason. The weather is warm, the skies are blue, and the days are long and sunny (the perfect combination for celebratory events). However, we all know that this season can sometimes be too sunny, as those blissful summer days occasionally come with skyrocketing temperatures and sticky, sweltering humidity. It’s enough to make anyone sweat, but the stakes get even higher when you factor in wedding day jitters, lots of activity, and the fact that all eyes are on you.

For brides planning a summer wedding, it's safe to say that the last thing you want on your big day is for your makeup to drip down onto your dress. Thankfully, with a little prep work and some sweat-proof makeup tips, there are ways to help your bridal beauty stay in place during your perfectly planned nuptials. Thus, following the expert advice of celebrity and bridal makeup artist Cara Lovello, here's how to keep your makeup where it belongs, even when the weather feels suffocatingly hot.

Meet the Expert

Cara Lovello is a celebrity and bridal makeup artist based in the New York and New Jersey area.

Find an Experienced Makeup Artist

Your summer wedding isn't the time to let your friend who watches YouTube tutorials test out their makeup skills. It's an extremely important moment in your life, so you absolutely want to work with a professional makeup artist for the big day. "You definitely want to choose a makeup artist who is experienced and knows what they’re doing," says Lovello. "One of the messages I get [from my brides] is, 'The makeup lasted until the afterparty finished at 1 a.m., I can’t believe it stayed perfect!' If you want your makeup to last all day, you may end up paying a little more for that experienced makeup artist."

Prep Your Skin

You may think it’s a good idea to opt out of wearing moisturizer to make your makeup last, but, trust us, that's not the case. "Even if it’s going to be really hot outside, you want to start by moisturizing and getting the skin super hydrated," explains Lovello. "We’re going to be layering a lot of products and if the skin isn’t perfectly hydrated, it’s not going to layer as nicely. I really strive for a skin-like finish, so to avoid the dry, cakey feel, you want to start with a hydrated base."

One of her go-to moisturizers is the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, which works for all skin types and can be used as a moisturizer, primer, or even a mask. For those prone to oily skin, Lovello recommends using a gel moisturizer instead of cream (she likes Innisfree Youth-Enriched Gel Cream for this purpose). Lastly, once your skin is hydrated and happy, use a mattifying primer to create a base for makeup. Lovello recommends the cult classic Photo Finish Oil & Shine Control Matte Primer from Smashbox. 

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Only Apply What You Need

When it comes to sweat-proof makeup for summer weddings, less is definitely more. "You don’t want to cake up skin with more products than necessary," Lovello says. "You want to work the products into each other so it’s not layering—layering makeup is something you can imagine dripping later."

When applying makeup for her own clients, Lovello begins by color correcting with concealer where needed, then applying foundation after that. Her go-to favorite is Il Makiage After Party Full Coverage Foundation, which promises a flawless natural matte finish that won’t cake or fade. After the skin is perfected with additional concealer (Lovello is a fan of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Tarte Shape Tape), she then adds a beautiful flush with two types of blush, starting with a cream formula. "Blush fades first, so layer cream and then powder," she advises. 

If you’re worried about oiliness and shine, Lovello recommends staying away from foundations with "radiant" or "glowy" formulas and opting for natural or matte finishes.

Set it and Forget it

Once your base makeup is applied, it’s time to set and blend. ​​"If you stop to talk for a few minutes, go back in and blend any creases that may have formed under eyes, fine lines, smile lines," Lovello says. "I make sure everything is perfectly blended and then hit them with the powder." Her two favorites are Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and RCMA No Color Powder. "They really keep the makeup in place and lock it in," she explains. "Other powders may appear that they’re working, but they don’t have the same longevity."

Once all the elements are in place, Lovello finally locks everything in with a setting spray. Setting sprays have exploded in popularity in recent years for good reason: They help keep your makeup on and can even help blend everything together. "A setting spray can help extend the longevity of the makeup and makes the powders and layers on the face become one," she explains. Her personal favorite? Inn Beauty Power Up 3-in-1 Mist, Toner & Setting Spray to lock makeup in and add a bit of glow, or Morphe’s Continuous Setting Mist, which gives skin a radiant look while preventing melting and caking.

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Sweat Proof Your Entire Face

Your base makeup is definitely important, but your eyes and lips play a very important role in your bridal beauty look. You absolutely don't want to deal with running liner, smudging shadow, or smeared lipstick, which is why Lovello recommends sweat proofing every area on your face where makeup is being applied. For instance, she suggests using liquid lipstick for longevity and so you don’t need to worry about precise touchups throughout the night. "The way I put the [lip] look together, it doesn’t need to be touched except a little gloss," she adds. 

Using a liquid lip and gloss combination also gives you the best of both worlds: Color that lasts all day with a hint of gloss for dimension and comfort. "Liquid lipstick underneath extends the wear, but liquid lipstick without gloss ends up getting dry eight hours in," she explains. "The gloss 'wakes up' all the products so you don’t need [to mess with] liner or lipstick. It’s something you can apply without a mirror."

What's more, sweat isn’t the only concern you have to worry about when it comes to your makeup—don't forget that tears happen too! When it comes to long-lasting eyeliner, Lovello likes Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner Gel, especially if you like to line your waterline. "A black pencil on your waterline may not last all night and you may tear up throughout the day, but this is going to stay there," she says.

Keep Touch-Ups to a Minimum

While you may be tempted to touch up your makeup throughout the day, for brides hosting a summer wedding, it's important that you keep these adjustments to a minimum. Lovello shares that she doesn’t like her brides touching up their makeup, but powder and oil blotting sheets are fine for quick fixes. She advises, "Just pat [powder] on the skin, don’t rub."

Prioritize Staying Cool

Even though you can’t control the weather, you can be prepared for it. If you’re getting married outside, buy a few handheld fans for a refreshing, cooling breeze when you need it most, and try to seek out air conditioning whenever you can (even if that means lounging in someone’s car during photos). Also, don’t forget to drink lots of liquids, as there’s nothing more refreshing and instantly cooling than a big glass of ice water. Plus, staying hydrated helps you feel gorgeous inside and out!

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