Astrologer Susan Miller and Jung Lee's Zodiac Wedding Registry Is Exactly What You Need

Just in time for Scorpio season!

Susan Miller and Jung Lee

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When it comes to admiring gorgeous china and fine crystal while registry shopping, it's all fun and games until you actually have to narrow down the hundreds of options to one pick. I like this plate. But, I also like this plate. And this one, too! You're overwhelmed by the choices and an exciting task quickly becomes a chore amongst the rest of your wedding planning duties. Sound familiar?

That's where esteemed event planner Jung Lee and her highly-curated wedding registry service Slowdance comes in.

“I think what happens is when couples get engaged they're so focused on their party, date and that whole registry piece feels overwhelming and then it feels like a chore,” Lee tells Brides. “They’re much more interested in all of the wedding planning because that’s really where their focus is and that’s what’s happening right before them."

Walk into her New York showroom and you're immediately surrounded by a unique collection of home essentials sourced from all over the world. Think of Lee as a stylist for your home. She doesn't want the wedding registry to be a source of stress. Instead it should be a special time where couple's choose items that are very meaningful to them.

"It's like your wedding ring," she shares. "You didn’t randomly pick it! You put a lot of thought into it. It should be no different with the things that you're using—your everyday glasses to the fine china and the fine crystals.”

For Lee, there are four main pieces of advice all couples should keep in mind when curating their registry.

Treat Your Registry Like Your Wardrobe

Creating a wedding registry is like styling a wardrobe, not everything in your closet is the same price point or style. "I feel like at the end of the day everybody lives high-low," she revealed comparing the registry process to shopping habits. "Everybody shops H&M and Zara but they also have designer pieces. These are the things you should have today, be excited to use and really hope to have for generations to come so it's good enough for you to pass on."

Building a registry is all about finding things that you need to live in your home. Whether you're hosting the Super Bowl party next year, planning a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends next week or having the family over for Thanksgiving dinner, you need different items for different occasions.

"When your single and you’re dating you go out a lot, but after you get married you want to stay home," Lee explains. "Then it’s really starting to think, 'OK, what are the pieces that I want to have at home?'"

Remember The Essentials

When it comes to creating a registry, there are three things Lee believes every couple should ask for. “I love a great picture frame," she reveals as her surprising top choice. "They will stay with you because when you marry, you also marry for the hope of tomorrow and the future. You know how you go to homes and you know that this picture in this frame has been there for 30 years or 50 years? There’s something incredible about that. So to me, we start with that as a couple accessories.”

Number two is a high-quality flatware set followed by a full place setting. "I personally love doing 16 place settings so there are four of each so you can have a couple four where everything matches but then maybe you don’t want that and you want it to feel more eclectic." All in all, it's all about options and luckily Lee is there every step of the way to make your set as personal as possible.

Always Ask For More

Perhaps her easiest tip is to always register for more than you need. Doing so is also being considerate of your guests. She says, "I think the couple should really register for a lot more than they actually want or need because you’re giving your guests the options."

Do you ultimately just want 12 glasses? Don't be afraid to ask for 16 or 20 because at the end of the day, it all comes down to a dollar amount and a credit. "Post wedding you can sort of decide you know what [you] really prefer," she reassures.

Spoiler alert: your guests want to give you gifts—not money! And the gifts that you receive will always remind you of your wedding day. "After your wedding it's really nice to have elements from it!"

There's No Time Like The Present

Lee encourages you to think of your life like a river, once you pass something on the shore it's in the past. Meaning, once your wedding passes, you'll never have the opportunity to register for cherished items again. "I wish I knew then what I know," says Lee. "I would have gotten a lot more. I would have gotten a silver set that I really wanted—I didn’t get it because I was like, 'Who am I to choose that?' But it’s so silly because of course, why wouldn’t you?"

She adds, "If you like great restaurants and vacationing well, you will want it." So register for the fine china and ask for the nice crystal glasses because this is the only chance you'll get.

Now that you've heard Lee's advice, it's time to find the perfect place to start your registry. Look no further than Slowdance's new zodiac registry, a collaboration with famed astrologer and creator of Astrology Zone, Susan Miller.

With Lee's registry expertise and Miller's zodiac know-how, the pair designed 12 unique collections inspired by the 12 different signs. However, like any bridal registry, this offering is not one-size-fits-all.

"We say you start with this," Miller explains. "I don’t know all eight planets that you have in your rising sign but it gives you a point of departure. You start there and then you show us what you’re drawn to and then Jung has even more ideas for you. You can mix and match so much. You have such a wide breadth of choices.”

Like what you hear? Scroll through for a sneak peak of the collections and then head here to shop each sign. But remember, just because your a Capricorn doesn't mean you can't love Gemini's butterfly plates or Pisces aqua tones. "Each one has a different mood," reminds Miller, so style your registry your way!

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place setting

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"She hand-selected all of these ultimately," says Lee of Miller's vision for the Aries collection. The grape and red colors are important to the sign.

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place setting

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Love all things Versace? This collection is reminiscent of the luxury Italian brand. Lee happens to be a Taurus and is already planning on hosting a Versace-themed birthday party in May all thanks to Miller's curation.

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plates and butterflies

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When it comes to Gemini, it's all about double-double. Susan chose these plates because of the half gold and half silver trim.

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place setting

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Home is an important place for Cancer, making this welcoming setting a fitting choice.

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place setting

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You know who is a Leo? Meghan Markle! These regal dishes wreak royalty—very fitting for a Duchess!

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place setting

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According to Miller, strong signs are always followed by softer signs. The Virgo collection is more muted and has an understated beauty.

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place setting

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"She says Libra are super creative," Lee explains of Susan's choices.

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Miller reveals that we learn about colors from nature. The dark shades of Scorpio mimic the colors seen during the late fall months.

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place setting

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"Sagittarius loves to travel but it also rules large animals," Miller says. "They like casual entertaining."

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place setting

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Capricorn is another regal-feeling sign. "Kate Middleton is a Capricorn,” adds Miller. Enough said!

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place setting

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"The rulebreaker," says Miller of Aquarius.

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table setting

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Miller explains the blue tones are perfect for the "gentle little fish" Pisces.

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