15 Stunning Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Bold and beautiful.

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Alex Tome Photography; Florals by Vows Portugal

If yellow isn’t one of your wedding colors (or even if it is!), the idea of a sunflower bouquet might seem like too bold of a choice for a wedding. Sunflowers are a statement flower—large, bright, and beautiful.

Because of this fact, it can sometimes seem like they will overwhelm an arrangement or draw the eye away from the bride. But if you love the flower, it’s worth giving them a second thought for your wedding. Even if you’re not convinced yet, take some inspiration from sunflower-infused bouquets from real weddings. They might just leave you asking, “Peonies, who?”

Here are 15 gorgeous examples of sunflower bouquets to inspire yours.

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Be Bold

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Anna Lee Media; Florals by Fern & Fawn

Pairing the bright yellow of sunflowers with jewel-toned flowers is a surefire way to create a bouquet that no one will forget and is anything but traditional.

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Coordinate Your Look

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Nyejah Bolds Photography; Florals by The Plant Gallery

There’s nothing wrong with leaning into the sunflower if it’s one of your favorite flowers. Try creating a theme by echoing the bouquet’s floral palette in a headpiece or in other décor elements.

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Think "Tone on Tone"

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Arli Quinn Photography; Florals by Vessel and Stem 

If warm, burnt orange and yellow tones are your dream color palette, consider opting for a sunflower bouquet that plays into all these shades. Even just one sunflower can add an impactful pop of marigold in a bouquet. 

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Keep It Simple

<p>bride's bouquet</p>

Photo by Morgane Lay and Jonny Cochrane; Florals by Gaztelur

For an ethereal and bohemian feel, incorporate a sunflower or two into an organic bundle of other wildflowers. To make things feel as organic as possible, leave the stems exposed and have the bouquet tied with simple string instead of ribbon. 

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Let the Sunflowers Shine


Photo by Alex Tome Photography; Florals by Vows Portugal

Bright, colorful florals aren’t everyone’s thing. But even the brightest of yellow sunflowers can look natural and organic in a bouquet when complemented by the right shades. Adding in organic tones of white and green is always a great idea.

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Go Green

<p>Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets</p>

Photo by Carlie Statsky; Florals by Christine Cater

Who says sunflowers have to be yellow, anyway? The flower comes in varieties of orange, red, marigold, and, yes, even green. 

Love the look of a sunflower but not into the traditional hue? Speak with your florist about the possibility of finding a different variety. That way, you can make a big-bloom statement in your color palette.

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Mix Styles


Photo by Byron Park Photography; Florals by London Avenue Designs

You might think that sunflowers have more of a bohemian than modern feel, but the combination of a sunflower with a sleek silhouette can strike just the right balance. Just take this photo as proof!

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Find Multi-Colored Varieties

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Lilly Red Creative; Florals by Chiara Sperti Floral Events

For a super unique bouquet, multicolored sunflowers are a great option and offer just the right hint of yellow. We especially love the warm hues paired with an unexpected, pink ribbon.

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Add Natural Accents


Photo and Florals by Desert Modern Florals

Eucalyptus and thistle are bohemian wedding classics. Combining them with the bright pop of color that a sunflower brings creates a beautiful, organic bouquet. 

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Pair With Roses

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Buchanan Photography; Florals by Simply Beautiful Wedding & Events

Combining the traditional beauty of a rose with the more natural feeling of a sunflower can create a fun, beautiful juxtaposition for a bouquet that feels totally balanced—and unique!

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Select Red Tones

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Brogen Jessup; Florals by Bespoke Occasions

That’s right: Sunflowers can be red, too. If you’re in search of an earthy-toned red and looking for pops of color in your bouquet that feel as organic as greenery, consider red sunflowers. 

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Consider Your Maids' Bouquets

sunflower bouquets

Photo by Hajley; Florals by The Flower Hut

There’s nothing prettier than a light, fluffy bouquet with pops of color. This bouquet is a perfect example of how to use the combination in the entire bridal party's flowers

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Go Full-On Boho

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Marcella Laine; Florals by Petals By Piper

If a boho wedding is what you dream of, then go for it—sunflowers and all. Leaning into bohemian vibes can have gorgeous results, as this wedding proves. 

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Accent With Pastels

<p>Bride holding floral bouquet</p>

Photo by Sean Kim; Florals by Honeysuckle

Sunflowers aren’t just a summer flower, despite what everyone might think. They can look great in spring, fall, and even winter bouquets, too. For a spring wedding, balance the flower with pastel shades and greens for a soft, spring-y bouquet. 

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Embrace Color

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Emilia Aghamirzai of Fatchix, Inc.

Channel actress Emma Myles's bouquet if you're all about color. You can even follow her lead by DIY-ing your own bouquet with a statement sunflower up top. At her wedding, all flowers were either grown on her roof or bought at the deli down the street. Talk about a flower with such natural beauty!

Feeling inspired? Explore stunning wedding color themes below. You never know—yellow may end up making more of an appearance than you had originally expected.

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