20 Stunning Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Learn how to use this cheerful flower in unexpected ways.

A bouquet of sunflowers in a blue vase sitting on a blue checkered tablecloth next to a blueberry cocktail.

Photo by Kate Headley

If you’re searching for wedding bouquet inspiration, sunflowers might not be the first flower that comes to mind—they are big, bold, and very yellow. But if you’re looking for a bouquet that is certain to make a statement, these cheerful blossoms are well worth your attention.

Sunflowers can be utilized in a variety of ways across multiple seasons: A summer soirée may feature sunflowers to complement a bright color palette, while other varieties of sunflowers, like dried flowers, might be the perfect match for a fall wedding with moody, rustic hues. Whether you’re hoping for a sunflower bouquet that only features this big, colorful flower, or a single sunflower stem tucked amongst other blooms, there’s a fit for every style.

Below, find 20 stunning sunflower bouquets to inspire your own.

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Try Traditional With a Twist

sunflower bouquet with greenery

Photo by Photography by Tasha Rose

Hoping to keep things traditional, but with a twist? We love the pairing of a classic white and greenery bouquet with pops of yellow sunflowers. This look incorporated plenty of sunflowers, along with ranunculus, dahlias, and Craspedia.

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Celebrate Locally Grown Blooms

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Elissa Deline

This was the perfect fit for an outdoor summer wedding with a meadow-inspired vibe. The bouquet utilized local flowers from the area, with plenty of texture thanks to multiple sizes of blooms and a variety of grasses.

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Embrace a Fall Palette

red and yellow sunflower bouquet

Photo by Kelly Hornberger Photography

Make beautiful sunflowers the star of the show for a fall bouquet. This abundant design featured roses, dahlias, and even green berries for added texture. But it's the strawberry blonde sunflowers that truly brought it all together.

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Carry a Single Stem

couple holding single sunflowers

Photo by Holtz Photography

One sunflower can certainly stand on its own. This couple was asked to hold handmade paper sunflowers while their best friend spoke during the ceremony. But we adore the concept for anyone looking for a bit of single-stemmed sunflower inspiration to carry down the aisle.

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Keep It Natural

wildflower sunflower bouquet

Photo by Julia and You

Texture, texture, and more texture is what this stunning bouquet was all about! This design embraced a natural look for an outdoor wedding, with just a few sunflowers in varying sizes pulling it all together.

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Embrace Jewel-Tones

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Anna Lee Media; Floral design by Fern & Fawn

Choosing a jewel-toned color palette immediately brings a boho vibe. We love this combination of pinks and yellows with a big, bold sunflower and large dahlia commanding attention.

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Choose Vibrant Hues

colorful sunflower bouquet

Photo by The Youngrens

While blue thistle gets all the attention, this textured bloom can also be found in purple! And it makes for the most stunning complement to sunflowers. We love the way this bouquet fully embraced plenty of vibrant color and interesting texture.

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Go for Rustic Red Tones

sunflower bouquet

Photo by Brogen Jessup; Floral design by Bespoke Occasions

Sunflowers can be found in a variety of hues, rather than just yellow. And deep, dark sunflowers are the perfect choice for fall. Embrace golden and red tones for a statement-making bouquet.

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Channel a Boho Vibe

sunflower bouquet with blue flowers

Photo by Meredith Xu Photography

Adding one sunflower to a bouquet is the perfect way to pull together a boho look. We can't get over the stunning color combination used in this bouquet, with bright blue paired with plenty of golden hues and stunning greenery.

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Keep It Simple

couple with sunflower bouquet

Photo by Alex Tome Photography; Floral design by Vows Portugal

Want to make sunflowers really stand out? Keep your bouquet simple, with these bright blooms paired with chamomile and eucalyptus for the perfect yellow, white, and green color palette.

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Play With Plenty of Texture

textured sunflower bouquet


Paired with the right elements, sunflowers immediately give off a wildflower vibe. We love the way a few sunflowers shine in this bouquet while paired with tons of textured greenery and dried grasses.

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Pair Sunflowers and Succulents

sunflower bouquet with succulents

Photo by Autumn Cutaia Photography; Floral design by Margaret's garden

It may seem like sunflowers and succulents are an unlikely combo, but this pairing definitely works! We love the way the succulents mimic the shape of the sunflowers in the bouquet, tying the whole look together with plenty of greenery.

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Keep It Small

colorful sunflower bouquet

Photo by Brittany Thomas Photography

Love the look of a smaller bouquet? Choose a single flower such as a sunflower to create a focal point. Then, fill in with blooms with smaller petals such as cosmos, chamomile, and black eyed susans.

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Choose Color for Contrast

sunflower wedding bouquet

Photo by Dana Rae Photography

The mixture of golden yellow, vibrant red, and plenty of greenery was absolutely stunning in this bouquet. We love the way this color palette popped with plenty of contrast against a white wedding dress.

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Embrace an Abundant Look

sunflower bouquet with purple and green

Photo by Jaquilyn Shumate Photography

Sunflowers can help to create a full, abundant bouquet in a beautiful way. Incorporate plenty of other blooms such as dahlias and cosmos, and finish the look with a mixture of greenery that cascades.

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Play With Pastels

pink sunflower bouquet

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti; floral design by twisted willow flowers

Not all sunflowers are yellow! Look to other varieties to play with color palettes. These lighter-hued strawberry blonde blooms paired perfectly with dusty pink and white roses.

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Add Length with Greenery

colorful sunflower bouquet

Photo by Charlotte Razzell Photography

While sunflowers add bold, bright color thanks to their large petals, there isn't much texture that comes with them. We love the addition of plenty of other blooms in a variety of colors, with longer pieces of greenery to make a bouquet that much more interesting.

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Complement Other Blooms

Groom and bride with sunflower bouquet

Photo by John Coronado Photography; floral design by Arms of Persephone

Sunflowers can make a statement without being the star of the show. We love the idea of carrying a bouquet with a variety of like hues. The golden color of the sunflower in this bouquet pulls the look together flawlessly.

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Create an Unlikely Combo

sunflower bouquet with baby's breath

Photo by Kayli LaFon Photography

Sunflowers and baby's breath are an unlikely combo, but we're all about it. The contrast between the large, bold flowers and dainty white blooms is absolutely stunning in this design.

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Make It Modern

Bride holding sunflower bouquet

Photo by Byron Park Photography; Floral design by London Avenue Designs

Think sunflowers can only fit with a rustic or boho wedding? Think again. Look to a small, simple bouquet with short-stemmed blooms to fit a modern celebration.

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