20 Adorable Summer Wedding Ring Bearer Outfits

He just might steal the show with these looks.

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Though a ring bearer may only have a small appearance at a wedding, they're still able to make a big impression. And while they likely don't need any help in the cuteness department, you can still help your little guy look even more adorable by choosing the perfect outfit. For the summer, in particular, a ring bearer ensemble should be dapper and stylish, but also lightweight, airy, and comfortable enough for them to move around in.

Specifically, when shopping for this special look, you should first consider the age of the child you're dressing. It's unrealistic for a baby, or sometimes even a small toddler, to wear a three-piece suit, especially in the summer heat. As a result, you might be better off with a romper or a onesie made to look like a button-down shirt. What's more, for toddlers and young kids, a tiny three-piece suit is a very cute option, and you can also opt for shorts instead of pants to beat the high temperatures.

Ready to find the perfect ensemble for your cute wedding party member? Below is a selection of adorable summer wedding ring bearer outfits you can shop right now.

Best Suit

OppoSuits Grey Two-Piece Suit

OppoSuits Grey Two-Piece Suit


Size range: 2T-8 kids | Materials: Polyester |  Return policy: Full refund when returned

If the ring bearer needs to look more formal, a suit like this is necessary. This set comes with a jacket, matching pants, and a tie, so you only need to provide a button-down shirt. The light grey color is also perfect for the summer weather.

Price at time of publish: $70

Best for Babies

H&M 3-Piece Set With a Bow Tie

H&M 3 piece set with bow tie
Courtesy of H&M.

Size range: 6M-4T | Materials: Linen, cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

For small babies, comfort is really key, especially in warm weather. That said, if you want them to look as formal as possible without putting them in an actual suit, consider this H&M set. Made of lightweight linen and cotton, this is an airy and breathable choice.

Price at time of publish: $35

Best Full Set

Janie and Jack Blue Suit

janie and jack blue suit
Courtesy of Janie and Jack.

Size range: 6-12M to 12Y | Materials: Cotton Oxford |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

This Janie and Jack set has the option to buy everything you need, from the matching vest and jacket down to the socks and sunglasses. We love that you can choose to just do the vest and shirt if the temperatures are expected to be high, in addition to the matching sunglasses, which are a fun touch for a kid.

Price at time of publish: $85 for blazer, $56 for vest, $19 for bow tie, $36 for oxford shirt, $22 for belt, $41 for oxford suit pant, $9 for socks, $72 for leather driving shoe, $16 for sunglasses

Best Grey Suit

Nautica 3-Piece Sharkskin Vest, Shirt, and Pants Set

nautica 3-Pc. Sharkskin Vest, Shirt & Pants Set, Little Boys
Courtesy of Macy's.

Size range: 5-7Y | Materials: Polyester, rayon, cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

This grey suit is a good option if you want the ring bearer to be dressed up but don't want to deal with a jacket. The allover check pattern on the shirt adds a little bit of flair, and it comes with a clip-on tie that is easy enough for them to figure out on their own.

Price at time of publish: $39

Best Blue Suit

River Island Mini Boys Blue Dusky 4-Piece Tailored Suit

river island Mini Boys Blue Dusky 4 Piece Tailored Suit
Courtesy of River Island.

Size range: 6-9M to 4-5Y | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 28 days of delivery

The dusty blue color of this suit makes it feel perfect for a summertime wedding, especially one with a nautical feel. We also love the comfortable short sleeves of the shirt and the light grey hue as well. The best part? It's made of 100% cotton for extra breathability.

Price at time of publish: $78

Best Tan Suit

H&M Suit for Kids

H&M suit for kids
Courtesy of H&M .

Size range: 2T-10Y | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

This tan color feels laid back enough for a daytime summer wedding, and we love the pinstripes for a unique touch. Choose to dress your little guy in this suit with either a white t-shirt to keep things simple and comfortable, or with a white button-down for a more elevated look.

Price at time of publish: $75

Best Tuxedo

Nautica 4-Piece Tuxedo Suit, Shirt, and Bowtie

a young boy wearing a tuxedo

Courtesy of Amazon

Size range: 2T-7Y | Materials: Polyester |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

For a very formal wedding, a tuxedo is a must, even for the ring bearer. This Nautica option is reasonably priced and very adorable, plus it comes in a pretty wide range of sizes. What's more, everything is included with this set, minute the shoes.

Price at time of publish: $90

Best Splurge

BOSS Kidswear Boys Suit Set

boss kidswear suit set
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's.

Size range: 8-16 | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Those who are okay with spending a little more will want to take a look at this BOSS Kidswear suit. Sleek and sophisticated, the matching pants and jacket set comes in a dark navy blue. And at $300, it's not exactly inexpensive, but it is a great splurge, especially if your ring bearer can wear it more than once.

Price at time of publish: $300

Best Bright Color

OppoSuits Kids Cool Blue Two-Piece Suit With a Tie

opposuits cool blue suit
Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Size range: 2T-16Y | Materials: Polyester |  Return policy: Full refund when returned

A summer wedding is the best time to try out a brightly colored suit like this one. It's formal enough to impress guests, and the cool blue shade is fun enough for kids to enjoy too.

Price at time of publish: $70

Best Suspenders

H&M 4-Piece Cotton Set

h&m 4 piece set
Courtesy of H&M.

Size range: 2T-10Y | Materials: 100% cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Do something different and slightly more casual with this adorable 4-piece set. It comes with detachable and adjustable suspenders, and a striped shirt that'll really make your ring bearer feel extra special.

Price at time of publish: $40

Most Classic

Little Tuxedos Wyatt Kids Black 4-Piece Barn Wedding Set

Little Tuxedos wyatt
Courtesy of Little Tuxedos.

Size range: 0-8 Boys | Materials: 100% cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

This classic option looks elegant, even on a little one who may or may not have cake smeared on his face. It comes with suspenders, a bow tie, pants, and a shirt, and you can add a matching jacket if you feel that's necessary.

Price at time of publish: $70

Best Shorts Set

River Island Mini Boys Navy Shorts 3-Piece Suit

river island mini navy shorts
Courtesy of River Island.

Size range: 6-9M to 4-5Y | Materials: Elastane, polyester |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Shorts may not be acceptable for older men, but they're perfectly fine for ring bearers. Brides should consider this navy blue set which is really just too cute for words.

Price at time of publish: $78

Best Shortalls

Nautica Baby Boys Houndstooth 3-Piece Set

nautica Baby Boys Houndstooth Shortall, Collared Bodysuit and Bow Tie, 3 Piece Set
Courtesy of Macy's.

Size range: 12-24M | Materials: Cotton, polyester |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Getting a baby under two years old into a suit or tuxedo is not an easy task. That's why we recommend this Nautica shortalls set, which is a practical and comfortable option for everyone.

Price at time of publish: $30

Best for Warm Weather

H&M 4-Piece Dressy Set

H&M 4 piece dressy set
Courtesy of H&M.

Size range: 6M-4T | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

If you want your baby to look more formal but still want to skip the suit, opt for this dressy set from H&M. The detachable and adjustable suspenders add an elevated element, and the shorts and short sleeve shirt will keep them cool, even in the heat.

Price at time of publish: $25

Best Tropical Option

River Island Boys Cream Floral Shirt 3-Piece Suit Set

river island boys cream floral shirt suit
Courtesy of River Island.

Size range: 5-12Y | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Whether the wedding is taking place in a tropical destination or just near a beach, this floral cream option is the perfect fit. The shirt is fun and festive, and the cream color is on point for summertime.

Price at time of publish: $91

Best Bodysuit

Nordstrom Baby Kids Bodysuit, Shorts, and Bowtie Set

nordstrom kids bodysuit
Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Size Range: 3M-12M | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

For newborns and any baby up to two years old, a bodysuit is your absolute best option. This bodysuit set from Nordstrom comes with a little bowtie and matching shorts, so it feels formal enough while still keeping them comfortable.

Price at time of publish: $39

Best for Newborns

Kissy Kissy Boys Peter Pan Collar Shortall

kissy kissy peter pan collar
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's.

Size Range: 0-3M to 6-12M | Materials: Prima cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Made of 100% breathable and soft prima cotton, Kissy Kissy's Peter Pan shortfall is ideal for a very young ring bearer. And while the general rule is that the bride should only wear white, we think this is an appropriate exception.

Price at time of purchase: $140

Most Stylish

OppoSuits Boys OppoSuits Jet Set Tuxedo

opposuits jet set tuxedo
Courtesy of Kohl's.

Size Range: 2-8Y | Materials: Polyester |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

The mix of white and black in this tuxedo is chic and sophisticated—words not normally associated with a ring bearer, but it works. This is great for a formal wedding and the white jacket makes it really stand out.

Price at time of publish: $100

Best Casual

H&M 2-Piece Cotton Set

h&m 2 piece cotton set
Courtesy of H&M.

Size Range: 2T-10Y | Materials: Cotton |  Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

For a more casual ceremony, whether it's at the beach or just outside during the day, a ring bearer may not even need a suit. In that case, this cotton set is sufficient, not to mention comfortable, versatile, and inexpensive.

Price at time of publish: $30

Cutest Vintage Option

StitchloreClothing Baby Boys Linen Outfit

baby boys linen outfit
Courtesy of Etsy.

Size Range: 0-3M to 4T | Materials: Linen |  Return policy: Final sale

This suspender and shorts set has a vintage flair that is hard not to find completely adorable. You can choose between a variety of different colors (in addition to an inclusive range in sizing) to really personalize the ring bearer's look.

Price at time of publish: $42

What to Look for in a Summer Wedding Ring Bearer Outfit

When shopping for a summer outfit for a ring bearer, you want to stay practical, especially if they're very young, like a baby or toddler. Yes, you want them to be dressed to impress, but sometimes a tuxedo or suit isn't in the cards. However, if they're older, feel free to opt for a suit set or even a mini tuxedo. If you feel they'll be more comfortable in a short set, though, that works well too. What's more, keep ring bearers comfortable in sunny, warm weather with short-sleeve button-down shirts, vests instead of jackets, and even short pants. Cotton and linen are your best fabric options here, to boot.

  • What should ring bearers wear to a summer wedding?

    The answer will really depend on the age of the ring bearer. Babies and small toddlers can get away with a bodysuit and matching shorts or even a fancy shortall set. Older ring bearers should probably wear some sort of suit, depending on the dress code of the wedding. Short sleeve shirts and short pants are also acceptable for summer nuptials.

  • Who pays for the ring bearer's outfit?

    In general, the parents of the ring bearer will pay for their child's outfit. The bride or groom can certainly offer to cover the costs, but they're not under any obligation to do so.

  • Should a ring bearer wear the same color as the groom?

    It's really cute for ring bearers to match the groom and/or groomsmen, but they don't have to. For a cohesive look, however, opt for a ring bearer outfit that matches or complements what the groom and wedding party is wearing.

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