22 Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for an Effortless Look

summer wedding hairstyle

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Summer is the peak wedding season, and understandably so. With spring florals in bloom, long days, and warm weather, a summer wedding takes advantage of all the beauty that this season has to offer. When considering what hairstyle to wear at your summer wedding, the easy-going nature of the season leaves you with plenty of options. From a relaxed updo to boho braids, the best summer wedding hairstyles have an effortless feel to them. 

Brides who are wary of overheating and sweating on the big day may want to consider an updo to sweep their hair off the back of their necks, which helps keep you cool. Other brides may want to wear their hair all the way down to complete their bridal vision. As long as your hair is prepped and finished with anti-humidity products to hold the style in place all night long, both styles would work well at a summer wedding. 

Not sure what kind of summer wedding hairstyle you want? Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best summer wedding hairstyles to inspire your own. 

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A Sexy Swoop

bride and groom about to kiss

Photo by Lynn Dunston

Loose curls swooped to one side give this updo some movement and body. The result is a bridal hairstyle that feels classic and elegant without looking stuffy or stiff.

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Chic Center Part

bridesmaid surrounding a bride

Photo by Alex Lasota

Looking for proof that wearing your hair down at your summer wedding is a wise choice? Take a cue from this bride, who wears a chic center part alongside old Hollywood waves. With her hair tucked effortlessly behind her ears, this all-down feels regal yet refined—no added accessories required.

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Bedazzled Bun

bride and groom at summer wedding on beach

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

A low bun is a summertime bridal staple. Not only will a bun keep you cool during your ceremony (especially if it takes place outside), but it's also a timeless look that works for just about any hair texture and length. Add your favorite accessory as this bride did here, to make this simple, stunning look pop.

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Twisted Half Up

bride putting an earring in

Photo by Branco Prata

If you love the look of a flowing all-down bridal hairstyle, but you don't want to be bothered with having to fight off hair in your face, a half-up-half-down 'do is for you. Take a step outside your comfort zone and have your hairstylist twist your front layers towards the back of your hair for added dimension.

Spray down the twisted pieces of hair with hairspray to prevent frizzing.

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Glamorous Waves

bride and groom looking at each other

Photo by Charla Storey

We love the volume at the top of this bride's red-carpet-ready look. The sleek middle part stands in contrast to the loose waves, complete with just a bit of texture worked into her loose strands. Although it's an all-down hairstyle, it stays out of her face and showcases those gorgeous earrings.

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Naturally Textured Ponytail

bride with birdcage veil and ponytail

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Embrace your natural texture on your wedding day with a simple sleek pony that shows off your curls.

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Timeless Twists

bride with cape

Photo by Clean Plate Pictures

This twisted updo keeps your hair in place throughout your special day and looks photo-ready from any angle. Plus, it's a fantastic way to beat the heat.

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A Classic Chignon

bride with bun hairstyle

Photo by Dennis Roy Coronel

This low chignon is wrapped perfectly, like a present. A style like this shows off any accessories or jewelry you may want to wear on your wedding day, and it goes great with a veil.

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A Tousled Pony

bride with ponytail

Photo by Erich McVey Photography

There's something about ponytails and summer weddings that just works. We love the face-framing pieces that this bride decided to leave out of her tousled tendrils. The added volume at the crown elevates this look from the everyday pony so many of us are used to. Better yet? This style goes from ceremony to reception to send-off without falling apart.

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Pony Up

bride with long sleeve dress and ponytail

Photo by The Curries

This bride really brings the volume with her wedding pony. This easy (and pretty!) way to get her hair out of her face, allowing her to show off all her best dance moves at the reception.

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Braided Bun

bride with braided bun

Photo by Etcetera Photography

This romantic bun was made even more so with the addition of a beautiful braid running across the crown, accented by a sparkly hairpiece. The stunning shape is framed by loose face-framing layers, which adds a softness to this sophisticated style.

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Voluminous Waves

bride kissing groom's forehead

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey

It doesn't matter what time of year it is—volume is always in season. The juxtaposition between the volume at the crown and the shiny, slicked-back front is giving us all the Old Hollywood vibes.

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Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

bride kissing groom

Photo by KT Merry

Soft waves cascade down beautifully beneath an intricate, twisted style. A long, dramatic veil accentuates this bride's swoon-worthy half-up, half-down look.

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Finish With a Floral Headpiece

bride and groom looking down

Photo by Lauren Baker

Take a basic bun to the next level with a headpiece. This bride's gorgeous natural curls are pinned delicately into a low bun, accented by a simple floral headpiece that stands out amongst her dark hair. Why stop at one bridal hairstyle? This stunning bride later let her voluminous coils down for the reception.

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Old-Hollywood Curls

bride with red lips

Photo by Lauren Fair

Travel back in time with this simply elegant bridal style. To achieve the look, ask your stylist for a big volume blowout before curling with a large barrel curling iron, and finish with a strong-hold hairspray. Avoid brushing out the curls once they've set to prevent these Old Hollywood waves from turning into a much more modern style.

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High Bun

bride and groom looking at each other

Photo by Margherita Calati

A high bun is guaranteed to keep you cool all night long. We love how this bride accessorized her bun with a few sprigs of florals.

Use a strong hold gel to get those pesky baby hairs along the hairline to lay flat.

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Low-Key Low Pony

bride and groom holding each other

Photo by Mark Spooner

If you're the kind of bride who knows that as soon as that reception starts, you're putting your hair up, why not start with your hair in a pony? This simple look still feels special, with the added volume, soft waves, and hidden hairband. Leave a few pieces down in front of your face for a wedding style that's fresh, relaxed, and romantic.

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Soft Shiny Waves

bride looking out window

Photo by Paulina Weddings

For a casual-yet-romantic vibe, channel this bride's summer-proof style. This whimsical half-up, half-down features soft, shiny waves and a floral hair piece atop an easy twisted style.

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Lovely Loops

bride and groom looking at each other and laughing

Photo by Gaby J Photography

Don't be afraid to play a little when it comes your bridal hairstyle. This bride went for a unique double looped updo, which feels fun and flirty for a summer wedding.

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Side-Swept Swoon-Worthy Curls

bride with cape veil

Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

How gorgeous are these soft, glamorous curls? We're obsessed with this classic bridal look, perfect for any time of the year, Pull one side back behind your ear for added drama.

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Dazzling Bun

bride and groom holding hands

Photo by Twah Dougherty Photography

You can't go wrong with an elegant bridal bun. Add a dazzling headpiece at the base of the bun to accent its silhouette and shape.

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Short Waves

bride with short hair

Photo by Samm Blake

Good news if you're thinking about making the chop this summer: cutting your hair shorter cuts your getting-ready routine in half. For a fresh and flirty bridal look, simply add a few curls with a curling want (1-inch or smaller) and you'll be ready to walk down the aisle in no time.

  • What hairstyles work best for a summer wedding?

    While it really is personal preference, braids and updos tend to work better in the summer because of the hot temperatures. However, we still love an effortless beachy wave for summer celebrations.

  • Do I have to wear the same hairstyle at my ceremony and reception?

    No! If you are doing an outfit change, then consider switching your hair up as well. Just make sure to tell your hairstylist of your plans so that there is enough time to touch up you 'do.

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