25 Stunning Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Get inspired by arrangements with bold hues and plenty of texture.

Groom in green suit and bride in white strapless gown holding bouquet of pink and red dahlias, white ranunculus, and white grasses

Photo by Norman + Blake

If you’re planning a summer wedding, you already know your wedding date will come with great weather. Hosting a wedding during this time of year also means you will have access to a bounty of fresh produce for your reception menu. Better yet? It’s prime time for a wide range of in-season flowers, whether you’re looking for classic options or out-of-the-box blooms for your summer wedding bouquet.

As you’re thinking about your wedding-day look, choosing to incorporate a bridal bouquet may come into play. With a summer date, you’re in luck as everything from vibrant, large blooms to dainty florals will be at your fingertips. With such a wide range of hues, stem lengths, and textures, you’ll certainly be able to find an array of flowers that not only complement your look but match your overall wedding aesthetic.

Ready to find your ideal bouquet? Ahead, find 25 of our favorite summer wedding bouquets from real weddings to serve as inspiration for your own.

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Select In-Season Florals

Bride carrying bouquet with white cosmos, yellow roses, light purple roses, and green and white florals

Photo by Winsome + Wright Photography; Florals by Mandy Grace Designs; Event Design by Maui's Angels

One of the best parts of hosting a summer wedding is the amount of beautiful florals in bloom during those months. When selecting your bouquet, look to which flowers are in season to get the best quality and prices. This charming summer arrangement uses seasonal cosmos and garden roses to create a lovely collection of color.

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Add Acacia

Bride carrying yellow acacia and white sweet pea bouquet

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Want to brighten up your bouquet palette? Consider including acacia, a bright yellow flower full of texture that blooms in the summer months.

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Incorporate Thistle

Bride carrying bouquet with blue thistle, small blue florals, greenery, and white carnations

Photo by Caroline Tran

Turning to other additions than just blooms for your bouquet is sure to make it stand out. For a subtle wildflower look, consider adding blue thistle to the mix.

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Choose Dramatic Dahlias

Groom in green suit and bride in white strapless gown holding bouquet of pink and red dahlias, white ranunculus, and white grasses

Photo by Norman + Blake

Large colorful dahlias can make quite the statement in an arrangement. Take inspiration from this Big Sur wedding, where in-season pink dahlias were balanced beautifully with light white florals and dried grasses in the bride's bouquet.

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Dazzle With Delphinium

Bride carries a bouquet of white and blue delphinium with blue ribbon

Photo by Elias Kordelakos; Floral Design by Flowers Living

A long-stemmed bouquet will immediately make a statement, and delphinium is sure to dazzle with its stunning blue hue. We love this choice to complement a romantic vibe. The floral is also an excellent option to line your aisle.

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Go for Greenery

Bride in strapless dress holding bouquet of eucalyptus, ferns, and other fresh greenery with ribbon

Photo by Clean Plate Pictures

You don't actually need flowers in your wedding bouquet. Channel this beautiful arrangement of greenery from a summer wedding in Brooklyn. Ferns, eucalyptus, and fresh foliage create a lovely arrangement full of texture.

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Celebrate With Sunflowers

Groom in suit kisses bride in long sleeve dress holding sunflower bouquet with eucalyptus and chamomile flowers

Photo by Alex Tome Photography; Floral Design by Vows Portugal

Few florals say summer like sunflowers do. With their bright, sunny hue and bold shape, these blooms are ideal in a bouquet on their own or paired with a few sprigs of chamomile and eucalyptus.

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Make It Monochrome

Bride holding bouquet with peach hydrangea, white ranunculus, and white and yellow dried florals

Photo by Henry + Mac

A summer wedding bouquet doesn't have to include plenty of color. Instead, take inspiration from this bouquet, which combines hydrangeas, roses, lunaria, and other dried blooms in neutral hues.

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Showcase Petite Blooms

Bride carrying bouquet with white cosmos, tweedia, white garden roses, and white ranunculus tied with blue ribbon

Photo by Caroline Tran

If big, bold flowers aren't your thing, there are plenty of other options. This design from a Montecito wedding combined tweedia, butterfly ranunculus, and petite garden roses for a charming bouquet.

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Make a Colorful Statement

Tropical wedding bouquet with palm leaves, pink anthuriums, peach ranunculus, and pink peonies

Photo by Rebecca Yale

If you're planning a tropical wedding, you may want a bouquet to match the tone. This stunner combined anthurium, roses, ranunculus, and peonies for a bold look.

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Create Volume With Hydrangea

Wedding bouquet with green hydrangea, white roses, and pink peonies on pink and blue chair

Photo by 6 of Four Photography; Floral Design by Glenn Certain Floral + Event Design

Hydrangeas are a beautiful summer floral that can add lots of volume to your wedding bouquet. The large colorful bloom can be surrounded by other seasonal flowers or with other hydrangeas for a timeless poesy.

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Look to Lavender

Bride carrying lavender bouquet

Photo by Jenna McElroy Photography

Lavender not only adds a pop of color to your wedding-day look, but the fragrance is incredible as well. Consider an organic bunch of lavender on its own, or pair it with greenery and wheat for a natural vibe.

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Pair White Blooms and Greenery

White and green wedding bouquet with garden roses, peonies, dahlia, sweet peas, cosmos, and ranunculus

Photo by Lauren Fair

Looking for a classic bouquet? White blooms and greenery will always be in style, like this bouquet made up of garden roses, peonies, dahlia, sweet peas, cosmos, and ranunculus.

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Opt for Orchids

Groom and bride holding a white orchid bouquet

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

Orchids are a stunning choice at any time of year, but they're in season and easier to source during the summer months. Carry an overflowing bouquet of these hearty, fragrant flowers for an entirely elegant look.

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Carry Pretty Pastels

Bride in embellished bow cape holding a pastel wedding bouquet of lisianthus, Koko Loko garden roses, white thistle, and textured grasses

Photo by Kate Headley

Pastels certainly have their moment in spring, but there's no shame in carrying the palette into summer. Get inspired by this light and ethereal bouquet—made up of lisianthus, Koko Loko garden roses, white thistle, and other textured grasses—for a softer take on a summer bouquet.

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Evoke a Sunset

Bride in braid with florals carrying a bouquet with pink, peach, and white parrot tulips, garden roses, ranunculus, poppies, and tweedia

Photo by Chudleigh Weddings

Create a bouquet in pink, peach, and yellow hues to channel a summer sunset. Parrot tulips, garden roses, ranunculus, poppies, and tweedia were used to make this dreamy arrangement come to life.

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Embrace Ethereal Beauty

Bride carrying white wedding bouquet with orchids, peonies, roses, and anemones

Photo by plum & oak photography

A white bouquet will always be classic, but you can switch up the choice of blooms to make it your own. This oversized bouquet made up of orchids, peonies, roses, and anemones was the perfect fit for an ethereal summer wedding.

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Create a Cascade

Bride carrying cascading wedding bouquet with pink and purple dahlias, pink and white scabiosa, foxgloves, and pink and white roses

Photo by Donny Zavala Photography; Floral Design by Bows and Arrows Flowers

Want a bouquet full of movement? Consider having a cascading bouquet crafted by your floral designer with summer blooms like dahlias, scabiosa, foxgloves, and roses.

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Keep It Classic With White Roses

White rose bouquet with greenery on chair with Jimmy Choo shoes and veil

Photo by Rebecca Yale

White roses will always be in style and in season, no matter what. Choose to carry a classic bouquet of these blooms with the addition of greenery to complement any aesthetic.

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Pick Pink Peonies

Bride carrying a bouquet of pink peonies

Photo by Amber Gress

Want to command attention as you're walking down the aisle? With their incredible hue and lush texture, hot pink peonies are sure to pop against any dress. Make even more of a statement with a bouquet made up entirely of these vibrant blooms at an early summer wedding.

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Add Plenty of Texture

Bride carrying textured dried flower bouquet with white and green dried foliage

Photo by People Photography

Carrying boldly colored blooms isn't the only option for a summer wedding. This bouquet was a stunning choice for a seaside celebration featuring the combination of white roses paired with plenty of dried elements for added interest.

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Carry Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley wedding bouquet tied with white ribbon on chair with tulle

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Lily of the valley is a popular choice for summer weddings for good reason. Pair it with other blooms, or choose to let its beauty stand on its own for an effortless, yet elegant look.

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Include a Pop of Plum

Groom and bride holding wedding bouquet with white roses, lily of the valley, purple clemantis, and greenery

Photo by Rebecca Yale

A gorgeous summer garden wedding calls for an equally beautiful bouquet to match. This bouquet was made up of garden roses, peonies, lily of the valley, and gardenia to create a stunning base, with a pop of color provided by seasonal plum-star clematis.

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Go Wild

Bride holding wrapped wedding bouquet with blue, yellow, white, coral, and pink flowers

Photo by Michelle Roller

Want your bouquet to feel as if it's a bundle of summer wildflowers? Mix in small summer florals like chamomile and use a blend of bold shades in your arrangement.

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Brighten Up With Daisies

bride and bridemaids in gold holding bouquets with yellow dahlias, yellow and pink roses, and white daisies tied with ribbons

Photo by Katelyn James

Want your wedding bouquet to spark joy? Consider adding daisies to your arrangement. The summer flower is sure to lend a cheerful touch to your look as you walk down the aisle.

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