30 Stunning Wedding Backdrops to Frame Your Vows in Style

wedding backdrop

Photo by Carley Jayne Photography; Planning & Design by Rock & Stone Weddings; Floral Design by Colibri Blooms; Backdrop by Backcountry Bohemians

Wedding backdrops have become so much more than the pieces of cloth they used to be. Meant to frame the newlyweds as they exchange vows, they can be whatever you want them to be—just channel your personality as a couple or your wedding style to guide you.

If you want to flaunt your creativity, consider a unique installation made of wallpaper or an abstract painting for some artsy vibes. If you’re having a laid-back outdoor ceremony, a rustic wooden arch or romantic altar of florals can enhance the setting. We’re particularly fans of walls of wedding backdrops because you can tailor them to any theme! We’ve seen it all—wheat walls, flower walls, greenery walls, and more—and you can even repurpose it at the reception as a backdrop behind the head table or as a photo backdrop! But you don’t always need to liven up your altar. Sometimes, stunning natural scenery like a roaring ocean or vast mountains is all it takes.

From the simple to the lavish, here are 30 wedding backdrops that are sure to inspire you—no matter your style!

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Keep It Simple


Photo by Meg Brooke Photography; Backdrop by Foxtail Rentals; Floral Design by Moelleux Events


There's something we love about a modern-yet-natural backdrop in a desert setting. This couple streamlined their look with a simple copper frame and an asymmetrical accent of dried palms.

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Escape to the Tropics

wedding backdrop

Photo by Merari Photography; Design & Planning by Guerdy Abraira of Ocean Flowers & Events; Floral Design by Ocean Flowers

Half minimalist, half maximalist, this circular backdrop is a tropical dream. Monstera leaves, lush greenery, white roses, and tulips adorn the backdrop in a crescent shape to make a modern statement. Extend the look into a semicircle shape to create a feeling of intimacy at the altar.

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Hang Your Florals

floral backdrop

Photo by Tony Wodarck; Design & Planning by After The Engagement; Floral Design by The Lavender Rose

Get inventive with your arch with suspended strands of florals. This one keeps things simple with white flowers hung at different lengths for an uncurated look of classic beauty.

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Go Graphic


Photo by Carley Jayne Photography; Planning & Design by Rock & Stone Weddings; Floral Design by Colibri Blooms; Backdrop by Backcountry Bohemians

Looking to make an impact? Do so with a surprising display! This wedding backdrop is especially unique because it combines unexpected, shapes, colors, and materials for an overall #winning combination.

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Let Nature Work

couple kissing under palm tree

Photo by Jennifer Johnson; Design & Planning by Alfred House Productions

There’s no need to get creative with your wedding backdrop when nature does all the work for you. This stunning palm tree is all this ceremony needs, but we’re digging how this couple accented it with a half-circle of palmetto leaves to enhance the look. Even if your wedding isn’t in a tropical setting, any grand tree, whether it’s oak or willow, will make a statement.

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Bring the Garden Indoors

wedding aisle

Photo by K.R. Moreno; Planning by Katie Gregg Events & Co.; Floral and Event Design by Ines & Marie

Take inspiration from the garden outside. Oversized arrangements of white duchess peonies, viburnum, Playa Blanca roses, white Majolica spray roses, tulips, and foxgloves perch atop acrylic stands for a stunning altar that’s both traditional and modern for an overall timeless look.

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Look to the Sun

first kiss

Photo by Forged In The North; Design & Planning by Jove Meyer Events; Floral Design by Doan Ly

We’re seeing a sunset in this chuppah! Chrysanthemum flowers in yellow, orange, pale pink, and white create a sunny palette in a floral curtain with an ombre effect—the perfect complement for a ceremony at dusk.

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Look for a Dramatic Doorway

first kiss

Photo by Tida Svy; Design & Planning by One Darling Day.; Floral Design by Shindig Chic


Why spend money on a ceremony backdrop when your venue already has one for you? If your venue features rich architecture or a unique design, look for a dramatic entryway to say your vows in front of. You can always add a few touches, as this bride did with pink peony accents.

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Channel Your Inner Surfer

wedding ceremony

Photo by Angie Diaz Photography; Design & Planning by Couture Events Maui


We think this stunning Hawaii wedding backdrop complete with banyan trees and endless ocean views will do, but this couple took it a step further with gorgeous vintage wooden surfboards that served as twin ceremony pieces.

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Build a Flower Wall

ceremony backdrop

Photo by Harwell Photography; Design & Planning by DK Events; Floral Design by Bloomy

A custom-built wall of vivid white and green flowers complements this tropical oasis of a ceremony area. Pro tip: Repurpose your ceremony wall during the reception for a photo backdrop! We love a good statement piece that not only enhances a wedding’s design but saves money, too.

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Go Abstract

couple kissing

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography; Design & Planning by Aaron Hahnselle

Artsy couples, this idea is for you! This couple got married in an art gallery, making bold artwork as a backdrop a given. If you’re feeling this contemporary style, see which art galleries in your city are available as a venue or get creative and DIY your own masterpiece with a canvas and some paint.

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Bring Out the Copper

first kiss

Photo by Jenn Emerling; Design & Planning by Ashley Smith, Buzzworthy SF; Floral Design by Rito Ito

This couple kept their backdrop simple so their altar could shine. Their florist constructed it out of copper piping, adorning it with greenery and white flowers for a final look that’s utterly sophisticated and romantic.

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Pick Pampas


Photo by  Heather Waraksa of The Wedding Artist Co.; Design & Planning by BK Events; Floral Design by Of the Flowers

We’re suckers for some good pampas grass accents, especially when they comprise the wedding backdrop. Mixed with burgundy and pink autumnal blooms, pampas grass adds an unexpected element to this wedding foliage. 

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Go Green

bride and groom

Photo by Laurken Kendall; Design & Planning by Dahlia Bastien of Eventia; Floral Design by Maye Cordova Events

A rich wall overflowing with greenery can do wonders as a wedding backdrop. Pair it with potted cacti, bohemian rugs, and lanterns at the altar for an indie vibe.

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Make a Statement


Photo by Cambria Grace; Floral Design by Foret Design Studio


A structural chuppah brings a modern flair to this garden ceremony, but our favorite element is the swag of greenery boasting orchids and calla lilies that beautifies it.

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Lean Toward Minimalism


Photo by Andrew Parsons and Kate Moore


Less is more with this wedding backdrop, which consists of two potted arching vines. The simplistic look has a botanic minimalist vibe that fit perfectly with this couple’s Scandinavian-meets-rainforest style. Let it inspire you to juxtapose two seemingly opposite tastes of your own!

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Enhance a Gazebo


Photo by Nancy Ebert; Design & Planning by Estelle Kouma; Floral Design by Floriane Fleuriste

A wrought-iron gazebo on the grounds of a French chateau evokes old world romance. Baby’s breath, white local garden roses, greenery, and gauzy white curtains breathe new life into this vintage treasure. If you’re seeking a destination wedding, we recommend scanning the grounds of a chateau or estate before booking your venue—you might just find your dream wedding backdrop there!

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Catch Your Dreams

beach wedding

Photo by MemoryBox Photography; Design & Planning by Andrea Freeman Events; Floral Design by Maria Limon


A laidback beach wedding calls for some equally free-spirited décor. This wedding backdrop nailed that with dream catchers and macrame fluttering their tassels in the wind. Complete the look with your aisle décor in the form of pampas grass aisle markers.

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Think Big

giant wreath

Photo by Sarah Falugo; Design & Planning by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; Floral Design by Arts District Florals

This oversized wreath of pampas grass is pure forest magic, especially when set against a backdrop of towering redwoods. The couple chose this six-foot-tall ring to symbolize their “eternal and everlasting love.” Come reception time, they moved it behind their sweetheart table for full effect.

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Opt for Flower Power

flower wall

Photo by  Kate Headley; Design & Planning by Victoria Stachlewitz of Events by Honeybee; Floral Design by Susan McLeary

Gorgeous and decadent, this eight-by-eight flower wall is absolutely everything. The bride wanted to evoke a floral tapestry and that’s exactly what she did with a mix of ferns, baby’s breath, andromeda, carnations, and delphinium. The lush pastel-hued botanicals bring to mind the gardens of versailles.

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Build Your Own

bride and groom kissing ceremony

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

An altar built of fallen oak branches and decorated with garden roses and eucalyptus perfectly suited a ranch wedding. We also think this bohemian-meets-rustic look befits a ceremony on a farm or in your backyard.

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Choose Vibrant Colors

wedding ceremony

Photo by Edward Winter for READYLUCK; Design & Planning by Pink Bowtie Events; Floral Design by Faye & Renee

This bride drew inspiration from her orange-and-yellow sari for her wedding palette, and the result is sunny and bright. An eye-catching mandap bursts with mango leaves and bright spring colors that pop with coral, pinks, and orange flowers. The structure takes it to full effect, shrouded in foliage and featuring a curtain of hanging florals. Underneath it all, an assortment of rugs completes the look.

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Use Wallpaper

first kiss

Photo by Mon Soleil; Design & Planning by Sapphire Events; Floral Design by Poppy & Mint Floral Company; Ceremony Backdrop by Alexandra Kilburn

This couple gets an A+ for creativity when it comes to their wedding backdrop. They commissioned a local artist to create it using tropical chinoiserie wallpaper inspired by 19th-century botanical illustrations. But the vintage style also has a modern feel, with its shades of green and millennial pink adding a pop of color.

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Create a Sacred Space

wedding altar

Photo by James x Schulze; Design by Eclectic Hive; Floral Design by Bare Root Flora

This wedding backdrop makes us feel like we stepped right into a magical outdoor ceremony. Tibetan wood-carved doors act as an altar. Set against a wall of green and framed by white flowers and greenery, it creates a sacred feel.

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Fashion a Wall of Wheat

wheat backdrop

Photo by Cassidy Carson Photography; Design & Planning by Fête Nashville; Floral Design by Enchanted Florist

Bunches of wheat were compiled to create a wedding backdrop perfect for this barn setting. The wheat wall brings in some golden shine to the ceremony.

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Tie in Classic and Rustic

first kiss

Photo by Ana & Jerome; Design & Planning by David Pressman Events; Floral Design by Elena Damy

This wedding so effortlessly weaves in different wedding themes, from black-tie elements to carefree beach vibes and a rustic wooden arch. The latter is proof that your wedding backdrop doesn’t need to exactly click with your wedding style to work. This couple tied it into theirs by adorning it with classic white flowers.

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Get Romantic

wedding aisle

Photo by Pat Furey Photography; Floral Design by Designs By Ahn

A floral chuppah made up of roses, hydrangeas, garden roses, and white cherry blossoms exude romance. Combined with a ceiling of fairy lights and an aisle sparkling in candlelight, the overall look softens the industrial space. We love this wedding backdrop for a spring wedding!

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Add a Tent


Photo by Katherine Ann Rose; Design & Planning by Lynden Lane Co.; Floral Design by Keith J. Laverty

Who knew tents could look so sophisticated? This black-and-white tented gazebo—set against splendid palms and desert mountains!—is the definition of Palm Springs chic. Urns filled with baby’s breath complete the makeshift altar.

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Float a Chuppah

floating chuppah

Photo by Anna Marks Photography; Design & Planning by Bustle Events; Floral Design by Amanda Vidmar Design

This wedding backdrop has several things going for it. There’s the silver curtained background, which looks utterly rich behind a row of potted tropical plants. And then there’s the stunning floating chuppah created out of delphinium and smilax. Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” under that?

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Consider an Installation

giant wreath

Photo by Luna de Mare; Design & Planning by Gold Leaf Event Design; Floral Design by Aspen Branch

Frame dramatic views with a circle installation covered in lush greenery, white flowers, and blackberries, and blueberries. It not only represents the unity of your love but a window into the Aspen mountains beyond—or whatever your choice of nature’s backdrop may be!

Still looking for more #inspo? Check out more altar and wedding backdrop ideas in the gallery below.

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