14 Sweet Strawberry Wedding Cakes

Feature the most charming berry!

strawberry wedding cake

Photo by Lloyd Photo and Films; Cake by The Sweet Side

Once you’ve set the date and secured your dream venue, it’s all about the details. Wedding planning incorporates so many choices, from your wedding day look to the flowers and the reception food. Another main component? Your wedding cake.

If you’re planning a warm-weather wedding, you may be hoping for a light and bright wedding cake flavor. And while there are plenty of fun and fruity options from lemon and coconut to blood orange, there’s one fruit that simply screams late spring and summer. Enter: a strawberry cake.

Strawberry wedding cakes can come in a variety of forms, whether you choose to incorporate strawberry-flavored cake, a strawberry jam filling, or fresh sliced strawberries. Of course, strawberries can be used to decorate the exterior of your wedding cake as well!

Think this sweet fruit is the perfect fit for your wedding day dessert? Read on for 14 strawberry wedding cakes.

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Pick Pink Buttercream

pastel pink wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Lynn Dunston Photography; Cake by Old Danville Bakery

What better way to give a hint at your cake flavor than to opt for a light pink hue? We love the stunning pastel buttercream paired with fresh blooms on this confection. This two-layered beauty featured a lemon cake with strawberry filling on the bottom tier and chocolate dulce de leche on the top.

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Dress Up a Naked Cake

naked cake with berries

Photo by De joy photography; Cake by Parker-Lusseau Pastries

There's no denying that a naked cake makes a statement at any wedding. Layers of vanilla cake and vanilla frosting create a beautiful contrast to command attention. To make this cake even better? It was dressed up for an alfresco celebration and featured plenty of fresh strawberries. To finish the look, fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, roses, and a dusting of powdered sugar were added.

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Pair Flavor and Elegance

wedding cake with blue florals

Photo by Olivia Van Dyke; Cake by West Coast Cakes

What's the best dessert to serve for a late-summer wedding? For many, it's all about fresh strawberries! At first glance, you'd never know this sweet featured plenty of berries, but it sure did. With vanilla cake and a fresh strawberry filling, it was the perfect fit. Dressed up with a light layer of buttercream frosting, along with blue delphinium, this cake was the perfect blend of simple, yet, elegant and just what the couple had wanted.

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Make a Statement With a Strawberry Drip

cake with strawberry drip

Photo by Lloyd Photo and Films; Cake by The Sweet Side

We've definitely seen a chocolate drip or a caramel drip on cakes. But a strawberry drip? What a way to make a statement! This three-tiered semi-naked cake certainly commanded attention by featuring fresh strawberries on each layer, complete with a vibrant red drizzle.

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Choose Millefoglie



Want a strawberry wedding cake without all of the, well, cake? Millefoglie is an Italian dessert made up of puff pastry, custard, and plenty of fresh berries, and it's the perfect alternative. The best part? You could choose to have a strawberry-only millefoglie, or opt to mix and match berries. It's all up to you!

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Have Fun With Fruit

naked wedding cake with fruit

Photo by Katie Stoops; Cake by Cakes by Rachel

What's the perfect fit for a farm-inspired wedding? A fresh cake! This three-tiered sweet looks incredibly refreshing with layers of vanilla buttercream. To dress it up even further, each tier featured fresh fruits. Strawberries and other berries are scattered on each layer for the perfect balance of elegant-meets-whimsical.

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Feature Colored Buttercream

strawberry wedding cake

Photo by Shannon Ford Photography; Cake by Cake Envy

Nothing screams strawberry like a pretty pink hue! We love the look of tinted buttercream, especially when it hints at the wedding cake's flavor at the same time. Work with your baker to include strawberry in the filling of your wedding cake, as well as a flavored, colored buttercream on the exterior for a true celebration of this favorite fruit.

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Keep It Simple

tall white tiered wedding cake

Photo by Valorie Darling; Cake by Sweet Frostings

Don't want to decorate the exterior of your cake with strawberries? No problem! Keep things classic and elegant, while still embracing this delicious flavor. This five-tiered cake certainly made a jaw-dropping statement in all-white. The cake was layered with buttercream and sliced strawberries for a fresh, delicious bite.

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Combine Caramel and Berries

wedding cake with berries and caramel


While this cake wasn't strawberry flavored, the addition of these darling berries certainly took it to the next level. The three-tiered semi-naked cake was garnished with a luscious caramel drizzle for a unique design. To complete the look, fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and greenery made it all the more beautiful.

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Pair Berries and Blooms

small cake with flowers

Photo by Meraki Wedding Photo & Film

Would you believe that this cake came from a grocery store? The Berry Chantilly cake from Whole Foods is becoming such a popular choice for couples who want something simply delicious with no fuss. The vanilla cake is filled with fresh berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Once you pick it up, all you'll have to do is add a personal touch with fresh blooms to match the rest of your wedding's aesthetic.

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Carry Tradition With Strawberries and Cream

tiered wedding cake with whipped cream and strawberries

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett; Cake by Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

The cascade of blooms on the exterior of this cake certainly commanded attention. But it got even better once the couple cut the cake! Inside, this three-tiered sweet was made up of vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It was a nod to the couple's family tradition of serving this flavor combo at every family birthday and special occasion. How sweet!

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Make It Moody

wedding cake with berries

PHOTO BY AMORE VITA; CAKE BY Elegance on Display

Who says a strawberry cake is only for a light and bright wedding? This moody cake proves a point. Consider featuring layers of delicious cake, and dress up the exterior with plenty of strawberries, along with other berries if you choose. The color palette is sure to look stunning for a late-summer or early-fall wedding.

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Pair Strawberry and Cream Cheese

single tier wedding cake

Photo by Peyton Byford

What type of frosting is the perfect pairing for a strawberry cake? Cream cheese frosting! It brings a tangy balance to a sweet berry cake. This single-tiered cake was made by the bride's sister as the kindest gift on her wedding day. We love the look of the luscious, wispy frosting paired with beautiful pastel blooms.

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Showcase a Strawberry Filling

wedding cake with purple flowers

Photo by Christine Brizendine of Dabble Me This; Cake by Cake Chicago

While you can't tell from the exterior, this darling cake certainly made strawberries front and center when it came to flavor. Yellow butter cake was layered with salted caramel and the center was made up of strawberry preserves. Talk about the most delicious flavor pairing, all dressed up in a stunning display complete with charming blooms.

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