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20 Ways to Style Straight Hair for Your Wedding

These are straight winners.

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Photo by Norman + Blake

Everyone wants what they can't have, which is why brides with straight hair often have trouble when it comes to deciding what they're going to do with their hair on the big day. Bridal hair is synonymous with curls, from bombshell waves to half-up, half-down 'dos, but straight-haired brides are all too familiar with spending hours curling, setting, and spraying their curls just for them to fall within an hour.

The solution? Embrace your natural tresses on your wedding day to ensure you end up with a look you love, and that looks like you. Straight styles can be equally as elegant as the tight curls and loose waves commonly seen in popular bridal hairstyles. You can wear straight hair down, up, or in braids to show off the highlights and dimensions in your hair color. Straight wedding hairstyles can be glamorous and chic, or effortlessly laidback and low-key. Whatever look you're going for on your big day, there's a straight wedding hairstyle to match.

Looking for straight wedding hairstyle inspiration? We've got you covered. Below, check out 20 of our favorite straight wedding hairstyles from real brides.

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Sleek and Straight

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by A Sea of Love

With such gorgeous dark hair, little styling is needed. Keep those strands looking glossy by using a shine serum after straightening to keep the frizz at bay. A middle part completes this minimalist bridal look.

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Blow It Out

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by James x Schulze

Maybe your hair can't hold a curl, but if you want to add some body, volume, and movement to your straight wedding style, we suggest getting a blowout from a professional the day of or the day before your wedding. Avoid your hair falling flat by using a volume-boosting blow dry spray, which weightlessly plumps your strands for fuller-looking hair.

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Pony Up

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Brides with straight hair can wear a ponytail in two different ways: messy and boho, like the bride pictured here, or a super chic red carpet-inspired hairstyle. Both styles look effortlessly cool and show off wedding dresses featuring a deep V-neckline in the front or back.

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Multi-Layer Half-Up, Half-Down

straight hair

Photo by Jaclyn Nolin Photography 

With straight hair, it's all about adding dimension to what's usually a very flat surface. This multi-layered half-up, half-down style makes the bride's hair look extra long and thick.

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Timeless Chignon

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

Updos are perfect for brides with straight hair because there are so many different shapes and styles you can create. This bride went with a timeless chignon positioned neatly above the crown, making her naturally straight hair look gorgeously thick.

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Relaxed Low Bun

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Erich McVey

Low-maintenance brides love low buns because it keeps their hair out of their faces and off the back of their necks, which is especially important to consider for summer weddings. This bride went with a simple bun pinned close against her head with a little bit of volume at the crown and the front section swooped cleanly behind her ear.

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Bouncy Bob

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Erich McVey

Anyone with super straight hair has more than likely had a bob during their lifetime. Styling a straight-haired bob is incredibly easy: blow it out to add some body and curl the ends inward for a super chic look. A deep side part adds drama.

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Slicked-Back Volume

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Jenny Naima Photography

One of the best things about straight hair is that it always looks elegant and polished. Take this simple, slicked-back bun. The volume in the center of the hair adds height to the hairstyle, giving it that classic, formal bridal look.

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Let Your Hair Down

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Joey Willis

Worried about your curls falling flat? Let them! The end result is a tousled-looking soft wave that feels very earthy and ethereal.

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Straight Bangin'

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Johanna Rosenlew 

From the Bridgette Bardot bangs to those undone slightly wavy locks, there's so much we love about this effortless bridal hairstyle. But what we love even more is the simplicity of this style against a showstopping bouquet and long-sleeved dress.

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Crowning Moment

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Betsi Ewing

Embellished hair crowns worn backward, like the bride is wearing here, stun from the back but keep the front looking simple and soft. It also gives the bridal look a bit of edge, which stands out against an overall very feminine look.

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Polished Layers

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Dana Fernandez

If you have long hair show it off by letting your tresses fall naturally. A layered haircut is super versatile, but we love how a simple all-down look shows off all those intricate layers and adds tons of movement.

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Beautiful Blunt Bangs

straight hair wedding styles

Photo by Norman & Blake 

Bangs look amazing on brides with straight hair, and we're obsessed with how this bride styled hers. This blunt cut is super flattering on her face shape and adds structure to the look without distracting from the dress.

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Wrapped Bun

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Dennis Roy Coronel

This beautiful bride's glossy wrapped bun is proof that straight wedding hairstyles can elevate any bridal look. With or without a veil, this style is a straight winner.

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Straight Down the Middle

straight hair

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Traditionally, brides have their hair parted down the middle when they wear a maang tikka, a traditional piece of head jewelry that is adorned by South Asian women on their wedding day for good luck. This bride just curled the ends of her hair, leaving the bulk of it straight to not distract from the statement piece.

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Easy Elegance

straight hair brides

Photo by Kate Headley 

A simple updo goes well with just about any bridal look, but it looks especially stunning against this patterned wedding dress. With a few face-framing layers pulled out from one side, the beautiful bride remains in focus instead of obscured in a sea of hair.

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Loose Locks

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Joey Willis

This romantic scalloped veil is simply stunning on its own. Straight hair makes for a striking complement to her dainty bridal look.

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Chic Center Part

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Lindsey Shorter

A wedding dress that wows deserves a hairstyle that whispers. That's what this chic center part does here, keeping all the attention on the bride and her gorgeous gown.

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Ballerina Bun

Straight Wedding Hairstyles


Ballerinas were onto something when they made the high bun part of their signature look. It shows off your face, the dress, and keeps your hair from catching in your mouth during an outdoor ceremony. Plus, it looks amazing with a veil, as seen here.

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A Floral Accent

straight wedding haistyles

Photo by Olivia Rae James 

Dress up a simple updo by adding a flower on one side of the bun for a romantic, boho-inspired look. We love the contrast of the white flower against the bride's dark hair here, but you can use any flower that matches your wedding bouquet or style.

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