The Best Role to Give a Little Sister Who Is Too Old to Be a Flower Girl and Too Young to Be a Bridesmaid

Your family should be an integral part of your wedding, but finding a place for each and every loved one is easier said than done. Case in point: a sister who has outgrown the role of flower girl but hasn't quite reached the maturity required of a full-fledged bridesmaid. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the perfect post for a sibling who craves a spot in the ceremony — without all of the pressure.

If your younger sibling is too young for a bridesmaid role but well beyond her flower girl years, the position of junior bridesmaid may be the perfect fit. By taking on the role of junior bridesmaid, your younger sister can join the bridal party and enjoy the experience of participating in the wedding from start to finish without the overwhelming responsibilities often taken on by the bridesmaids. A junior bridesmaid may occasionally assist on small wedding planning tasks and events, but her primary task is to saunter down the aisle with the wedding party sporting a more modest rendition of the dresses selected for your bridesmaids. You can, of course, cater the role to both you and your younger sister's preferences, whether heavy involvement in the wedding is desired or not. Whereas your bridesmaids themselves are major players in your wedding, a junior bridesmaid performs a supporting role that is equally significant but markedly less stressful.

An older junior bridesmaid may take on more of a role in the pre-wedding festivities. Your engagement party, bachelorette bash, and impromptu planning sessions are all fair game if your sister is amenable and is old enough to contribute to the experience. Bestowing the role of junior bridesmaid on your sister is a wonderful way to include her as you take the next steps in your life.

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