You Can Now Buy the Blue Convertible from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding

Warning: Riding royal comes at a hefty price tag

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Everyone wants some of that Markle Sparkle, but now we have taken our obsession to the next level: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's iconic blue Jaguar getaway car is being replicated for the public to purchase. Basically, you won't see us traveling in anything other than this badass ride.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding on May 19, the couple changed into their second outfits of the day and left for their reception in a Jaguar E-Type, according to Kensington Palace. The car, which was originally made in 1968, was recently converted into electric power for an updated ride.

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Dreaming of riding into the sunset in this getaway car? You're in luck: Jaguar has announced that they are planning to offer electric versions of the E-Type to the public. Jaguar will be converting classic cars to electric power rather than reissuing the car itself. The newly renovated cars will run on lithium-ion battery packs that will allow them to travel 170 miles on one charge.

"We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the Jaguar E-type Zero concept," Tim Hannig, director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, explained in a press release. "Future-proofing the enjoyment of classic car ownership is a major stepping stone for Jaguar Classic."

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But before your race off to find your wallet, we should warn you: this new ride will set you back a cool $450,000 (£350,000). Oh, and it won't be available until 2020, according to the Daily Mail. Sorry.

It may be a few years away, but riding like a princess isn't out of the question. You can find a replica of Meghan Markle's wedding dress and drive the same car she rode in on her wedding day. All that's left is your prince!


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