You Can Ditch This Wedding Trend in 2018

It's officially out of style

Updated 04/05/18

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Calligraphy by Atelier Imagine Joy

As we all know, every wedding trend must come to an end. This year, custom wedding hashtags are getting the boot. That's right, no need to have your friends and family put on their thinking caps to create a pun out of you and your fiancé's names or love story.

Of course, this doesn't mean that wedding hashtags are completely passé—if you're #TurningSmith and proud of it, flaunt all the custom hashtags you want! But because this wedding trend was created in response to social media platforms (particularly Instagram), it's only natural that it will shift and change with as those platforms evolve.

With the advent of Instagram stories, fewer people are relying solely on their main feeds to share images and video. What remains on feeds is more curated and predetermined than ever, so people looking to use a hashtag to find photos of their wedding all in one place might be disappointed by how little is captured there.

This doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to scroll through candids at brunch the next morning, though. Joy—the digital wedding planning platform whose experts are predicting the demise of custom hashtags—has created a loophole. Their app makes it possible to upload photos and video to a collection that only you and your guests have access to. With this option, you and everyone in attendance can see and comment on all those intimate memories without crowding out your personal feeds or disappearing from your story while you're en route to the honeymoon.

We all love the amateur photographer every wedding guest turns into in the middle of the dance floor or as the couple cuts the cake. Instead of relying on screenshots and vanishing videos, consider connecting to a shared iCloud or Joy album so you can see everything your guests captured.

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