8 Brides on the Most Annoying Parts of Wedding Planning

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As insanely exciting as wedding planning is, sometimes it can be a total pain, too. From guest list woes to actually tackling those DIY projects you found on Pinterest, the stress of bringing your big day to life is often enough to leave even the most with its bride feeling utterly overwhelmed. But don't worry, you are not alone! We asked real brides to fess up to their least favorite part of the whole planning process. We're sure you can relate.

Setting a Budget and Balancing Expectations

"My fiancé and I are both in our early 30s so there's a certain assumption that we have more income to pay for our own wedding, which I wish were the case. Finding a way to subtly ask our families how much they will be contributing and having those conversations has been super awkward, to say the least. Trying to balance everyone's expectations is tough too. If one side of the family is contributing more, do they get more say in the planning, more people for the guest list?" — Megan

Coping With Peer Pressure From Friends

"I expected my family to have strong opinions about the wedding, but not so much my friends. Um, boy was I wrong! One girl I know stopped by with a huge stack of wedding magazines and pointed out a billion things I needed to do to. Another had very rigid ideas regarding what a wedding should be and definitely wasn't shy about expressing her dismay whenever I strayed from tradition." — Jackie

Dealing With Unreliable Vendors

"My least favorite part of wedding planning was having a contract completely fall apart and having to bring in legal help to deal with it!" — Annmarie

Waiting on RSVPs

"And trying to track them down! I'm the most impatient person in the world, and I'd really like to go ahead and get our seating chart squared away and our escort cards ordered. Unfortunately, our guests don't seem to have a big sense of urgency." — Kendall

Ironing out the Guest List

"So far, the hardest thing for us has been finalizing the guest list, between all the miscommunication and attempting to explain to both sets of parents that we're trying to keep the guest list under a certain number since we're primarily paying for the wedding ourselves." — Cristin

Choosing the Seating Arrangements

"My least favorite part of wedding planning was creating the seating chart. We had a sit-down dinner at our wedding and my husband and I spent so much time strategically placing people at tables and moving people around. It was quite the headache!" — Veronica

Tackling the DIY Projects

"I definitely had a love/hate relationship with all the DIY stuff for my wedding. It was just so time-consuming, but of course, when it all came together I was really proud of it." — Carolyn

Gathering Addresses

"Trying to round up (and organize) addresses for our save the dates, then having to double-check them all again before sending out our invitations was like nails on a chalkboard for me! Also, figuring out how to address each envelope according to proper etiquette rules was exhausting!" — Rachel

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