These Might Just Be the Worst Wedding Dresses We've Ever Seen

Updated 09/30/16


No matter if you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a classic lace ball gown or a modern minimalist slip, all brides-to-be hope to stand-out on their wedding day in a gorgeous wedding dress. (Shouldn't that just be a given? You are the bride, after all!) But we certainly don't have any doubts that these brides had any trouble with that one! These ladies definitely weren't shy with their show-stopping numbers, opting for wedding dresses that you need to see to believe.

We're big believers that all brides are beautiful in their dream wedding dresses, but even we have to admit that some of these over-the-top frocks are more nightmare fodder than the stuff of sweet dreams. The Daily Mail rounded up "the world's worst wedding dresses" and some of these bridal ensembles have us clutching our pearls. From cut-outs in the most interesting of places to necklines that redefine the word cleavage, these outrageous wedding dresses are bound to get grandma swooning when you walk down the aisle.

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Tons of brides want a va-va-voom wedding dress with sultry sex appeal. While that might mean a curve-hugging mermaid gown for most, this bride said "I do" to cleavage — and lots of it. Girlfriend is about an inch away from a major wardrobe malfunction...

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This bride better steer clear of anything sharp and pointy with a wedding dress made entirely out of balloons. Looks like she better be really, really careful with the edges of her wedding ring if she wants to avoid flashing the entire wedding party.

Photo: Imgur

Meanwhile, how about this gown that's so hot, it's emblazoned with red hot flames? And while some expectant brides attempt to find a wedding dress silhouette that hides their baby belly, this woman was so proud of her mom-to-be status that she let that bump take center stage thanks to a strategically-placed cut-out.

One thing's for sure: These brides certainly found frocks that matched their personal style. That's all that matters, right? Right?!

If you want to see even more disastrous wedding dresses (seriously, you'll feel SO much better about that too-short hemline alteration mishap on yours...), click through the Imgur album below.

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