8 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Wonder Woman

The Amazons of Themyscira knew a thing or two about rocking a good braid

Courtesy of Kayley Melissa (via Instagram)

Wonder Woman hit theaters finalllyyy on June 2, and the film was absolutely awesome, to say the least. But in between battle scenes and the Amazons' fight to stop Ares, we couldn't help but notice (and fall in love with) their gorgeous locks. Some styled their strands with intricate braids, while some kept it simple with a loose bun. They were all equally stunning. We found ourselves wondering if these styles were wedding appropriate, and the answer is yes. Ahead, we've listed some of our favorite Amazon-inspired hairstyles that are perfect to rock down the aisle.

The ladies of Themyscira were all about laid-back ‘dos. Ares can come back at any minute; there are bigger things to worry about! This loose fishtail braid is not only glam enough to rock on your wedding day, it also totally holds up from ceremony to reception—and maybe a battle here and there.

A ponytail doesn't have to be boring! Just ask the Amazons. These gals would add tons of flair to their luxurious strands by adding twists in various sections. For this style, part hair in the middle, grab two pieces of hair from the sides, and twist! If you want extra volume, tease the sides before twisting and finish with hairspray.

Pump up the volume with this seamless yet incredibly detailed updo. Grab the top section of hair, tease it a bit for extra oomph, and add a loose braid for depth. Braid the bottom half of hair to pin directly underneath the crown, comb out some baby hairs, and you’re ready for war (or your wedding day!).

If you fell totally in love with Diana’s beach braid, then re-create this hairstyle, which is inspired by the look. Split strands in four parts, then braid hair from the crown of your head (while grabbing the split strands as you go) for a style that’ll hold up all day.

A good warrior knows the importance of keeping hair away from the face, but on your wedding day, you’re going to want to show off your gorgeous locks! Find a balance with this low-maintenance half-up, half-down ‘do. Simply part hair in the middle, tease the top a bit, and wrap it around in a somewhat undone bun. Conceal pins underneath the hair and you’re all set!

A hairstyle fit for an Amazon princess (or bride!). To achieve this gorgeous half-up, half-down ‘do, part hair at the top in three sections, adding a small fishtail braid to the middle part. Wrap the top half in a high, somewhat loose bun, and use a large-barrel curling iron to create soft, beachy waves.

A big, voluminous side braid is sure to give your pony some oomph. After parting most of your hair to one side, French-braid strands while taking sections of varied thickness along the way. If one piece of the braid happens to be a bit too tight, take the sharper edge of a rattail comb to slightly loosen the strands.

And last but not least, Wonder Woman’s go-to look for battle: effortless beach waves. Curl hair with a large-barrel iron (or curling wand), taking pieces of varied thickness for depth. To create that lived-in, beachy look, add a texturizing or sea-salty spray. Don’t be afraid to play around with your strands; this look is totally low fuss.

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