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Women’s Health? There’s an App for That

Help right at the tip of your fingers.

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It seems that there’s an app for just about everything these days—banking, weather, gaming, organizing, social media, and beyond. Yet many women might not know of the incredible resources out there when it comes to women’s health and wellness.

Whether you’re looking to track your cycle, solve a medical problem, or find some inner peace, check out our 10 favorite health and wellness apps for females.

Maven Clinic

Consider this app a digital clinic, of sorts, specifically for women. A comprehensive source with doctors, therapists, nurse practitioners, and nutritionists, it’s a go-to place for quick responses to questions and prescription access. (And the first appointment is free!) Bringing health care to you when you need it, it’ll not only help to answer questions via video chat or private message (if you're a little embarrassed to ask face to face), but you can also get access to much-needed medicines (like birth control or UTI treatments) on demand. Plus, for each “appointment” you book through Maven, it’ll also provide care to women in need.

7 Cups

Offering online therapy that’s affordable, flexible, and convenient, 7 Cups provides text-based psychotherapy, as well as compassionate and trained “active listeners” if you need instant support. Browse through a carefully curated listener database to find the perfect set of ears, or opt for more formal therapy based on the uniqueness of your needs and goals.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand connects you with a board-certified doctor and/or therapist via live video within minutes, offering treatment for both urgent and chronic conditions, preventive medicine (like smoking cessation or weight-loss counseling), and women’s health issues. Open 24/7 with over 1 million users, Doctor on Demand makes it easy to be on top of your health.


Ava takes fertility monitoring to a new level. Wearing the Ava bracelet at night monitors sleep, pulse, heart rate, and temperature via sensory technology—all physiological signs of fertility. After nightly wear, the bracelet synchs with the convenient app and provides insight to your most fertile days. The Ava bracelet and app continue to be beneficial throughout pregnancy too.


The Care/of app provides personalized vitamins and supplements (including pre-natal vitamins) based on your own unique areas of need. For a nominal fee, you’ll answer some questions about your health and lifestyle, see what it recommends for you, amend the recommendations based on personal preferences, and then receive personalized packs of daily vitamins straight to your door. Added bonus: Every purchase you make through the program helps Care/of’s partnership with the GOOD+ foundation to put prenatal vitamins in the hands of a mother in need.

Couple Counseling

Couple Counseling puts you directly in touch with a therapist, enabling you to ask any questions or make advice requests instantly through “Ask the Couples Expert.” “Couples Chatting,” another feature, allows you to instantly message your own partner or spouse through topics of conversation that are geared to enable productive and healthy communication. This app also provides relationship quizzes, shareable note features, relationship tips, and more.


Sometimes, you just need to talk it out. And who better than with a trained therapist, when and where you need one? Through TalkSpace, you’ll be matched with a therapist based on your needs, and you can then figure out a plan that works for both your budget and your goals. Once you’re matched, you can message with your therapist at your convenience, within the service agreement.


Currently available in 16 states, Lemonaid brings quality on-demand health care straight to your smartphone. Through the app, you’ll answer a few quick questions, upload a photo, select a pharmacy, and have your prescription requests reviewed by a qualified doctor within a two-hour timeframe, all for a $25 visit fee. If for some reason the doctor can’t help you, the fee will be refunded. Lemonaid can help with issues ranging from birth control pills to sinus infections, UTIs, and more.


There are tons of fertility-tracking apps on the market, and one of our favorites is Ovia. This innovative app helps you to track not only the days in your cycle but your symptoms, nutrition, feelings of well-being, intimacy dates, cervical position and mucus, and any ovulation or pregnancy test results, making it a one-stop shop for fertility monitoring. You can even type in organized notes about anything important or out of the ordinary that may be occurring so that your next doctor’s appointment is as compressive and detailed as can be.

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Looking to get your “om” on, or even just a little relaxation? Headspace is a guided meditation app that will soothe your thoughts and rest your body. In the initial phase, you’ll do a 10-day beginner set that will lead up to specialized series including those for pain management, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, patience, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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