More Women Are Searching for Ways to Propose to Men

Move over boys, we've got this

Woman Proposing to Man

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If you're tired of waiting for that ring and are planning to take matters into your own hands by proposing to your partner, you’re not alone. According to new data from Pinterest the percentage of women thinking about proposing to a man has tripled.

The search for “women propose to men ideas” has increased 336 percent year over year, according to the data. Are you surprised? The stigma around men having to propose to women in heterosexual relationships has (thankfully) been fading away. In a 2016 survey, found that 95 percent of men would be into a woman making the first move, like going in for a kiss or asking for a phone number. Even before that in 2015, Glamour found that 70 percent of guys would be totally down for a woman proposing—so it's no shock that in 2018 women aren’t waiting around to get what they want.

Another search term that has experienced significant growth on Pinterest is “unique lesbian proposals,” which is up 1,352 percent! The traditional proposal formula—when the guy asks the girl—doesn’t exactly help out two brides-to-be, so it’s obvious why this search gets so much attention. Plus, the Pinterest search comes up with stunning rainbow engagement ring pins and cute LGBTQ wedding photos to fawn over.

Pinterest gets more than 111 million wedding related searches, so it knows what’s trending across the wedding spectrum. The platform's new data found that fishtail french braids and low buns were up in search among wedding hairstyles, and icy makeup and a natural cat eye were popular for wedding day makeup. When it comes to nails, brides are apparently interested in soft white acrylic nails and "neutral nails, rose gold sparkle."

As for engagement photo trends, everyone is a comedian. “Humorous engagement photos” searches is up by 586 percent. Users also want to play up the seasonal trends in their photos. We are currently in the thick of engagement season—Pinterest searches for engagement ideas increase an average of 40 percent from June to January—which means people are searching for "flannel," "fall beach" and "Christmas tree" in addition to their search. Popular location searches include mountain engagement photos and San Francisco.

Engagement season isn’t over yet! If you’re planning on popping the question, there is still time to incorporate these trends.

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