Woman Reusing Ugly '90s Bridesmaid Dress Goes Viral

Fashionable and functional?

Updated 07/06/17

Tammi Kippes Sauer/Facebook

What is it that brides always say to their bridesmaids to talk them into buying matching bridesmaid dresses? "You'll get so much use out of it!" and "You can wear it out!" and even, "You can have it cut/dyed/altered and just wear it to parties!" No offense, but yeah, right. A bridesmaid dress, even the really pretty ones, tend to fit the taste of the bride more than the taste of the maid. And the downside of going with something trendy? The style looks dated, fast.

Take, for instance, Tammi Sauer, who wed the love of her life 22 years ago and recently posted a picture of the wedding party to commemorate her anniversary. In true '90s fashion, Sauer had her bridesmaids dressed in crimson column gowns made of drapelike material, featuring off-the-shoulder, white lace trim. She included in the caption: "My apologies for those dresses, ladies."

One of her bridesmaids, Heidi Mann, still had her dress, so she took the opportunity to prove what an all-purpose garment it really was. She responded to Sauer's post with a photo collage of herself wearing the dress while doing everyday activities like reading, carrying groceries, and watering her plants. Fashion meet function!

Now, just how '90s were these dresses? The most '90s they could possibly be. They were "handmade by moms, grandmas, and random seamstresses," Sauer told BuzzFeed, from a Jessica McClintock pattern (which means they were inexpensive and unique and totally of their time).

For her part, Mann is something of a vintage dress collector. According to BuzzFeed, she has "eight other bridesmaid dresses, three prom dresses, and one eighth-grade recognition dress in her house," all of which she is saving for her daughter. We're sure she will be very appreciative of...

And to be fair, I did hem an old dress of my mother's to wear for my high school graduation, so there's really no reason to ever throw anything away, especially not anything that could be used to create internet fodder. Thanks for the memories, Tammi and Heidi!

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