Here's Why a Photography Drone Should Make Your Wedding Guest List

According to five professional photographers

Updated 05/18/17

Photo by Cotton Weddings

Finding a way to capture every memory of your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you hire a photographer and videographer, you might find that you are asking guests and family members to bring along their cameras and tripods so that no memory is forgotten and every single important part of the day is captured.

One way couples are making this easier for everyone is with drones. Wondering about the benefits of having one flying around during your ceremony and at the reception? Check out what these five photographers say are the main reasons to have a drone on your wedding day.

1. Capture the Full Venue

"Location, location, location. Maximize the view around and at your venue. You chose it for a reason! Show it off!" —Dawn Temple of Dawn Temple Photography

2. Remember Every Single Detail

"You spend so long planning out every single detail of your wedding. Yet, oftentimes on your wedding day, you are too busy to fully notice everything or remember how everything looked. What I have seen using a photography drone at weddings is that it's a great tool to capture every memory, moment, and detail. I've been able to use it to capture different angles of the ceremony, the first kiss as a married couple, and even of the dance floor, that have been incredible!" —Susan Shek of Susan Shek Photography

3. Ground Cameras Can Be Large and in Charge

"Good-quality ground video cameras are large and intrusive if you try carrying them around a reception or to shoot a service. Due to this, most of the time cameramen set up at a good location with multiple vantage points and stay there. Drones have way more mobility, can take video from any angle while moving in any direction and can get a lot more cinematic shots than ground equipment." —Victor Montalvo, cofounder of HiFly Photography

4. They Make Weddings Feel Like a Spectacle "People don't like to admit it, but weddings aren't really a celebration of love anymore—they're a spectacle, and the goal is to create an unforgettable experience for everyone attending. Having drones whizzing around is exactly the kind of thing that will make your wedding day memorable." —Sam Williamson, photographer for Scotland Shop

5. Great for Group Shots

"Take your bridal party footage and shots to the next level with drones. Drones are amazing for filming big groups of people, especially as wild and as animated as bridal parties tend to be. " —Anthony Vazquez of Anthony Vazquez Photography

Jen Glantz is founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and the author of the new book Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire). She frequently wears old bridesmaids' dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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