Unfortunately, Royal Wedding Reception Photos Might Not Meet the Public Eye

Cue the tears

Dan Kitwood

While we're already envious enough of the expected 600 guests attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming royal wedding, our jealousy level just increased tenfold. Royal wedding fans who didn't receive invites have the opportunity to watch the televised ceremony from home (or even on the lawn of Kensington Palace!), but it seems the wedding reception itself is panning out to be quite the private event. In fact, phones and cameras are reportedly forbidden, meaning the rest of us commoners probably won't ever get a glimpse of the pair's first dance, or of them tasting their elderflower wedding cake.

Naturally, a wedding of royal proportions calls for strict security measures. According to the Daily Mail, the soon-to-be-married royal pair are taking extra precautions by providing a list of "critical guidance" wedding day requirements—and it's a whopping seven pages long.

Among the lengthy stipulations and guidelines, guests received information on specific times to use the restroom (get your bathroom breaks in from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.), explicit transportation directions, and, much to our dismay, the demand that all royal wedding attendants give up their phones and cameras prior to the reception.

"All guests will be asked to surrender mobile telephones...and any devices used for image capture," the statement read, per the Daily Mail. Wedding attendees will also have to adhere to a security screening at the Windsor Farm Shop, and the Thames Valley Police will be implementing a multitude of extra safety precautions for the big day. Considering the pair had an anthrax mail scare back in February, they can never be too careful.

Harry and Markle's chosen wedding photographer, Alexi Lubomirski, will most likely snap plenty of reception memories for the newlyweds to have and to hold, but it seems up to the discretion of Kensington Palace whether they choose to make any public. However, the couple chose to share three of their engagement photos, also shot by Lubomirski, via the palace's social media, so perhaps we'll be blessed with the same luck after their wedding.

This also means the public most likely won't witness any footage from the reception performers, which is quite the tragedy considering the evening's rumored lineup. Ed Sheeran was reportedly asked to cover the gig, and the Spice Girls all landed invites, leading us to wonder whether a reunion concert might kick off at the wedding reception. Nothing says "wedding of the year" better than a first dance to "Perfect," followed by a crowd-pleasing live rendition of "Wannabe."

We're assuming there will be no shortage of adorable public photos documenting Prince Harry and Markle's ceremony and carriage procession, so it seems we'll simply have to make do with these snapshots to hang on our fridges. To all the lucky royal wedding guests, cherish the reception and enjoy some cake for us!

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