7 Women Who Swear They Will Never Be a Bridesmaid Again

Can you relate to any of these former 'maids?

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Being a bridesmaid is usually one of the most memorable and rewarding jobs you can do for close friends or family members. You’ll find yourself standing beside them on their big day and participating in all the key moments of their wedding adventure—showers, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner. But it is a job—one that requires hard work and crazy hours (you promised you'd make it to last call at 2 a.m.!), and sometimes comes with intense expectations and heated disagreements with your boss (aka the bride). Understandably, bridesmaiding isn’t for everyone, and for some a bad experience convinced them that they had no interest in repeating the role.

Whether it was too expensive, too much work, or too much drama, read on to hear why these seven women vow never to be a bridesmaid again—no matter what.

It Costs Too Much

“I thought being a bridesmaid would cost me under $400. No. It cost me $1,200, and that was with a bride who apparently was doing 'normal' bridal things. I spent $200 on the bridesmaid dress, $600 on the bachelorette party, $200 on wedding travel, and $200 on the gift.” —Charlotte V., 24

I Don’t Like Being Told What to Do

“Being told to buy a dress, vacation at a certain spot for a bachelorette party, and have to always be on call to help the bride? That’s not my style. I do what I want and run on my own schedule, but news flash to me, you can’t do either of those things when you’re a member of a bridal party.” —Lauren C., 29

I’m a Better Guest

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid six times, but after I said yes three times, I started saying no because it wasn’t fun for me. I’m better off being the life of the party as a guest. I’m also a better friend to the bride when I’m not a bridesmaid with a long list of responsibilities.” —Nicole E., 25

Once Was Enough

“I was a bridesmaid once and that was enough for me. The best part was getting hair and makeup done on the wedding day and feeling famous. Worst part? Having to pay for the hair and makeup, and a million other things. It wasn’t even my wedding day and yet I felt like I spent so much money and time on it that it should have been.” —Tori G., 34

I Don't Fit In

“I have [little] in common with other women so when I’m a bridesmaid, it’s awkward. I don’t fit in with the crew and just end up hanging alone during the wedding events. Being a bridesmaid is great if you were in a sorority, or like hanging out with a large group of women who do things in matching outfits and stress the bride out.” —Bryn L., 31

I Don’t Get the Point

“Asking a friend to be a bridesmaid is like asking her to do an unpaid internship. Why can’t I just be a wedding guest who helps the bride when she needs help and celebrates with her? Why do I need a [special] title or dress?” —Michelle R., 35

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Too Many Rules

“Last time I was a bridesmaid, the bride made us all get eyelash extensions, buy a $350 dress, get gel manicures, spray tans, and be on a no carb and no sugar diet for 90 days before her wedding. That was my fourth time as a bridesmaid and officially my last.” —Camila E., 28

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