Why I Hated My Wedding Hair and Makeup

Read the regrets of a low-maintenance bride, and how you can avoid them


I genuinely didn’t care about my bridal look...until I hated it. As someone who virtually never wears makeup, getting dolled up was the smallest priority for my wedding day. It was the last thing I thought about — both because it'd be literally one of the final to-dos on the actual day, and because it didn't feel integral to what I wanted my wedding to be about: marrying the love of my life and people enjoying themselves.

I didn’t schedule hair or makeup trials, and I printed out inspiration photos the day before my ceremony. I hadn't tried anything out, and spent almost zero time researching. Afraid of a bridal upcharge at the beauty salon the morning of, I told the stylists I was attending a wedding, but failed to mention that it was my own. (“How close are you to the bride?” they'd asked. “Close.”)

I ended up with a face I didn’t recognize and a boring updo that fell out before the reception.

If I could do it again, I’d spend time finding a look I really connected to: something like natural makeup and a simple chignon with succulents woven through it.

What's my advice now to the other ladies out there like me — who feel a little uneasy, or even guilty, about putting so much effort into their physical appearance?

First off, know that giving a sh*t doesn't make you shallow. I’ve always prided myself on being chill and low-maintenance—and I mistakenly assumed that doing anything more than the bare (faced) minimum would somehow make me superficial. I regret that now: I realize that there are ways to glam up and still be who you are, and it’s absolutely worth it to put in the time—and ask for help—finding them.

Pinpoint what makes you uncomfortable—the cost, self-consciousness, the cakey feeling that comes with too much makeup—and address the issue well in advance.

If booking trials and/or hiring a professional are too expensive, ask a glam-savvy friend for free run-through and day-of services in lieu of a gift. (Just be sure he or she is going to respect your opinions!) Test out that bold lipstick during a date night so you can get used to seeing your made-up self in the mirror — and snap some photos so you get used to seeing it on camera too.

Speaking of cameras, I'd also recommend watching YouTube video tutorials of your desired results so you're familiar with what the process will entail once you’re sitting in the salon chair. I had no idea all of the stuff needed for the look in my inspiration photo. I remember my makeup artist going, "Oh, so we're obviously doing fake eyelashes, right?" I was like, "What!?" I didn't realize how much makeup it actually was because, you know, I don't wear makeup.

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On a happier note, I will say that despite my regrets, the sole person disappointed in my beauty look was me. When I asked my husband a year later if he even recalled what I looked like, he responded, "I remember you looked nice. The mascara was hot." If you're the one getting married, it's almost guaranteed that everyone else is going to think you look flawless — pretty much no matter what. That means you should go with a look that makes you feel beautiful, and rest assured you can't lose. The only thing you have to have on your face is a smile.

—Becky Wierschen as told to Jessie Mooney

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