Why Brides Are Using IV Drips for Glowing Skin and a Wedding-Ready Complexion

IV drips are no longer limited to hospital rooms

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We used to think our favorite exfoliators and serums were enough to keep our skin looking flawless! These days, IV drips are no longer limited to just hospital rooms. They're also now being used to remedy brides' biggest skin complaints. Why? That coveted bridal glow requires not only topical treatments, but also a boost from within. IV infusions can hydrate and boost skin's health—fast! They are absorbed at a rate of "20 to 30 percent compared to oral supplements, bypassing the gut to unlock the true power of nutrients. The body can absorb directly from the IV drip in 15 to 30 minutes," explains Lily Kunin, Clean Market founder.

How does a first-timer reap these glow-y results? Whether your skin suffers from dehydration, acne, or needs a complete refresh, there's a drip for you. Read below for everything you need to know before your first treatment.

Timing is everything

"To get the most out of the service, it’s recommended to come in one to two days prior to the special occasion. Each vitamin is metabolized at a specific rate, so booking a drip treatment beforehand allows the vitamins to replenish any deficiencies within the organs, which gives the skin that balanced, superior glow," shares Lily.

How do IV drips make your skin glow?

IV drips improve skin tone, elasticity, and overall luminosity by detoxifying the body of waste and restoring beneficial nutrients. "Nutri Drip's Nutri Glow IV Drip contains glutathione, known as the body’s master antioxidant. This plays a crucial role in detoxifying cells and getting rid of heavy metals, toxins, and free radicals which cause the skin to look tired and irritated," explains Lily.

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What ingredients should be used?

IV drips are customized to individual needs, but there are a few powerhouse ingredients brides should definitely consider. "Some of our favorite ingredients include glutathione, vitamin C, and magnesium. Glutathione and vitamin C are two of the most powerful antioxidants, which boost the immune system and help fade hyperpigmentation and fix dull complexions," says Lily. This allows the skin tone to appear more even and revived. "Magnesium is also a miracle worker, as it significantly supports better sleep and decreases anxiety," states Lily. This lessens stress-related breakouts, and magnesium can even work to balance hormones to prevent future breakouts.

IV drips have become more accessible in wellness spaces in recent years because the benefits are instantaneous, which helps people see the results they crave faster and more effectively. According to Lily, their ability to tackle every skin issue imaginable and improve the functions of the body means "their popularity will only continue to grow as more and more people realize what a valuable resource IV drips can be to their routines and lives."

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